Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Anime

One of the reasons why animated has been able to endure is that it finds a way to cater to every audience, no matter how mainstream or niche. The achievements made by the anime industry have only gotten more amazing and there have been There have never been more opportunities and diverse genres. for fans to explore.

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Many anime series subvert expectations and present challenging narratives that reinvent tired tropes. However, anime is still full of unfortunate stereotypes and exploitative fan services that can make audiences blush. These shows will not qualify for anime of the year, but can still become popular guilty pleasures.

10 High School DxD loves showing off their student body

Many of the biggest guilty pleasure anime series are part of the harem genre, which generally produces shows that are more interested in the romantic conquests of their awkward protagonist than an original or challenging story. high school dxd‘s Issei is nothing new when it comes to harem leaders.

His awkward, hormonal demeanor changes in his favor after a first date, death reincarnates him as a demonic servant to the fairest maiden in school. high school dxd is pleased with the free fanservicebut Issei is oddly charming and the heightened theatricality is entertaining in its simplistic ways.

9 Shimoneta discusses the dangers of a world lost in repression

Blue Snow taunts the cops in Shimoneta

Some anime audiences will be quick to argue that lewd fun and frequent fanservice is a necessary evil. This opinion may be somewhat exaggerated, but anime as Shimoneta: a boring world where the concept of dirty jokes does not existexplores the dangers of repression and ignorance, albeit through absurd means.

The anime is set in an alternate reality where public sexuality is prohibited by an oppressive and repressed state. A group of determined revolutionaries vows to bring sexual humor back to the masses as if it were as essential to life as water. The juxtaposition in Shimonet between the sexual jokes and the fight for freedom is strangely inspiring.

8 How not to summon a demon lord is a harmless power fantasy

Diablo, Shera, and Rem from How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord

There have never been more isekai vehicles, both of the regular and subversive variety. How not to summon a demon lord watch an introverted gamer who gets sucked into his favorite title but with the looks and abilities of his powerful video game avatar.

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Takuma Sakamoto relishes this new opportunity to be someone important, but quickly finds himself overwhelmed in this world. How not to summon a demon lord regularly shows off its female characters, and his physical attributes leave a lasting impression on Takuma. It’s far from the deepest isekai fantasy, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

7 Prison School is an extended exercise in the male gaze

There is a tendency in very unconventional prison anime series to create strong settings. These dungeons can be extremely torturous in nature, but then there are shows like prison school that turn incarceration into constant opportunities for exploitation. Hachimitsu Academy has managed for years as the strictest girls’ academy in Tokyo, but the anime begins with the admission of the first five male students from the prison.

This extreme fish-out-of-water scenario becomes a breeding ground for lewd behavior, voyeurism, and private schemes. Kiyoshi Fujino and the rest of his male friends are guilty of unscrupulous behavior, but the way the anime introduces its female characters it is tactless.

6 Monster Musume Is Happy To Get Creepy With Cryptids

Monster Musume Kimihito and cast

There is no shortage of harem anime that get creative with their inspirations from the fantasy genre, as they feature an ordinary male lead with elves, fairies, dragons, jellyfish, or other cryptids with romance in mind.

Monster Musume he is not interested in reinventing the wheel, as his protagonist welcomes the supernatural suitors around him. There is a benign history that drives Monster Musume forward, but the monsters in Kimihito’s life are the selling point. Monster Musume it’s heavy on fanservice and awkward misunderstandings, but those are also expected in a series like this.

5 Hetalia: Axis Powers turns history into a joke

Hetalia: Axis Powers is the perfect example of an absurd anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has been able to use that playful energy to produce over 100 episodes of political madness. It’s hard not to get addicted to Hetalia‘s energy and sense of humor after a few episodes.

Hetalia takes pride in enhancing political and historical allegories through the personification of the nations of the world in silly stereotypes. It often seems that the public should not laugh at Hetalia‘s broad jokes, but all are lampooned equally. Against all odds, anime also conveys genuine knowledge to its audience.

4 Kill La Kill’s lofty premise and skimpy outfits can be hard to look past

This is Ryuko Matoi in her skintight outfit that is overtly sexualized.

In its center, kill the prey is an electric action series that reaches tremendous heights and features some of the the most impressive animation to come out of the prestigious Studio TRIGGER. Ryuko’s mission to end the death of her father takes her to a very unconventional preparatory academy where she is forced to constantly fight.

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Life Fibers extraterrestrial fuel kill the prey‘s baffling fight sequences, but they also strategically cover the characters’ bodies in a way that leaves very little to the imagination. kill the prey it contains genuine substance, but the awkward outfits and tendency to adopt easy jokes push it into the guilty pleasure column.

3 All you need from a sister is thrown into a troubled relationship dynamic

Itsuki Hashima is a struggling novelist who is frequently subjected to the whims of the people in his inner circle, several of whom function as troublesome distractions. A sister is all you need he examines Itsuki’s relationship, often with very little embarrassment. Some of these lewd acts will send the shivers down your spine, but there is still substance behind it all.

With only 12 episodes, the tension in A sister is all you need hits the perfect spot without going too far, whereas a multi-season version of this story would likely over-indulge and lose what makes this delicate tightrope act work.

two High School Of The Dead goes bankrupt with his death and wishes

high school of death

Anime series thrive when it comes to horror and school-set stories, but high school of death it’s a particularly extreme exercise in taste. Ordinary high school students face a zombie apocalypse when blood and guts replace homework and exams in this grim institution of learning.

The high-risk butcher shop in high school of death it’s over the top when it comes to casualties, but fanservice is also prevalent as the students are forced into compromising positions as they fight to stay alive. high school of death will make the audience blush, but I also need to know how this story ends..

1 Guilty Crown gives your hero too much power

Shou and Inori from Guilty Crown.

Guilty Crown takes place in the near future where Japan is lost in a perpetual state of chaos. Shu Ouma, a simple high school student, achieves greatness when he gains unprecedented strength through the “Power of the King”, a prolific ability to extract “Voids” from other people and use them in combat.

Guilty Crown he trades in extremes, but uses them to maximize the anime’s suspense. The characters make dumb decisions and lack some complexity, but it’s still an entertaining ride. With only 22 episodes, Guilty Crown it’s the perfect length. Audiences can enjoy this heightened madness without feeling like they’ve wasted too much time.

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