When will the new Boruto episodes be dubbed and where can they be streamed?

Finding information on Boruto’s elusive English dub can be difficult, so here’s a guide with all the details that have been given to the public.

As the boruto anime releases Episode 242 for Japanese and subtitle-able audiences, Western fans of the The English dub has been left scratching its head, again. With little communication between Japanese producers and Western distributors and even less between those distributors and audiences, here is the currently available information on the future of borutoBent release.

The story of borutoThe English dub of is controversial, as many tend to be, with a history of subjecting fans to reboots, contract changes, and even broadcast complications. Due to a combination of shockingly low western ratings, a tenuous global distribution relationship, and a huge delay from Covid-19, Boruto’s English dub has been left in a state of limbo for many.

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When will new Boruto English dubbed episodes be released?

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The controversy around borutoThe English dub begins with its initial syndication by Adult Swim, which released the first 52 episodes on Toonami before pulling the series from the programming block. Although the boruto The dub started with a reasonable 50-episode gap between its subtitled counterpart, after being forced to restart the release via VIZ Media’s home release schedule and a COVID-19 delay, the dub now sits around 100 episodes behind its sub counterpart.

From now on, the boruto The English dub has released 155 episodes by the aforementioned VIZ system. As of this writing, there are no plans to fast-track the release of the dub, leaving fans waiting around three months for a few dozen episodes to air. According to the official VIZ site, the next batch of boruto episodes (156-176) will be released on May 17, 2022.

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Where to stream Boruto’s English dub

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Despite the constant release of dubbed boruto VIZ episodes, currently up to the “Mujina Bandits” story arc, many fans find it difficult to stream anything beyond Episode 50, even with paid streaming services. Even with legitimate platforms offering only so many episodes of the dub, some mistakenly believe that its production has ceased altogether. However, the culprit is of course licensing issues.

A legitimate platform that seems to have disappointed fans of the boruto dub is Disney-controlled Hulu, which has received a slew of complaints regarding its lackluster release of the English dub. Since its announcement in January 2021, Hulu has kept just 52 of boruto‘s 155-episode dubbed release, leading fans to ask where the rest of them are, seemingly out in the ether.

Even worse is the experience faced by many Funimation subscribers in international markets, as there have been unilateral reports of the addition and subsequent removal of some licensees. boruto episodes The truth is that due to the acquisition of Madman, Funimation eliminated the previous platform, AnimeLab, and now offers only sporadic dubbed episodes of the full catalog or, in some regions, none at all.

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At the moment, it appears that VIZ plans to transition its library from boruto dub episodes to Hulu.

In any case, while there are 155 episodes of borutoThe dub of was released via box set, only about 50 to 100 of them are currently available between the legitimate platforms, Hulu and Funimation. This means that English-preferred audiences may have to wait a while before receiving a legitimate and consistent means of seeing more than half of the series that is currently being hidden from them.

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