Top 10 Most Pointless Anime Deaths Of All Time

The anime industry has seen a massive boom in popularity over the last decade as more people realize that anime is a good source of entertainment. Anime fans enjoy every genre imaginable and many series tell compelling and complex stories with interesting characters. Like any other kind of storytelling, anime doesn’t shy away from death.

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Death often inspires sadness, regret, or anger. Because so many people have experienced death in one way or another, an anime death can stir up these emotions, especially if a beloved character dies. There are quite a few significant anime deaths, but there are also several deaths that were pretty pointless for one reason or another.

10 Denzel Liones literally sacrificed himself for nothing (Seven Deadly Sins)

Denzel, the former assistant of the Great Holy Knight

On Seven deadly sins, Denzel served the Kingdom of Liones as an Assistant to the Great Holy Knight. He was also Elizabeth’s uncle. When the Ten Commandments finally invade the Kingdom, Denzel tells his brother that he plans to sacrifice himself to summon a member of the Goddess Clan.

He ends up summoning Neurobasta, who immediately accuses the humans of breaking the seal his clan provided. She refuses to help Liones and flies away, where Derieri of the Ten Commandments quickly kills her.

9 Mike was one of the best fighters in the Scouts, but his death had no impact (Attack On Titan)

Mike being eaten by the titans

Some people consider attack on titan an anime that is too intense to binge in one sitting, which is understandable considering the series’ dark theme. The Survey Corps is the force that deals primarily with the Titans, and Mike was one of their best warriors.

Only Levi was considered to be more skilled than him. When Mike saw the Beast Titan, all of that ability was seemingly gone and he was killed in a very gruesome way. Mike was an important part of the Corps, but his death had no impact on the story.

8 Gin’s sacrifice played absolutely no role in Aizen’s defeat (Bleach)

Gin fails to kill Aizen.

Aizen may not be the best written anime villain of all time, but he is certainly one of the strongest. He possessed immense spiritual power and could put virtually anyone under the complete hypnosis of his Zanpakuto.

Gin Ichimaru pretended to be Aizen’s ally in order to kill him at the right time, and almost succeeded when he attacked Aizen with his Bankai. The attack failed because Aizen had already obtained immortality. In the end, Gin was knocked down and his attack didn’t even help to defeat Aizen. Ichigo had to do it all by himself.

7 Greed’s sacrifice to weaken the father was pointless (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The greed about to be consumed by the father

The father is one of several Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood characters that shouldn’t exist in real life. This is because he wishes to become a perfect being by sacrificing as many human lives as possible. To purge himself of his own sins, Father created seven homunculi, including Greed.

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In the final battle, Father consumes Greed to regain his own strength. Greed voluntarily separates himself from his host in an attempt to weaken Father. He gets it, but the effects are negligible at best. Edward was going to get a final power boost regardless, meaning Greed’s sacrifice was ultimately unnecessary.

6 Pedro didn’t need to sacrifice himself (One Piece)

Pedro revealing his bombshell for the first time

Normally, Luffy is the one to steal the spotlight, but even he couldn’t outshine Pedro’s emotional sacrifice. The Straw Hats were trapped because their ship got caught in Perospero’s hard candy. Pedro tried to fight Perospero, but he was overwhelmed and finally lit a bomb hidden under his clothes.

As a result, the ship was released, but Big Mom grabbed it anyway. The Straw Hats escaped thanks to their ship. Coup de Burst, which launched the ship forward nearly a mile. This ability makes Pedro’s sacrifice a bit pointless because he probably would have broken the candy anyway.

5 Schrodinger couldn’t stop Alucard with his sacrifice (Hellsing Ultimate)

Schrödinger does his duty to the millennium

hell Latest tells a version of Alucard’s story more faithful to the manga. The main antagonist of the series is the Millennium Organization. Schrödinger is a non-commissioned officer within the organization who had the ability to disappear and reappear. He could also regenerate, even if he was killed.

Schrödinger sacrificed himself to weaken Alucard with his corrosive blood, but his death meant nothing. Alucard was still able to destroy Millennium and reappears 30 years later with no lingering injuries.

4 Pouf and Youpi sacrifice themselves to save their king (Hunter X Hunter)

Poof and Youpi

Until hunter x hunter As far as the Chimera Ant Arc is concerned, it’s an incredibly dark arc that introduced fans to a number of strong characters. Meruem is the king and he had three extremely loyal Royal Guards including Pouf and Youpi.

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When Meruem defeats Netero, the old man activates a huge bomb hidden within his chest. This bomb was essentially a nuclear weapon that left Meruem on the verge of death. Pouf and Youpi sacrificed themselves to heal the King, but their deaths were meaningless as Meruem still died from radiation poisoning.

3 Lelouch didn’t need to kill Euphemia (Code Geass)

Euphemia dying in a hospital bed

Code Geass is a perfect example of an anime whose ending is worth waiting for, as Lelouch finally achieves his goal of ushering in a new era of peace. Many people had to die for this dream, including her half-sister, Euphemia.

Lelouch could use his Geass to force someone to obey an order and he accidentally used it on Euphemia, who started killing Japanese. He had no choice but to kill her and used her actions to anger Japan’s revolutionary force. Considering how the series ends, Lelouch didn’t need to turn Euphemia into a villain.

two King Kai’s death had no consequences (Dragon Ball Z)

King Kai pointing to his halo

when it comes to the Dragon Ball franchise, most of the deaths are pointless because so many characters come back to life, but King Kai’s death really stands out. He died because Goku used Instant Transmission to bring an Explosive Cell to his planet.

King Kai oversaw the northern area of ​​Universe 7 and his death had no impact. What makes this kill so pointless is the fact that Goku had plenty of time to use instant transmission to save King Kai before Cell exploded.

1 Neji’s sacrifice was pure surprise (Naruto Shippuden)

Neji dying in Naruto's arms

Many people believe that naruto it’s the best anime of all time and it helps that the series has its fair share of significant deaths. The Fourth Great Ninja War was full of action and many ninjas lost their lives, including Neji.

Neji was Naruto’s friend and sacrificed himself by protecting Naruto from one of the Ten Tails’ wooden projectiles. Neji’s death hit hard, but it was ultimately unnecessary. He could have deflected the attack with his Air Palm technique, or he could have used it to push Naruto and Hinata out of harm’s way. In the end, Neji’s death was simply meant to trigger an emotional response.

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