Top 10 anime characters with black eyes

Eye color is a vital part of character design. A character’s eye color can reveal a lot about them, and there are certain tropes associated with specific eye colors. Black eyes, in particular, can say a lot about a character.

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These characters tend to fit the trope of a mysterious character who appears cold at first, but is actually kind and a bit dense when it comes to social situations. Characters with black eyes tend to be quite lonely and feel immensely sad about their lives, and sometimes their eyes can even indicate a lack of emotion.

10 Draken’s black eyes work with the rest of his design

Draken in bloody Halloween

Draken’s tokyo avengers He has black eyes that blend well with the rest of his design. Also, they go well with his maturity, although he can be just as wild as the other members of the gang. Draken is the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, and he is the one who stops Mikey from acting brazen.

Draken understands the importance of doing the right thing, like allowing Pah-chin to turn himself in, despite Mikey’s protests. Draken generally remains calm and collected, but loves the thrill of fighting.

9 Kirito’s black eyes say a lot about him

kirito in the game

kirito’s sword art online he has nearly black eyes to match his hair. He fits some of the tropes of people with black eyes, such as coming off as somewhat rude despite being a kind person. He also maintains his composure most of the time, but he’s certainly not without emotion.

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From time to time, he allows his emotions to control him during times of great stress, such as losing someone he cares about during the game. However, Kirito is willing to sacrifice himself for others and adapts to most situations.

8 Byakuya’s eyes are a key component of his character design.

byakuya in bleach

Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach has an undeniably intriguing character design. Something about the characters dressed mostly in black clothes is fascinating to the audience. Byakuya’s eyes match her long hair and are a crucial piece in the overall picture of her character design.

It also suits some character tropes with black eyes. As he is an aristocrat, he is peacefully apathetic towards others. Byakuya is excellent at hiding his inner turmoil through his calm demeanor, even during major fights. His nonchalance is easily mistaken for arrogance, and he never deviates from his strict ideals of law and order.

7 Kurapika’s eyes reflect her personality

Kurapika has undergone various eye color changes throughout the adaptations of hunter x hunter. However, her eyes in the 2011 adaptation are grayish black. She suits various tropes of characters that have black eyes.

For one thing, like many characters with the same eye color, he remains composed most of the time and is highly intelligent. He is level-headed and kind, but plagued by trauma and sadness. When Kurapika is angry, his eyes glow bright scarlet. During the battle, Kurapika becomes cold, calculating, and ruthless.

6 Gray Fullbuster has blue-black eyes.

fairy tail gray fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster from Fairy tale he has eyes that are a mixture of black and blue. Her personality reflects some tropes associated with black-eyed anime characters, such as a calm and collected personality. However, he gets serious when it’s appropriate.

Gray is very cautious about everything he does and weighs every situation a lot before making a decision. Due to his appearance, Gray certainly has the ability to pretend to be evil. Gray also exhibits hilariously eccentric behavior, such as spontaneously stripping naked for no reason.

5 Luffy’s black eyes are simplistic and perfectly complement the rest of his design.

Luffy smiling and staying upbeat, ready for the next challenge

Eiichiro Oda has done an excellent job designing all the One piece characters. His art style is different, and he has a knack for editing his character designs to make sure they have enough detail, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. Monkey D. Luffy, of course, is the epitome of this.

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Luffy’s black eyes are very simplistic and are the perfect complement to his appearance. The same could be said for the rest of his design. Luffy doesn’t wear many patterns, but his fashion sense is mostly associated with primary colors.

4 Sasuke Uchiha’s black eyes say a lot about him

Sasuke frowning

sasuke of naruto he has quite a few eye powers that transform his eyes into many different colors. However, her primary eye color is completely black. She fits into quite a few tropes of anime characters that have the same eye color.

On the one hand, Sasuke is plagued with sadness and trauma as a result of what happened to his clan. Sasuke is also quite ambitious and undeniably stubborn. His outward demeanor is aloof and indifferent, which tends to translate to other characters and the audience as arrogance.

3 Mikasa Ackerman has grayish black eyes

mikasa ackerman attack on titan smiling

Mikasa Ackerman is a fan favorite character from attack on titan. She has grayish-black eyes and fits some characteristics of those who possess the same eye color as her. Mikasa has a strong sense of justice and always tries to be a strong pillar of support for her friends.

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She is also quite stoic and can even appear emotionless in the heat of battle. Mikasa also has a rather cynical outlook on the world and she never feels that she is better than anyone else.

two Aizawa’s black eyes glow red when his Quirk is activated.

Aizawa Shota with his capture weapon - My Hero Academia

Shota Aizawa from my hero academia he is arguably the best high school teacher in UA. He is a fan favorite for a number of reasons, and fans appreciate the role he plays for his students. His black eyes are a staple of his appearance, consisting mostly of dark colors.

His eyes are black, and the bags under them are almost as dark. Unfortunately for Aizawa, he seems exhausted most of the time and just wants to take a nap. When he activates his quirk, his eyes glow red. In the manga, however, they glow yellow.

1 L’s eye bags are as black as his eyes

l eating death note cherries

L of Death Note He has striking black eyes that match his hair and eye bags. The pitch black circles under her eyes, of course, are the result of her insomnia. L suits multiple tropes associated with characters having black eyes. He is a mysterious figure, and goes to great lengths to keep his identity a secret from the general public.

L is also a genius, contrary to what his appearance might lead others to believe. He is a skilled detective with an arsenal of deductive reasoning tactics under his belt to get to the heart of any case. L also has some habits that others find eccentric, but these behaviors are why fans find him so lovable.

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