Top 10 Chainsaw Man Manga Covers, Ranked

The expected shonen anime chainsaw man it will be released sometime in late 2022. Rumor about the show has been circulating on social media for months, which has got viewers excited about the new series. But some fans just couldn’t wait and dove straight into the manga.

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What initially started as a serialization in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, it’s now gone into a full series with some really great covers. Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto is a talented artist who has attracted fans with her unique and eye-catching art style. Every chainsaw man The cover art is amazing, but some of them capture the attention of fans more than the rest.

10 vol. 3 is nice and simple

Volume 3 introduces Public Safety Devil Hinter Himeno. She’s a wild card character with a lot of baggage, but that’s what makes her so wonderful. Unlike the rest of the volumes, this one is straightforward. Although she might be the least interesting of all the covers, she still attracts the readers with her beautiful design.

It shows the details of the character instead of focusing on any type of action. It’s clean and allows fans to appreciate the watercolor art style it makes chainsaw man such unique covers. However, this simplicity leaves something to be desired, ranking vol. 3 last.

9 vol. 7 is chaotic but intriguing


Volume 7 has a lot to do with the cover. Fans see main character Denji bound by what appear to be organs as four new characters look on. Although this cover is not the most visually impressive, the mysterious characters draw readers in.

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The vibrant pink colors that Denji is painted in also stand out against the lighter teal background, creating an interesting contrast. Even with a different cover, vol. 7 doesn’t have the same pop as many of the other volumes, dropping its ranking to number 9.

8 vol. 8 brings the action


Volume 8 is ranked 8th thanks to its wild cover. Depicting a transformed Denji battling a naked demon, this cover definitely grabs the reader’s attention. The use of color also stands out, with a beautiful combination of purples, teals and yellows.

When it comes to chainsaw Man, one thing is for sure, Tatsuki Fujimoto knows how to use shading and shading to engage readers. Blue-toned paint splatter details also stand out as a quirky way to show blood and gore without being obvious. It’s these standout details that make readers grab this title off the shelf.

7 vol. 2 shows a favorite character


Although not as flashy as the rest, Volume 2 still stands out with fan-favorite character Power on the cover. Demon turned demon hunter, Power is a quirky girl with more than a few quirks.

Her unhinged personality gets her and others into trouble, but that’s what has fans obsessing over her. She always brings action no matter where she goes. Not to mention that she and Denji are targets of best friends. With such an iconic and badass woman on the cover of this volume, it’s hard not to love it.

6 vol. 10 will leave you baffled


Release on April 5, 2022, chainsaw manThe most recent volume has the most intimidating cover yet. Makima is the star of this volume as she stares at the readers with a hollow gaze of hers. The slight smile of hers on her face is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who picks her up.

Worse yet, it almost feels like it’s reaching through the cover to point at the reader. It’s hard not to want to throw this volume across the room, feeling that Makima could pounce at any moment and take the reader as her pet, just like she did with Denji.

5 vol. 6 Will Have Readers Asking Questions

Once again, volume 6 draws the reader’s attention. With the newly introduced character Reze taking center stage on this volume’s cover, fans will be eager to learn more about her story.

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Readers will be immersed in wanting to know where he comes from, what his connection to demons is, and why the heck he doesn’t wear clothes. In addition to the sheer mystery it creates, it is also a beautiful piece of art. The calming color palette belies the intense images creating a stunning visual experience.

4 vol. 5 is an explosion of color


Volume 5 is by far the most vibrant of all the covers. This volume draws attention with its rainbow title and intense fight scene. The jovial colors seem almost out of place in this series, as the images show two demon men attacking each other. But, for anyone who has read the manga, it is a perfect representation of chainsaw man.

Although it can be a story full of blood and tragedy, it is also eccentric, full of funny characters and funny moments. If a cover described perfectly chainsaw manis this.

3 vol. 4 is mesmerizing


Coming in strong in third place is volume 4. Aki is the only individual character in a volume to make the top five, and he deserves it. One of the best Devil Hunters in the series, Aki stuns in this volume with his piercing blue gaze. With his face and clothing splattered with red, volume 4 is the only one to show realistic blood. This apprehensive message will attract readers.

Aki is also surrounded by a series of circles, which emit a hypnotic vibration. All of these details together create a charming cover that will captivate readers.

two vol. 9 Will Leave Readers In Their Feelings


Of all the volumes, number 9 is easily the most tragic. Without even opening the manga, readers know this is going to hurt. The cover is the most muted in color, playing with a cool-toned palette of blues and reds.

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Aki is depicted stoically in the back, while The Angel Devil appears to stare sadly at the reader. A little boy stands out in the center looking happy, leading readers to wonder what he has to do with this story. The melancholy sentiments of this cover hit right from the start, but once readers finish volume 9, they won’t be able to watch it without crying.

1 vol. 1 will have the reader hooked


The volume that started it all has to be #1. With a cover as vibrant as this one, it’s impossible not to gravitate towards it. The intense imagery of a man with chainsaws over his face and arms absolutely demolishing someone is irresistible.

The neon green blood splatter that fills most of the cover is an added bonus that will have fans hyped for whatever action they’re about to experience. A cover this good is bound to be a great manga, and chainsaw man does not disappoint

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