Top 10 Musical Performances In Anime

There is no doubt that music has the power to express raw emotions and mark important moments for people both in real life and in anime, so musical performances in anime tend to mark critical moments within a series of anime. anime. Whatever the motivation for performing and creating music, it builds character. The performance makes or breaks the main cast.

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For anime fans, these musical moments struck them for how amazing the performance is, for much deeper reasons, or both. Depending on how the acting goes, it can change the very flow of the plot, and some of these scenes have become highlights of the entire series.

10 K-On: The Light Music Club’s first performance helped Mio overcome some of her shyness

the first stage performance of the light music club

With the Cultural Festival just around the corner, the members of the school’s Light Music Club were in a tight spot when their lead singer lost her voice moments before they had to take the stage. The only other singer in the group, Mio, has been terribly shy since the anime. by k-on beginning, so leading her performance was an overwhelming challenge for her.

Fortunately, Mio had the support of her best friends who encouraged her to do her best, helping her gather the courage to put on an amazing performance. The song played smoothly and Ella Mio seemed to break free of her shyness in front of others, that is, until she stumbled and revealed more of herself than she ever wanted to.

9 Nana: Blast’s first live concert is a tense turning point for the two main characters

lullaby anime acting

Although they both share the same name and have gone through their own struggles in life, it is clear that Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki walk different paths in the anime. lullaby. The main scene where the two part ways is during the band Blast’s first live concert, something that was built up for some time in the series.

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As the rock star singer Nana takes the stage like a storm, the other is overwhelmed by the performance. Not only does Blast perform above expectations, but the experience of seeing her friend achieve her goals while going through such a difficult time herself made Nana Komatsu too distracted to really enjoy the concert.

8 Whisper of the Heart: Shizuku puts her writing in motion, musically

Whisper of the Heart Seji and Shizuka

Despite the pressure of discovering her future, Shizuku can’t help but daydream. Not thinking of it as a legitimate career choice, he writes as a hobby, but is passionate about it nonetheless. During his senior year in high school, he rewrites the lyrics of Rural roads to fit in with your class graduation ceremony. She had no idea that she would soon be singing it in a surprise private performance.

In the movie heart whisper, meets the boy Seiji, and after discovering his talent as a violin maker and musician, she asks him to play for her. Seiji agrees to play, but on the condition that she also sing. Together they perform Shizuku’s version of Rural roads. Watching Seiji play and pursue her dreams inspires her to follow hers and write her first novel.

7 Carole & Tuesday’s impromptu performance shocked the AI ​​world

carole and tuesday's first recorded performance

Despite the accepted standard of using AI to create music, artists Carole and Tuesday had no interest in following the trend. The two misguided girls find themselves in a chance encounter after Tuesday runs away from her wealthy home and Carole is down on her luck with another missed job.

Their first move as partners in the anime. Carole and Tuesday he was going to perform in a professional concert hall, although they were never invited. The two run past security and, with a small audience watching, perform their first song. As they fled from the authorities afterward, they had no idea that someone recorded the entire surprise performance and turned it into a viral hit.

6 Carole & Tuesday: The song of the sirens went viral in real life

the mermaid sisters

When Netflix anime Carole and Tuesday was released, anime fans took notice of the girls’ music, but another group of anime artists also became a big hit in the real world. At the Mars’ Brightest competition, viewers were introduced to The Mermaid Sisters, who shared a highly offensive song that resonated well with adults.

The upbeat tune is mixed with an endless stream of curse words that struggling adults all too often say (which won’t be repeated here). The catchy song became an anime sensation even for those who haven’t seen it. Carole and Tuesday.

5 Belle’s opening performance welcomes the audience into the extravagant world of U

opening performance of belle in the movie belle

In the first minutes of the film. Belle, the music kicks into gear as a robotic narrator explains the computer-generated world of U, where people can escape the real world and reinvent themselves and their lives. As the narrator explains how the world and her avatars work, the camera zooms in on a concert where Bella sings her first hit song.

Standing atop a flying whale covered in speakers, Belle captures the attention of all the other avatars with her beautiful singing and dazzling showmanship. Ending her performance with a shower of flowers, her virtual audience showers her with applause.

4 Haruhi Suzumiya’s Impromptu Concert Shows How Versatile She Can Be

Haruhi Suzumiya

The title girl The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaHaruhi had many talents, although social adaptability was never one of them. With great academic achievements, athleticism, and his looks befitting the boys, surely Haruhi would be popular among his classmates, but he is more of an infamous figure due to his cheeky behavior.

Constantly marching to the beat of his own drum, sometimes at the expense of others, he surprises everyone once again at the school’s cultural festival, but not with his usual quirks. Even though the bunny girl costume she was wearing raised her eyebrows, Haruhi, followed by Nagato, went on stage to support a band that was missing two of its members. For the first time, Haruhi was making noise not because she was going against the grain, but because she was helping her classmates put on a stellar performance.

3 Given: Mafuyu’s debut revealed much more than his singing talent

mafuyu singing with all his heart

in the anime Dice, Mafuyu started out as a mysterious yet gentle character, whose past gradually revealed a harrowing tragedy. Although his Gibson guitar was clearly precious to him, he didn’t know how to play it, baffling musical prodigy Ritsuka. To his surprise, Ritsuka found out that Mafuyu has a beautiful singing voice and the song he sang would become his next big project.

After joining his band to form Given, Mafuyu works on Ritsuka’s melody lyrics for their first song together, which they will perform in an amateur competition. Although it was unclear if Mafuyu would sing, let alone what he would sing, the people who knew him best felt that expressing himself was difficult. However, when the time came, Mafuyu sang an overwhelming performance that took even his closest friends by surprise as he sang about the tragic loss of his ex-boyfriend.

two My Hero Academia: Class 1-A’s Live Dance Performance Was More Than Just Fun and Games

class 1-a hero acting too

After the intense raid of the Yakuza Shie Hassakai group, it was time for the students of UA High to have a moment where they could enjoy a break from all the tension with their Cultural Festival. In preparation, Class 1-A decided to compose an original music and dance performance for the live show.

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While visiting her in the hospital, Izuku encourages Eri to go to the festival in hopes that it will bring a smile to the girl’s face. When the performance finally begins, the crowd is animated by the incredible talent of the singers and dancers, as well as the special effects that the class included. It was a huge hit, especially since it gave Eri something to smile about.

1 Your Lie In April: Kousei’s final performance was a bittersweet masterpiece

Kaori's death in Your Lie in April

In his return to competitive piano, Kousei laid his soul bare in his final anime performance. your lie in april. Emotions ran high as Kousei got over the trauma his mother had inflicted on him when he was a child. At the same time, the love of her life, Kaori, was undergoing a risky surgery with the possibility of overcoming her illness and living a full life.

As a musician and having played with Kousei before, I was hopeful that they would play together again. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, and in a visually stunning sequence, Kousei plays one last time with Kaori’s ghost. His performance on stage was full of emotion, sure to impress those unaware of the unfolding tragedy.

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