Top 10 anime polearm wielders

Polearms, spears, and spears are some of the most powerful destructive tools in anime. These weapons come in many shapes, sizes, and colors with an aesthetic that usually matches the wielder. Any weapon on a long pole with a sharp object on its end could count as a polearm.

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These weapons are incredibly effective. Although their aesthetic isn’t as exciting as some other weapons, polearms are still versatile and individualistic. Various anime characters have had a variety of these weapons. Some polearms held by anime characters have unique motifs or markings. Characters could even infuse the weapon with their powers to increase its power.

10 Motoyasu Kitamura is the hero of the spear (the hero of raising the shield)

Motoyasu grits his teeth in anger.

Motoyasu’s the The rising of the shield hero he became the spear hero after being teleported to another world. As one of the four legendary heroes, Motoyasu wields the legendary spear. The weapon, also called the Spear Spirit, selected Motoyasu Kitamura as the new wielder of it.

The lance has four known ignition methods. His primary method is weapon mastery, which makes the wielder’s strength directly correlate to the weapon’s power increase. Spirit Enchantment absorbs particles of monster souls to imbue the spear with magical powers. Interestingly, this method has little to no chance of failing.

9 Kyoko Sakura’s polearm matches her aesthetic (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Kyoko reassures Homura in Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

kyoko sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica he wields a spear that matches his aesthetic. Since he has red hair, his red, gold, and silver spear is the perfect complement to his look.

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Since her outfit consists of complementary red and pink tones, the spear matches well. Kyoko’s spear consists of eight golden bars connected by black chains from the hilt to the sharp dagger. The dagger itself is silver on top, with red and gold accents on the inside.

8 A polearm is Daryun’s weapon of choice (Arslan Senki)

heroic legend of arslan daryun fight

Daryun’s Arslan Senky he is one of the strongest fighters in Pars, so he can fight with almost any type of weapon. However, he is commonly seen with a polearm.

His polearm has a long black shaft, and his dagger is a standard silver one that tapers to a sharp point. There are red tassels near the blade. Daryun’s spear blends well with the rest of her outfit, and the red horsehair tassels complement the red fabric on the inside of his cape.

7 Ikkaku Madarame’s Hozukimaru turns into a spear (bleach)

Ikkaku Madarame’s Bleach uses a katana named Hozukimaru. Although it looks like a standard katana, it is actually quite versatile and even has impressive storage capabilities. In the hilt of it, Ikkaku keeps a vial of healing ointment.

When Ikkaku uses Shikai to command Hozukimaru to “grow up”, he must slam the hilt into the ground, forcing it into the scabbard while saying the phrase. When Hozukimaru grows up, he becomes a powerful spear. Although it is not the strongest weapon, its great ingenuity must be applauded.

6 Bankotsu carries a huge halberd (Inuyasha)

Bankotsu Inuyasha anime

Bankotsu of inuyasha He carries with him an impressive halberd called the Banryu, or “Barbarian Dragon”. It is so huge that it even serves as a shield if Bankotsu needs it. While it takes three common men to wield the weapon, Bankotsu can wield it single-handedly. He even casually slung it over his shoulders as if his large size wasn’t much of a problem.

Banryu’s capabilities are impressive. He can pierce through steel and annihilate armies in an instant. After being embedded with two Shikon Jewels, the weapon’s strength increased exponentially. Now, he can project waves of energy and produce lightning.

5 Murakumogiri wielded by Whitebeard (One Piece)

Whitebeard holds Murakumogiri as he towers over Luffy (One Piece).

whitebeard of One piece he was the wielder of one of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords. As the wielder of Murakumogiri, Whitebeard achieved some impressive feats due to the sheer power of the weapon. Whitebeard normally used both hands to wield the polearm.

However, he could also use it effectively with one hand. Murakumogiri’s durability is impressive and he can even withstand Akainu’s magma frontal attack. The weapon never eroded either. Even after Whitebeard’s death, the weapon maintained its pristine condition. If anyone didn’t know better, he would assume that Murakumogiri had never been used, despite the intense attacks it endured.

4 Erza Knightwalker uses a magical polearm (Fairy Tail)

Erza Knightwalker, Edolas, from Fairy Tail

Erza Knightwalker is the Edolas equivalent of Erza Scarlet in Fairy tale. As a member of both the Kingdom of Edolas and the Royal Army, Erza from the parallel universe is quite powerful. As she is the captain of the 2nd Magical Warfare Division, Erza is quite proud and ruthless. Her weapon is the Magic Spear: Ten Commandments.

This magical polearm is one of the most powerful weapons in Edolas. He can change into ten different forms, hence his name. By extension, each form comes with its own power. In its standard form, the weapon consists of four blades that curve toward each other. It can also produce explosions, which is effective as it knocks down multiple enemies in its path.

3 Sailor Saturn wields the Silence Glaive (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Saturn with Silence Glaive, Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Saturn’s only weapon is the Silence Glaive. The weapon can fatally wound and paralyze opponents immediately. It also causes utter devastation to those in its path.

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When Sailor Saturn swings the Glaive, it decimates a planet and wipes out all of its evolution. The polearm is also known as the “death goddess scythe”, an appropriate title for a weapon that causes total destruction of anything caught in the path of its movement. If Sailor Saturn uses all of her power, Silence Glaive will kill her, though it is guaranteed that she will reincarnate after her.

two Lancer’s name matches his weapon of choice (Fate/Zero)

Lancer wielding Gae Bolg

spearman of fate/zero he is gifted with the use of a spear. Lancer has two main weapons, or Noble Phantasms. Gae Buidhe: Yellow Rose of Mortality is a cursed spear that deals fatal wounds. Not even magic can heal wounds inflicted by this weapon.

This spear’s abilities are mostly passive, meaning you don’t need to summon it to use it. Gae Dearg: Crimson Rose of Exorcism is a two meter long demonic spear that takes magical powers out of the equation during battle by nullifying them. This weapon is also passive.

1 Maki Zenin’s weapons of choice are spears and polearms (Jujutsu Kaisen)

maki zenin jjk

Maki Zenin from jujutsu kaisen he is the best user of cursed tools in Tokyo Jujutsu High. He can use any cursed weapon, but prefers polearms and spears.

Despite not having any cursed energy, Maki has outstanding physical strength. Maki’s use of cursed tools is versatile and innovative. For example, Maki purposely broke his own spear to throw at Kasumi during the Goodwill Event. Since she is so talented in close combat, Maki uses her skills with the polearm along with her impressive agility to defeat an enemy.

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