Top 10 Things About Marin Kitagawa

My dear in disguise was one of the most popular and memorable anime series of the entire winter 2022 anime season, a shojo-style seinen animated series starring shy dollmaker Wakana Gojo and her lively new friend, cosplay enthusiast Marin. Kitagawa. Together, they will make the best cosplays the world has ever seen, stitch and wig at the same time.

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There’s a lot to love about this anime, from its surprisingly tasteful fan service to its educational value when it comes to cosplay and tailoring. Of course the best part of My dear in disguise is Marin Kitagawa herself, whose outgoing and carefree personality endears her to him.

10 Marin Has a Lot of Initiative

marina by the pool

A proactive character will push the story forward and make things happen, and that’s always attractive in a story of any genre. While Wakana Gojo is rather meek and passive, his new friend Marin Kitagawa is an entrepreneur who doesn’t just expect good things to happen.

Instead, Marin likes to take charge of her personal life and hobbies, to the point of attempting amateur cosplay despite having limited resources and even fewer skills. Her cosplay seemed cheap, but she at least shows that she can take charge of things. It’s better than her just daydreaming about cosplay.

9 marin is a total genki girl

New art for My Dress Up Darling from director Jun Yamazaki

There are a number of anime terms to describe a character’s personality, from prickly tsundere to aloof but caring kuudere to the goofy but lovable “himbo” type, like Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy. Then there is the category of “genki girls”, to which Marin Kitagawa belongs.

Genki girls are loved for their energetic and cheerful personalities, and they are like a ray of sunshine in any scene they take part in. As long as they’re not overbearing or obnoxious, Genki girls like Marin can steal any scene and win anyone over. viewer’s heart.

8 Marin easily admits his faults

My Dress-Up Darling Marin Gojo Shy

It’s good for anime leads to be confident and play to their strengths, but they also need to be humble and honest about their weaknesses and flaws, which can add a lot of appeal to the character. Marin Kitagawa is like that too: genki girls don’t necessarily deny their worst aspects.

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Marin is a cheerful and enthusiastic cosplayer, but she is also smart enough to control herself and admit her shortcomings with cosplay, which is why Wakana is willing to help her. Marin is also honest enough to admit when she is behind on summer homework, instead of hiding the incomplete homework from her out of embarrassment.

7 Marin has a lovely color scheme

happy marin in class

Some anime characters are quite monochromatic or lack vivid colors, such as Bleachby Ulquiorra Schiffer or narutoIt’s Kankuro. On the contrary, Marin Kitagawa is a fashionable girl who knows how to be colorful without being flashy, and that makes her stand out that much more.

Marin has vivid reddish-pink eyes, to begin with, and her hair is a rich shade of blonde that fades to a lovely pink color near the ends. No doubt she put a lot of effort into dying her hair and it was worth it. She is elegant, but not flashy.

6 Marin is realistic about money

marine with envelope

Marin may not be an accountant in the making, but she’s still reasonably responsible with money, and that’s commendable. Lots of teens and young adults go nuts over their modest paychecks and spend their limited savings on whatever treats they want, but Marin is better than that.

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Marin spends only what she can afford on cosplay items, and she also believes in getting her money’s worth out of absolutely everything, which is smart of her. She also plans to save money to buy a fancy cosplay camera, and she will definitely reach that financial goal sooner or later.

5 Marin uses funny slang

marin yandere face

In any work of fiction, the author can “bend the language” or define a character through their choice of words and vocabulary. This can reveal a lot about the character, and the same goes for Marin Kitagawa. Her words alone say a lot about her, and her fans love it.

Marin likes to use silly but familiar slang terms, colloquialisms, and ways of speaking, which help reinforce her genki girl persona and playful personality in all the right ways. This also increases her appeal among younger anime fans without totally alienating the older ones.

4 Marin teases Wakana without taking it too far.

happy marin with gojo

Marin is not just a genki girl or a cosplay enthusiast. She also lives up to the “sadodere” archetype, describing a character, often female, who expresses her fondness for another person with teasing and obnoxious behavior. A good example is the troublemaker Hayase Nagatoro, not to mention Uzaki-chan.

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Marin is also a sadodere when it comes to Wakana, often teasing him in PG-13 ways to take advantage of how innocent and naive Wakana can be with girls. It’s fun to watch and, best of all, Marin holds back when he does it. He is trying to play Wakana, not torture him.

3 Marin loves to watch anime

marin's favorite anime

There are some manga/anime franchises starring characters who also like to watch anime, like the closet geeks of wotakoi and some characters lucky star. In the meantime, My dear in disguise‘s Marin Kitagawa is a huge fan of anime, and that gives her real-life fans something to relate to.

Marin’s bedroom is covered in posters and wall scrolls from her favorite magical girl and Slice of Life anime series, and she sometimes invites Wakana Gojo to watch her favorite series both for fun and as a cosplay reference. It’s wonderful to see Marin enjoy her hobbies so much.

two Marin doesn’t try to change Wakana.

Many works of fiction depict a shy and quiet character like Wakana Gojo, who is encouraged by the other characters to come out of their shells. The stories often involve turning introverts into extroverts, but it rarely goes the other way, which may seem unfair to some anime fans. Marin, however, is not part of this trend.

Marin is a playful and lively extrovert, but while she gently teases Wakana, she never tries to change him or break through his mental shell for him. Instead, she respects Wakana and lets him be himself, without complaint. She sets a good example that way.

1 Marin has healthy and uncomplicated romantic feelings

marin with sofa gojo

It’s common for characters in romantic comedies and anime series about life to fall in love, but they don’t always express these romantic feelings correctly. The character may be in denial for too long and wear out the viewer’s patience, or they may act unhealthily and make a fool of themselves.

But not Marin Kitagawa. Her crush on Wakana Gojo is innocent and straightforward, which is actually refreshing. Marin may not throw herself at Wakana every chance she gets, but at least she is honest with herself about her loving feelings, and these feelings make her happy. She will soon express them when she is well and ready.

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