Tiger & Bunny 2’s Newest Hero Has a Big Effect on Kotetsu

The following contains spoilers for Tiger & Bunny 2 Episode 2, “No One Knows the Weight of Another’s Load,” now streaming on Netflix.

After a packed season premiere, tiger and bunny 2 slows down for its second episode to focus on some of its new characters, most notably Subara Sengoku, the superhero Mr. Black with barrier powers.

Before coming to Stern Bild, Sengoku performed superheroes under the alias ”Hello Goodbye” in a town called Panjourney along with two other heroes. After doing well in Stern Bild’s superhero recruitment exam, he was transferred to the city and his hero name was changed to Mr. Black. However, the difference between her previous hero life and his career in the First League turns out to be a culture shock for the young Sengoku.

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Sengoku from Tiger & Bunny 2 as his previous hero identity, Hello Goodbye.

As the lowest-ranked hero in the First League, Sengoku receives pressure from his sponsor and, after losing a mission, the threat of being fired. Sengoku, who became a hero out of a genuine desire to help others, comes to resent the rampant commercialism endemic to Stern Bild’s hero culture, similar to Kotetsu in Season 1.

While Sengoku gets most of the focus for this episode, his partner gets some additional development as well. It is made clear that Thomas Taurus is considered a prodigy among the new batch of heroes, to the extent that Sengoku is asked to be little more than backup for him.

Sengoku questions his fellow First Leaguers’ motivations for becoming heroes in the first place, including Thomas’s. While Thomas insists that he only became one because he “felt like it”, a quick flashback to an incident from his past reveals that this is not the case. no doubt later tiger and bunny 2 The episode will shed light on what happened to young Thomas to make him a hero.

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Kotetsu teaches Sengoku a valuable lesson in Tiger & Bunny 2.

When Kotetsu asks Agnes about Black, it’s clear that the veteran hero sees himself in the rookie. During Episode 2’s climactic mission to stop a drug lord, Sengoku, fearful of being overshadowed by Thomas, tries to grab the spotlight for himself, uncovering Origami Cyclone in the process.

As the heroes manage to save the mission, they criticize Sengoku for his mistake. He admits that he was afraid of being trapped in Thomas’s shadow, but Kotetsu appeals to his better nature, assuring him that all heroes are on the same side and all that matters is saving people, a lesson Sengoku takes to heart. I laughed.

tiger and bunny 2 Episode 2 also spotlights Kotetsu and Barnaby, with the two receiving new armor courtesy of Doc Saito, imbued with nanotech, and an even more powerful version of Good Luck Mode: “Hyper Good Luck Mode”.

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Kotetsu's new outfit in Tiger & Bunny 2.

Kotetsu reaffirms that his Hundred Power only lasts for a minute, while Barnaby confides in Judge Petrov that he is still haunted by the deaths of his parents at the hands of Maverick, as well as the criminal organization he worked for, Ouroboros. However, Barnaby takes comfort in the support he has from Kotetsu and the other heroes, hoping that one day his heroism will help him find a sense of inner peace.

Unfortunately for Barnaby, Ouroboros is still on the loose and is expected to reappear in his life. In the post-credits stinger of Episode 2, Fugan and Mugan, the two white-haired villains from Episode 1, are shown to be members of the organization. If he tiger and bunny 2 The premiere’s flashforwards are an indication that they’ll come to blows with Barnaby two months from now, meaning the hero’s quest for inner peace will have to be put on hold.

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