The Mandalorian Star Poses With Screen Accurate Armorer Cosplayers

Star Wars’ Emily Swallow poses with fans of The Mandalorian wearing highly accurate outfits and dressing up as her character, the Armorer.

Emily Swallow, who plays the Armorer in the mandalorianpose with highly-accurate cosplayers dressed as her character in a new look. swallow made it Star Wars debut as the dogmatic and confident leader of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) in the pilot episode of the Disney+ series the mandalorian. Swallow reprized his role in three other episodes of the mandalorian Season 1, including the ending where the armorer sends Din on his quest to reunite Grogu with his kind. While Swallow was absent in the mandalorian season 2, boba fett book Episode 5, “Chapter 5: The Mandalorian Returns”, featured Din’s return and the remains of his cover-up.


at the end of the mandalorian In season 2, Din defeated Moff Gideon, claimed the Darksaber, and sent Grogu with Luke Skywalker to learn the ways of the Force. boba fett book he picks up the character sometime after the events of season 2 when he is reunited with the remaining members of his Mandalorian tribe led by the Armorer. After forging armor for Grogu, the armorer trains Din to wield the darksaber before banishing him for breaking the Mandalorian creed by removing his helmet. Din’s respect for the Armorer, and in turn that creed, will likely motivate the events of the mandalorian season 3.

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Swallow recently took to Instagram to share a picture of herself with a squad of gunsmiths. The image shows the actress with three cosplayers sporting impressively accurate costumes. In her caption, Swallow celebrates cosplayers by saying: “Now THAT is what I call girl power!” Check out his post below:

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It is no exaggeration to say that the Armorer is one of the most memorable characters in the mandalorian. Despite the short time on screen and not showing his face, Swallow’s exceptional voice acting has left an indelible impression on many viewers. The appeal of Swallow’s calm, collected and wise character certainly lends itself to the public’s perception of the Sons of the Guard. On top of that, the Armorer has played a very influential role in Din’s journey. She’s still mysterious and there’s still a lot going on about the armorer and the Mandalorians that will likely be revealed in the mandalorian season 3.

On boba fett book finale, Din and Grogu left Tatooine and presumably headed to Mandalore, where Dine will seek atonement for removing his helmet. the mandalorian season 3 should explain more about the Sons of the Guard; specifically, why the Armorer’s tribe split off from other Mandalorians like Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and spent their time on the moon of Concordia. If Din ends up leading his people with the Darksaber, which seems to be what Star Wars the shows are omens: he will have to break with the dogmatic ways of the Armero. That said, the universe may paint her as a complex antagonist, as theories suggest Armorer may have been one of the Mandalorians who served under Darth Maul prior to the Siege of Mandalore. Filming recently wrapped the mandalorian season 3, so audiences can expect more answers to be revealed later this year.

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Source: Emily Swallow/Instagram

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