Twitter Reacts To One Piece Chapter 1044’s Many Reveals, From Gear Fifth’s Debut To Years Of Foreshadowing

One piece The scans for chapter 1044 were released today, marking the unofficial release of one of the most anticipated issues in the series. The chapter’s many revelations have absolutely set Twitter on fire, creating excitement within the One piece community, and more surprisingly, other communities as well.

Some of the most significant revelations of One piece Chapter 1044 includes the debut of Gear Fifth and the confirmation of years of clever and discreet foreshadowing. Fans are obviously praising author Eiichiro Oda for the brilliance of both, but discussions of the latter seem to go further with praise for him.

Follow along as this article covers Twitter’s reaction to One piece chapter 1044, as well as briefly summarize the main revelations of the problem.

Twitter reaction to One piece chapter 1044 as chaotic as the problem itself

One piece Chapter 1044 lights up Twitter with excitement

#ONEPIECE1044 #ONEPIECESPOILERS Oda is hands down one of the best manga authors of all time this chapter is easily one of my favorites in the series man shit top tier shit chapter dude jc https://t. co/m9l22AjRRT

As mentioned, One piece Chapter 1044 has proven to have some of the biggest reveals in the series thus far. The two biggest reveals are easily the debut of Gear Fifth and the acknowledgment of years of foreshadowing leading up to this point.

#ONEPIECE1044 READ this very carefully. Those who eat the fruit are only limited by the limits of their imagination. You know what this means, right? IT MEANS THAT LUFFY GAINED HIS POWER. All of his gears and attacks were the result of sheer creativity. Luffy won all the Ws from him

One piece Chapter 1044 begins with Luffy still alive, before moving on to the Gorosei in Mariejois. Here they reveal that the previously thought Paramecia-type Gum-Gum Fruit is actually the Zoan Mythical Human-Gum Fruit, Model: Nika. They also stated that when the Fruit Awakens, its user becomes the incarnation of the Sun God Nika, the Warrior of Liberation.

The issue then briefly transitions to Hiyori Kozuki and Orochi Kurozumi, where the latter attempts to plead for his life. In the end, Kazenbo sets it on fire, presumably killing it and signaling Kanjuro Kurozumi’s death.

The issue then reaches its final pages, where Luffy and Kaido resume their fight and Gear Fifth debuts. The final panels of One piece chapter 1044 shows the two opponents resolving to end their fight here, implying that it will probably be over soon.

The chapter is amazing overall, with everything from the pacing and art to the impact of the plot captivating fans everywhere. Some fans are particularly excited that Luffy is not a reincarnation of Joy Boy, which has sparked a debate among fans. One piece and naruto fan bases

The latter series used reincarnation as a major plot device in its final arc, which was heavily criticized overall, especially for the One piece community.

the Dragon Ball community also appears to be being drawn into these debates, with some One piece fans who criticize the various transformations of the previous series. However, some Dragon Ball Fans seem unconcerned with this issue, acknowledging that both Akira Toriyama and Eiichiro Oda have a well-established respect for each other.

Many of Goku hate to go around because of the new chapter of One piece but I don’t really care as I know that both Akira and Oda respect each other a lot, both goats with their goat appearances fr

Debates aside, fans seem to mostly praise the levels of foreshadowing and progression this reveal has had throughout the series. Some pointed out how Luffy’s previous gears came directly from his imagination, which the Gorosei clearly say is all that the Nika no Mi limits.

GOMU GOMU NO MI you will always be famous#ONEPIECE1044

As always, a part of the fan base has also dedicated itself to making memes to celebrate. One piece chapter 1044. Some of the most popular centers around the “death” of the Gum-Gum fruit, as well as celebrating Oda’s consistent quality over the past 25 years.

In summary

How did we miss all this? Kaido wanted the Zoan types. His whole family is zoan type and he wanted to be a joyboy. He went so far as to create artificial df and the side effects of artificial df were a constant state of smiling. He was there the whole time.#ONEPIECE1044

In general, the fanbase seems to be incredibly pleased and excited about One Piece Chapter 1044. The revelations are exciting, the foreshadowing clearly visible in hindsight and the excitement palpable on social media.

While the somewhat childish debates between different fanbases are exhausting to some extent, they also provide a form of healthy commentary. However, it appears that amid the euphoria over the issue’s unofficial release, some One piece fans are forgetting to keep civility so important it needs a debate.

Almost 30 years in the game and Oda still manages to surprise us on a weekly basis, one piece is the best of all time, always unrivaled in each and every aspect. #ONEPIECE1044

Be sure to keep up with everything One piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the series’ 25th anniversary year progresses.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul