Twitter Reacts To Raw One Piece Chapter 1044

This morning more One piece The raw image scans for Chapter 1044 were released. Two images showing Luffy’s Gear Fifth transformation and a close-up of his face in the form were already available.

Additional stills further highlight her appearance and show Hiyori Kozuki’s emotional struggle with Orochi. the additional One piece Raw image scans from Chapter 1044 also show Gorosei discussing the true nature of Luffy’s fruit.

Follow along as this article breaks down these new One piece Chapter 1044 raw image scans and fan reactions to said scans.

One piece Chapter 1044 lights the Twitter community on fire

Twitter and Raw reaction of Chapter 1044

As mentioned above, additional raw image scans for One piece Chapter 1044 leaked this morning. While the two images were leaked along with spoilers earlier in the week, these additional images shed new light on various aspects of the chapter.

Luffy’s fifth Gear form, which is also his Awakening, is seen in much more detail than before. The footage also shows Hiyori Kozuki’s tears of anger towards Orochi and the latter’s presumed death at the hands of Kazenbo.

#ONEPIECE1044 I just realized that all the smiles are continuously laughing because they are all failed attempts to resurrect milestone milestone not my model nika!

Fans are easily excited by the additional footage showing Luffy’s Gear Fifth/Awakening appearance and powers. At one point, the form appears to inflate him to an almost cartoonish muscular size, which many fans have likened to a typical rubber hose animation.

Other images inside One piece Chapter 1044 also has similarities to the rubber hose animation, such as Luffy’s and Kaido’s eyes. The former even manipulates the ground to a point like rubber from him, possibly a factor of his multi-class Devil Fruit Awakening, further comparing his abilities to rubber hose animation tropes.

Beyond the praise for the issue, fans are mostly discussing how momentous and exciting Chapter 1044 has proven to be. Obviously, not all fans feel this way, but the vast majority of the fanbase on Twitter seems to be. excited and almost delighted with these developments.

Some even point to previous evidence, which seemed to indicate that Luffy would become the sun god Nika. For many, the most recent reveal is the culmination of more than 20 years of foreshadowed narratives.

As usual, many celebrate the occasion by creating and posting memes on the social networking site. Most of these focus on the “death” of the Gum-Gum Fruit, as its true name has been revealed to be the Human-Human Mythological Zoan Fruit, Model: Nika.

In summary

GOMU GOMU NO MI you will always be famous#ONEPIECE1044

However fans choose to celebrate, these raw image scans exemplify just how special an issue it is. One piece chapter 1044 is. The entire fan base seems to be talking about the chapter, which has been a trending topic for several days.

The excitement will only grow as time goes on until the official release of the chapter, as well as its unofficial translations. Clearly, One piece Chapter 1044 is one of the most important chapters of the series in a long time.

Be sure to keep up with everything One piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the series’ 25th anniversary year progresses.

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