Top 8 Things Anime Fans Want More In Anime

Anime is full of overly abundant tropes, lazy writing, spin-off plots, and predictable or formulaic storylines. While some anime doesn’t have these issues, many anime don’t impress fans anymore. Part of this is due to the fact that fans have seen most of the anime available.

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As a result, finding innovative ways to make an anime stand out is important to writers. That said, there are plenty of ways writers can make an anime feel fresh and exciting, and they could learn a lot of those tricks by listening to fans.

8 Well-written female characters and leads are a must

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Some shows have already made adjustments to create better-written female characters. However, even when some shows try, they have a hard time delineating between a strong female character and a well-written one, as there is a difference. A good example would be Sakura Haruno in naruto shippuden. She’s brilliant, physically stronger than most people, and is a great shinobi out of context, but the show does nothing to give her a good characterization.

On the other hand, jujutsu kaisen offers fans both strong and compelling Maki Zenin who overcame her inability to use cursed energy and has a complex story that gives her on-screen depth and character development.

7 Characters talking about more realistic experiences are refreshing

Kento Nanami in battle with little hand

There is only a small subset of people who can really see themselves in the traditional anime protagonist. These characters are generally driven to get stronger or better, are diligent and hard-working, and are focused on lofty goals. No real person is trying to become stronger than others and become the best in the world.

However, programs like jujutsu kaisen have given fans more realistic characters, even amidst the fantastical and supernatural setting. Characters like Kento Nanami get to the heart of life’s tedium. He shows people the insanity of being a hard worker to the point of self-sacrifice, and he’s still a hero.

6 Enhancers that make more sense are more enjoyable

One of the most tired anime tropes is convenient super power or knowledge breakthroughs in the midst of a crisis or at the last second in a life and death battle. While this is a common trope because it’s important to the suspense, it’s a trope that takes fans out of the moment and breaks immersion in the show. demon slayer Nezuko and Tanjiro Kamado discovering the blood demon art and Hinokami Kagura respectively is an example of this.

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Setting a character’s strength early on, giving them the power early on, or having them try multiple times and fail can get around this.

5 Relevant humor about awkward humor

Mineta is winking at another offscreen character and giving a thumbs up.

Anime has always relied on crude jokes for cheap laughs. A common way to do this was to have an annoying class pervert relentlessly harass other characters, like Minoru Mineta from my hero academia. This just isn’t funny, and it’s time to leave it behind for more relevant and less lazy humor.

jujutsu kaisen has done this by poking fun at everything from Nanami’s salaried job and down-to-earth work ethic to the inclusion of jokes about Jennifer Lawrence, who manages to discuss romantic preferences without being too offensive.

4 Cool animation with the help of current and future technology is appreciated

Tamayo _ Demon Hunter _ Demonic Magic

Fans love to see new or unique art styles. Thanks to the advent of new technology and anime and manga writers looking for more artistic sources of inspiration, there are a host of new styles that add flavor to the world of anime and help them stand out.

A mix of CGI and traditional animation has been one method, while looking at ink and woodcut paintings for inspiration on style and form has been another way to achieve these looks.

3 Full arc based seasons was a nice change

There is nothing worse than a cliffhanger that cuts a contiguous arc. It breaks the immersion, angers fans, and risks never telling the end of the story if the anime isn’t picked up for another season. So many great anime have stopped in their first season in a frustrating cliffhanger.

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Murderer of demons he has combated this by having some of his seasons be full arcs. The “Mugen Train” arc and the “Entertainment District” arc have well-paced plotlines that reach resolution.

two More anime movies appearing in theaters allow for interesting ways to watch

jujutsu kaisen 0 movie poster

While it’s frustrating when an anime hides behind a paywall, there’s something exciting about being able to see an installment of a favorite anime on the big screen surrounded by like-minded fans and buttered popcorn, which is why the advent of anime movies shown in theaters is very interesting.

Both jujutsu kaisen and Murderer of demons have done this, with the release of jujutsu Kaisen 0, a prequel to the current series, and mugen train. Some of these are divided into multi-episode seasons that are more available than a theater experience.

1 The subversion of stock character tropes is always exciting.

Both Shounen and Shoujo anime have gotten bogged down by relying on specific tropes. To Shounen, he is the overly optimistic protagonist who wants to get stronger through hard work and a little help from his friends, as Naruto Uzumaki thinks. For Shoujo, it is the meek and kind protagonist who is non-confrontational and therefore sometimes misunderstood, like Sawako.

These tropes don’t reflect the average person, and even if they do reflect something to some degree, they don’t encourage emotional attachment from fans, making the characters feel painfully two-dimensional.

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