Top 9 Things About Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo is one of the most popular characters in jujutsu kaisen. Throughout the series, there have been several instances of Satoru stealing the show from other characters and proving that their likeability and his complexity are perpetually linked.

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Satoru has a split personality. While he appears playful and easygoing towards his students and colleagues, he can be rude and arrogant towards cursing and superiors at him. Besides his lovable personality, Satoru Gojo is one of the most powerful jujutsu wizards in the world, and he should never be trifled with.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for jujutsu kaisen by Gege Akutami.

9 Satoru wants to reform the world of jujutsu

Gojo gives a thumbs up

At first, some fans were confused as to why exactly Satoru took up teaching. He certainly doesn’t seem like the most responsible teacher, and even his students are occasionally annoyed by his fickle behavior. However, Satoru took up teaching with high hopes.

Satoru’s goal as a teacher is to ultimately reform the world of jujutsu. To do this, he needs to start from the bottom up. Education is the best way to improve the jujutsu industry. In the end, Satoru hopes that the younger generation of wizards he has raised can be on an equal footing with him as the strongest wizards on the planet.

8 Satoru will do whatever it takes to win.

Gojo's Crazed Determination _ Vs Toji Fushiguro _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

During battles, Satoru becomes unusually serious and during these times his determination knows no bounds. Make no mistake, Satoru Gojo will do whatever it takes to win. In times of crisis, he becomes a ruthless loose cannon.

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These traits were exhibited during his fight against Toji Fushiguro. When this scene is animated, it will be a big surprise for fans who have only seen Satoru’s friendly and calm demeanor in the anime. After Satoru’s first defeat at the hands of Toji, he returned with a roaring vengeance.

7 Satoru has an arsenal of flashy techniques

Gojo wearing hollow purple

Given that Satoru is arguably the strongest jujutsu sorcerer, it’s no surprise that his techniques are powerful and flashy. He has an array of dazzling abilities that can take down multiple opponents in an instant, and has mastered harnessing cursed energy from him. He is also a fast learner, as shown when he learned to use Reverse Cursed Energy after fighting Toji.

Unlimited, one of his innate techniques, gives Satoru complete control over cursed energy on a fundamental level. Limitless has three branches, but his Hollow Technique: Purple combines them all into one. Also, Satoru hides his beautiful blue eye in the anime behind a blindfold due to his Six Eyes, which allow him to see the world in terms of precisely measured cursed energy.

6 Satoru’s attitude is his best weapon

Satoru’s nonchalant demeanor is ultimately his best weapon. Those closest to him, like Suguru, understand all the capabilities of his power. Suguru even admitted that Satoru has enough cursed energy to destroy humanity on a whim if he so wishes.

However, Satoru’s greatest weapon is ultimately his carefree attitude. He doesn’t just use his apparent disaffection to agitate the higher-ups in his organization. On its own, the way Satoru doesn’t seem to care about his enemies is enough to lead them to make mistakes.

5 Satoru’s unpredictability makes him difficult for enemies to read.

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Some characters dismiss Satoru’s behavior as flippant and irresponsible, but it is more accurate to say that his behavior is unpredictable. Keeping his enemies guessing is another of his best weapons.

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Since Satoru has such a nonchalant demeanor, it adds an element of playfulness to every aspect of his life. His antics aren’t just limited to his students and colleagues either. During his fight with Jogo, he continued to playfully goad the cursed spirit into touching his hands in order to gain a better understanding of the “infinity” between them.

4 Satoru confronts the archaic hierarchies

gakuganji and gojo

Satoru detests the established hierarchy in the world of jujutsu. When he speaks to them, his words are harsh and sharp. He speaks to them in very clear terms and since he is the strongest, his superiors are usually in no position to deny him anything.

Due to the influence he has over these archaic institutions, he was able to force the higher-ups to call off the executions of Yuji and Yuta, one of the best things Satoru has done thus far. Since Satoru wants to reform jujutsu society, he can’t just destroy the powers that be, although he certainly has the power to do so.

3 Satoru sees the unique potential in each of his students.

Yuji _ Gojo _ Megumi _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

While the rest of the jujutsu society sought out Yuji’s blood after he became Sukuna’s vessel, Satoru was willing to give him a chance as soon as he met him. He challenged Yuji to let Sukuna take over for 10 seconds and then switch back. It was one of Yuji’s strengths that he accomplished this feat.

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As a teacher, that open-mindedness is a crucial part of your job. Satoru believes in the potential of each of his students. Often, he takes his requests much more seriously than his superiors’ orders.

two Satoru takes pride in his role as an educator

Gojo introduces Yuji to surprise everyone.

Satoru approaches teaching with a “sink or swim” mentality. It is common for him to leave his students on dangerous missions and let them take care of problems on his own. In these cases, his only advice to them is “don’t die”.

Satoru has shown that he takes pride in his role as an educator. When he works one-on-one with students, he takes a hands-on approach. In Yuji’s case, Satoru told him to watch movies while maintaining a constant flow of cursed energy. Satoru also likes to show off in front of his students, like when he fought Sukuna in front of Megumi.

1 Satoru is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer

Gojo used the Blue Cursed Technique

Satoru Gojo is the strongest sorcerer in the world. He possesses immense cursed energy and his techniques are incredibly powerful. Satoru also has many practical combat skills. He has amazing reflexes, excellent observation skills, and never lets his opponent know what he’s thinking.

Aside from his practical skills, Satoru’s jujutsu talents are unmatched. Other wizards can usually accomplish one domain expansion per day, but Satoru can accomplish this feat multiple times. His innate techniques, such as the Six Eyes, are also formidable obstacles for any enemy to overcome. With such immense power, it’s no wonder his enemies wanted to lock him up.

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