Was Floch killed in the last episode of Attack on Titan?

In the latest episode of AoT, [SPOILER} is shot and falls into the ocean. Will they manage to survive their wound, the fall and get to shore safely?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Attack on Titan Episode 86, “Retrospective,” now streaming on Funimation, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

In the most recent episode of Attack on Titan, Hange’s resistance group is pitted against Floch’s Jaegerist militia in a battle to capture the Azumabito’s flying ship. In an effort to prevent the show’s newly formed group of heroes from escaping the port via a ship docked in the harbor, Floch attempts to use his last remaining Thunder Spear to blow up the vessel.

However, just as Floch manages to pull the trigger, he is shot by Gabi, who is standing on the boat’s helm. This leads Floch’s rocket to spiral out of control and explode in the water, leaving the ship unscathed. The last time that viewers see Floch, he is shown falling from the sky with blood pouring from his body. Is it possible for Floch to survive his wound and the fall and still have the strength to get himself ashore?

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Did Floch Suffer a Fatal Wound?

As Floch falls from the sky, it is clear that the blood pouring out of her body is coming from her right shoulder. While this has generally been depicted as a non-lethal area of ​​the body within media forms, it is certainly possible to die from this type of injury. Since the shoulder contains the subclavian artery, which empties into the brachial artery (the main artery in the arm), it can cause the victim to bleed extensively.

However, the probability of Floch, or anyone else, dying from such an injury is still very low. Also, without being able to take a closer look at Floch’s injury, Gabi may have only grazed the top of his right shoulder.

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Could Floch survive his fall?

floch falling into the ocean

To determine whether Floch could have survived his fall, the height from which he fell must first be known. This can be calculated using a mathematical equation, since it is possible to approximate the time it took for Floch to hit the ground.

From the moment Gabi shoots Floch until his body reaches the ocean, approximately five seconds elapse. This means that Floch fell from a height of approximately 122 meters, more than double the record for the highest professional dive in the world. Consequently, it seems highly unlikely that anyone without Titan powers could survive this type of fall.

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Could Floch make it to shore?

attack on titans harbor

Even if Floch has managed to survive both her injury and her fall, it might be difficult for her to swim back to port. Floch’s injuries and the height from which he fell could have thrown him into a state of shock that could leave him unable to swim to the surface in time to catch his breath.

Second, the gunshot wound to his right shoulder may make it equally difficult for him to return safely to port. However, while many of the Jaegers were killed in action during the battle, there were likely survivors who could lend their support in Floch’s rescue. Since many witnessed Floch being shot, it is very likely that many of them will try to locate his body after the ship left port.

Although it seems highly unlikely that Floch could have survived, it is important to remember that this is not real life; many characters on this animated show have previously survived far worse injuries. The fact that Levi is still breathing after his encounter with Zeke’s Beast Titan is testament to this. Floch will almost certainly reappear in attack on titanThe next episode of ‘s and back with a vengeance.

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