Top 10 anime characters with yellow eyes

The anime industry is known for its many creative liberties with character designs, from creating ancient characters that look like children to cute succubus characters and protagonists with wild, gravity-defying “anime hair,” as in Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s really fun to see what kind of hairstyles, hair colors, or even eye colors anime studios will come up with for their characters.

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In real life, most people have brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes, but in fiction, characters’ eye colors vary much more than that. Some of them have naturally red eyes or even violet eyes, while others are known for their golden or yellow eye color, like a cat. Sometimes these colors are assumed to be natural, while other times there is an in-universe explanation for such an exotic eye color.

10 Edward Elric has golden eyes and hair (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

serious edward

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood of Edward Elric is a state alchemist, but he’s no ordinary Amestris army dog. He and his brother, Alphonse, are children of the wandering immortal Van Hohenheim, who himself is highly unusual for being a living Philosopher’s Stone. Hohenheim is also known as the sage of gold, symbol of the alchemists.

Ed and Al inherited their father’s dazzling golden hair and eyes, alluding to their powerful natural alchemy and their role in the world as their father’s plans come together.

9 Yoruichi Shihoin’s yellow eyes hint at her cat form (bleach)

Yoruichi frowns.

Elite martial artist Yoruichi Shihoin is a retired Soul Reaper captain who can transform into a talking black cat, and was in his cat form when she befriended Ichigo and his friends earlier in the story. Bleach. In his cat form, Yoruichi has glowing yellow eyes and Ichigo soon learned to accept talking cats as a fact of life.

During the Soul Society Arc, Yoruichi finally showed Ichigo her true form: that of a small lady with violet hair and the same yellow eyes as her cat form. In fact, Yoruichi has a subtle cat theme even in her human form, especially during a flashback where her hair looked like flattened cat ears.

8 Ayame Sohma can turn into a snake (Fruit Basket)

Ayame stands at the door

Fruit basket Ayame Sohma is a flamboyant and goofy young man who belongs to the cursed Sohma family. He embodies the serpent of the Chinese zodiac, while he kuudere’s younger brother Yuki becomes the rat.

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Ayame, unlike Yuki, is full of confidence and loves to turn heads with her playful antics and love of dress-up, which she shares with her beloved assistant Mine. The brothers didn’t get along, but Ayame is working hard to repair their relationship.

7 Himiko Toga has cat eyes (My Hero Academia)

himiko smiles

from my hero academia Himiko Toga has yellow eyes, like bleach Yoruichi Shihoin, and for the same reasons. Both characters are feline-themed, with Himiko having the yellow eyes, slit pupils, sharp canines, and the graceful agility of a domestic cat. However, the cat theme of hers does not extend to her quirk, which is based on transformation.

Himiko is a member of the League of Villains and has been rising through the ranks since her introduction in my hero academia. She also has ash blonde hair to match her eyes, a shade similar to Katsuki Bakugo’s wild hair.

6 Genos has yellow robot eyes (One-Punch Man)


One Punch Man The “demonic cyborg” hero Genos immediately qualified for an S-rank position in the Hero Association, thanks to his immensely powerful cyborg body and strong will. He lost his entire hometown to a rampaging cyborg, so he himself became a machine to gain power and take revenge.

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Little remains of Genos’s original body and from the neck down, there’s no denying his robotic nature, with his cold metal skin on full display while wearing a tank top. He also has mechanical eyes that glow bright yellow, matching his blonde hair.

5 Soma Yukihira has glowing yellow eyes (Food Wars!)

soma food wars eggs cook

Soma Yukihira from Food Wars! he is known for his inventive and flexible cooking style. His playful enthusiasm in the kitchen sets him apart from the pretentious Totsuki students who take themselves too seriously, such as Etsuya Eizan and Somei Saito. He is also known for his dazzling smile, which often inspires his good friend Megumi.

Cosmetically, Soma is also notable for having bright red hair and dazzling yellow eyes, which actually match the yellow eye color of Megumi Tadokoro and Council member Rindo Kobayashi.

4 Prince Zuko has golden eyes (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Zuko talking on airship

In the animated world of avatar the last airbenderEye color often corresponds to a person’s bending style or nation of origin, with waterbenders having blue eyes, earthbenders having green eyes, and airbenders having brown or gray eyes. Firebenders, however, have glowing gold or yellow eyes.

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Most well-known firebenders are shown with this eye color, such as Prince Zuko, Fire Lord Ozai’s banished son who spent years chasing the Avatar before he discovered his true destiny. Now he is the Fire Lord, ruling the now peaceful Fire Nation with a benevolent hand.

3 Misaki Ayuzawa has eyes tinted gold (Maid-sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

Some anime characters’ eyes combine two or more colors, and depending on the animation style or lighting, their eyes may appear to be primarily one color or the other. For example, Maid Sama! Misaki Ayuzawa, the student council president, has light amber eyes with a strong gold tint, and sometimes her eyes can appear mostly gold.

Misaki is best known for her tough yet fair attitude and strong sense of responsibility not only at school, but also at home and at the maid cafe where she secretly works.

two Mary Saotome has dark yellow eyes (Kakegurui)

mary saotome in kakegurui

Unlike by Kakegurui the meek Ryota Suzui or the hedonistic Yumeko Jabami, Hyakkou student Mary Saotome is highly ambitious and driven: her goal is to take down the student council and personally challenge the president, Kirari Momobami.

Maria stands out in kakegurui thanks to her bright blonde hair and dark yellow eyes, which give her an intense and vivid look that matches her hot temper and fierce aspirations. However, she can sometimes be a good friend to Yumeko and Ryota as well.

1 Senko has yellow and brown eyes (The helpful fox Senko-San)


The Helpful Fox Senko-San is a recent example of the iyashikei anime genre, or a relaxing and light-hearted anime depicting pleasant characters having fun doing relaxing activities and generally getting along. In this case, the yellow-eyed fox spirit Senko is happy to live with salaryman Kuroto Nakano and help manage her apartment.

Senko is over 800 years old, despite her goofy appearance and personality, but her fox magic is quite real and she is very useful as a volunteer servant.

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