Top 10 anime to watch before bed and go to sleep

A good number of popular animes are known for their action, flare, hype, darkness, or mystery. The kinds of shows that get the blood flowing or keep the mind racing, constantly thinking about what the next episode will bring. That can be exhausting. Some people live stressful lives and just want to unwind at the end of the day: kick back and watch something that will warm them up like a cup of hot chocolate.

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Anime can do that too. There are plenty of lovely shows that don’t call for intense binge sessions. An episode or two a day is enough. These are shows that evoke moods and are relaxing to watch; some are bright, fun, and sweet, while others are a bit more thoughtful. Sometimes a person just wants to soothe their tired body and get ready for bed.

10 Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War has the right amount of humor

kaguya-sama season 2

Comedies may not be a good way to close out a night. Some comedies flop with their jokes, others are intrusively loud, and some force the audience through discomfort for humor. Kaguya-sama: Love is war it’s neither of those. He has a soft and innocent heart that acts as the sweetness factor of the show. No matter how much artifice is put on top of Kaguya and Miyuki, it’s clear to the audience that it’s their goofy affection for each other that holds the show together.

The focus of the anime always falls on the difficulties of confessing love. It’s youthful without being too sweet. With its third season airing soon, Kaguya-sama It is positioned as one of the best comedies to vibrate at the end of a long day.

9 Windy Tales is a cheerful and charming Slice of Life show

Nao and Ryoko from Windy Tales

There is a general feeling of drowsiness wind tales, a story about eighth graders who discover the ability to control the wind. The series filters its supernatural aspects through slow and quiet vignettes of school life. Its soft pastel look and minimalist lines perfectly express innocence and simplicity. This is reflected in its pacing and tone, allowing viewers plenty of time to let the show settle.

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Even wind talesThe opening theme matches the speed of the show, offering a serene ballad that oozes nostalgia. The anime’s sense of wonder and gentle approach make it a heartwarming watch.

8 Kino’s journey is bucolic but complex

Kino and Hermes from Kino's Voyage

Kino’s journey it is the spectacle of the perpetual vagabond. Each episode focuses on Kino and his smart bike, Hermes, as they travel through the countryside. The colors of the show are muted, which makes it very easy on the eyes. The anime is mostly episodic, with each new city representing a philosophical idea. Kino as the lens of the show is a passer-by who observes the cities in a detached manner.

This allows viewers to absorb Kino’s journey‘s ideas better and allows them to form their own interpretations of the procedures. Some of the philosophical musings get a bit heavy, so it’s best to watch just an episode or two each night, giving yourself time to sleep on the ideas presented.

7 My Neighbor Totoro is a classic Ghibli candy


Almost every Studio Ghibli film is charming and comforting enough to put the viewer to sleep, but none has the same pure innocence as my neighbor totoro. The film presents the struggles of moving and being a child through endlessly charming creatures. There is no sense of danger in the film, but it does have a strong emotional core that drives it.

my neighbor totoro It is a healthy and relaxing way to unwind after a long day. It can fan the embers of a viewer’s childhood and rekindle good memories or emotions from a simpler time.

6 Dozens of flavors and moods at Honey & Clover

Yuta, Hagumi, Shinobu, Ayumi, Shuji, and Takumi lying on the ground with a poodle

Painted in pastels and drenched in emotions, honey and clover is an anime about college boys dealing with their peers and their sense of self. It shows the difficulties that come with growing up as a person, dealing with romances, and handling school life. Each episode contains a myriad of moods, but by the end it sharpens its focus, highlighting the core sentiment.

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honey and clover it feels like a relaxing evening with friends, swapping stories and bonding memories. Every word is drenched in nostalgia to the point that it feels almost poetic. There are laughs and tears, but it never strays too far from the comfort it establishes.

5 The bedtime story The nature of treasure island

Jim Hawkins in Treasure Island

Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel, Osamu Dezaki’s Treasure Island lives up to his adventurous legacy. the anime tells the story of Jim Hawkins, a young man who searches for a treasure to help his single mother. He meets many people along the journey, one of whom is John Silver, his mentor, stand-in father figure, and eventual enemy.

Each episode feels like a chapter read to a child before bed. The visuals have a softer focus compared to Dezaki’s other anime. The character designs are rounder and more childlike. Treasure Island nails the aesthetic of classic children’s stories.

4 Fruits Basket adds warmth to your drama

fruit basket group

Fruit basquet It’s a story about what brings people together. Sometimes it’s a supernatural force that continues for generations, other times it’s just Tohru’s smile. The anime has a plethora of memorable characters, each with their own unique personality, appeal, and background. They all have unique links to each other, which sets up the central conflict of the anime. Some of the bows are darker and heavier than they should be.

Fruit basquet it’s still a great night watch because of how well written the cast is. Tohru, specifically, impacts the tone of the show by being sincere, confused, and serious at heart. All the drama is based on her, which makes the anime digestible.

3 Mushishi releases his smoky trance

Ginko takes a break at Mushishi

Some people might think Mushishi like a horror anime. It has supernatural elements and a muddy green color palette, but that’s about it. There are a lot of scary anime out there, but this show is not one of them. Instead, it will be easier to think of Mushishi like a spiritual anime. Ginko deals with supernatural creatures called Mushi that exist between the planes of the corporeal and the spirit.

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The entire show is a meditation on humanity’s relationship with nature and the energies that keep us here. While some of the footage may be shocking at first, Ginko serves as a bridge between viewers and the show to understand the unknown. This anime can be deeply healing for those who allow it.

two Aria’s affection is like a loving lullaby

It is rare to find an anime that radiates love in the same way. Aria it does. Divided into 3 seasons, the show is about the science fiction city of Neo Venezia, located on a terraformed Mars. It is a recreation of Venice, complete with a fully formed culture. In the city there are Ondines, women guides who give tours in their gondolas. The anime follows a beginner Undine named Akari.

Akari loves Neo Venezia. Each episode of the show explores the city through Akari’s eyes, deepening her relationship with the city and its tradition. As the lens of the story, she enhances all scenes with sincere and healthy appreciation of her. It’s that surge of positivity that she soothes like a lullaby.

1 Natsume Yuujinchou’s calming composure

Natsume in Natsume's Book of Friends

Natsume Yujinchou It looks extremely simple but it has so many layers. Although his tone is very relaxed, it reveals that it is about loneliness, friendship, love and understanding. Natsume is overwhelmed by his grandmother’s Book of Friends, a collection of names he took from various spirits. In the process, these spirits have bonded with her, whether they like it or not.

As his grandmother’s successor, Natsume attempts to undo the damage the book has done to individual spirits. In doing so, he grows to understand them. The book becomes less of a burden and more of a means to connect, empathize, and free bound ghosts and monsters. Each episode is uplifting in its simplicity.

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