Top 10 Fictional Anime Religions

The multifaceted worlds that appear in anime generate their own unique social structures, cultural arrangements, and institutional systems. Similar to real life cultures and civilizations, societies in anime form their own groups based on their beliefs and similarities.

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Likewise, like non-fiction communities, they create their own religions, worshiping gods, people or endemic natural phenomena. Animated religions and spiritual organizations are as varied and diverse as actual theological structures, differing according to their history, surrounding culture, time of manifestation, and even environmental factors. While fictional religions are concerned with the same questions as their real-life counterparts, some take unorthodox and unexpected ways. After all, the only limit on spirit organizations in anime is the imagination of their creators.

10 Future Diary’s Sacred Eye Cult had immensely twisted practices

Tsubaki from the future diary

The Omekata or The Sacred Eye Cult appears in the battle royale thriller future diary was a religious organization established by the parents of Tsubaki Kasugano, the deceitful owner of the Clairvoyant Diary.

The Omekata was formed around the belief that, despite his poor eyesight, Tsubaki had the power of clairvoyance. Unfortunately for the figurehead deity, the organization was run by a cruel and violent leader, who forced Tsubaki’s worshipers to “cleanse themselves of their sins” by sexually assaulting the girl. Years of abuse turned Tsubaki into a bitter, hateful individual, resentful of Omekata’s followers and the entire world.

9 The Ishvalan people have a unique cultural and religious identity in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist.

The southeastern area of ​​Amestris, the fictional country that serves as the setting for full metal alchemist, has its own unified indigenous culture under the Ishvalan religion. Unlike most mainstream anime religions, inspired by Japan’s native Shinto belief system, Ishvalan is more similar to Middle Eastern religions.

The Ishvalan culture has very unified and traditional customs established in their spiritual beliefs. As a result, the Ishvalan culture and the religion that spawned it feel very authentic and realistic, almost akin to a real-life theological structure with clearly established customs and rules.

8 Mob Psycho 100’s (LOL) cult was a creepy religion based on laughter

The mob beat up Dimple

Before becoming an ally of the heroes, the evil spirit Dimple of Mob Psycho 100 was the founder of a cult organization known as (LOL). Dimple’s creepy religion spread rapidly and he managed to recruit several dozen members in just one month. Dimple’s ultimate goal was to become a god, so forming a religion around him seemed like a logical first step in his grand quest for spirit.

Members of the organization wore masks with smiling faces, forcing users to laugh uncontrollably. Unfortunately for Dimple, Mob’s powers prevented him from falling under the spirit’s spell, resulting in the cult’s psychic dismantling.

7 Kira’s worshipers saw the light as a righteous deity in Death Note

light ryuk from death note

After acquiring a deadly artifact that allows him to kill anyone after learning their name and appearance, the death notes The infamous protagonist Light Yagami assumes the persona of Kira and begins his quest to rid the world of crime and evil. Unfortunately, Light develops a god complex during his righteous mission, leading the man into the spiral of evil he tried to dismantle.

Not all the people in the Death Note The universe opposed Kira’s quest for justice. Some viewed Light as a deity destined to save the world from corruption, forming a devoted cult of worshipers of Kira.

6 Heaven Official’s blessing has to do with the religious structure of his magical world

officials of heaven blessing netflix cover

Chinese anime themes, donghua, differ greatly from their Japanese counterparts. China’s spiritual and cultural landscape has a tremendous influence on the media, resulting in diverse and culturally complex narratives.

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The xianxia genre, usually referring to cultivation stories, is a subgenre of Chinese fantasy influenced by Taoism and Chinese mythology. One of the most innovative xianxia anime. Heaven’s Official Blessingdives into the religious structure of the genre, portraying it as a single bureaucratic structure with different gods having multifaceted administrative and social functions within the celestial hierarchy.

5 The false cult of worship of the gunslingers of Adai prevented the village from becoming extinct in Gurren Lagann

Adai Gurren Lagann Village

episode 5 of Gurren Lagann takes the heroes of the series to an underground village of Adai, a dark and creepy place where people worship the Gunslingers, the iconic robots of the series, as if they were gods. Despite the dire living conditions in the impoverished village, the people of Adai continue to reside underground and trust their ruthless god.

Unfortunately, Adai is unable to sustain a population of more than 50 people, forcing the Gunmen worshipers to implement harsh population control measures. Adai’s inhumane policies are disguised as religious practices, helping the elders support the ruthless traditions that keep the village alive.

4 Tatami Galaxy Star Joins a Health Food Cult Disguised as a College Softball Club

The Softball Circle Tatami Galaxy

The Circle of Softball depicted in one of Tatami Galaxy arcs is a particularly strange and fascinating religion that forms around a brand of all-natural products. When the series’ protagonist first joins his college softball club, he seems harmless and even nice, with all the members outrageously kind and friendly.

Only later does he learn of his ultimate goal of manically promoting a certain company’s healthy food products, but he accepts the false religion in order to impress the attractive daughter of the company’s founder.

3 Attack On Titan’s Church Of The Walls Knows Much More About Real World History Than The General Public

Attack on Titan wall of Titan rumble

While most of the Eldians on Paradis have lost their memories of the outside world, trapped on the remote island by Karl Fritz’s wish, some Ymir Subjects still know the real history of their world.

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Attack the titans Church of the Walls sees walls as the sacred protectors of the human race, worshiping them as gods who keep the people behind them safe from titans. However, some of the higher-ups in the church knew that the walls were made of hardened colossal titans. They are aware of many of the world’s secrets, but devout followers of the church are still willing to die for the sacristy of their faith.

two The ancient goddess Tempus Spatium of Simoun is credited with gifting the people of Simulacrum with her advanced technology.

The events of the science fiction anime yuri simoom takes place on Daikuriku, an Earth-like planet where everyone is biologically born female. The most technologically advanced nation on the planet, Simulacrum follows an intriguing religion that worships its omniscient, kind and loving goddess Tempus Spatium.

Worshipers believe their goddess is the creator of all life on Daikuriku and the source of Simulacrum’s incredible technological advances, such as the mysterious Simoun ships piloted by the anime’s cast members. Historically, ships were used to write prayers in the sky, worshiping the kind and powerful Tempus Spatium.

1 The Vodarac in the Eureka Seven had peaceful and compassionate religious beliefs

The Vodarac In Eureka Seven

eureka seven features a group of peace-loving monks, the Vodarac, who believe that the Earth is a sentient force that needs to be nurtured and respected. Following the ways of Vodarac, true peace can only be gained by those who remain closely connected to the land. The organization is very protective of their religion, willing to risk their lives for the good of the land.

Despite Vodarac’s reasonable beliefs, they were heavily discriminated against and suffered multiple attacks due to their spiritual beliefs. The fate of this religious group remains unknown after they were mercilessly annihilated by the Antibody Coralians.

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