Where to watch and read Highschool of the Dead

Despite the short duration and sudden end of high school of death has managed to gain a cult status within the manga and anime community. The show has been well regarded by critics and fans alike for its unique take on the horror genre, with its mix of intense action, humor, and raunchy female characters.

While the series hasn’t received any additions since 2013, thankfully it’s still widely available. Both manga and anime can be purchased digitally and physically and the prices attached to these items are generally very reasonable at the time of this article’s publication. However, certain copies are apparently disappearing pretty quickly and it looks like there won’t be an upcoming replenishment of these items. So, here’s a guide on where you can pick up the series before it’s too late!

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The plot of Highschool of the Dead

High School of the Dead - Hisashi

high school of death takes place in modern day Japan, during the beginning of a deadly global pandemic that turns humans into zombies. The story follows a group of high school students and their school nurse as they try to escape from their school and survive the deadly hordes of the dead that are around every corner.

Throughout the show, they must learn to deal with their own emotions, the decay of their moral values, and how best to treat each other in an effort to increase their chances of survival. Along the way, they encounter a variety of different challenges, from dangerous fellow survivors to how best to help those in desperate need. As the series progresses, each character develops their abilities and grows in confidence as they manage to overcome situations they otherwise thought impossible.

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Where to read Highschool of the Dead manga

High School of the Dead - Rei

high school of death was serialized in Fujimi Shobo’s Monthly Dragon Age between its September 2006 and May 2013 issues. The manga was written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. The series would later be published by Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa Shoten in seven tankōbon volumes from March 2007 and April 2011 in Japan, which were developed by Yen Press for the North American release of the series. Unfortunately, due to Satō’s failing health and his eventual death in 2017, the series was left unfinished.

A full-color version of the manga, titled Highschool of the Dead: Full Color Edition, was first serialized in February 2011 by Monthly Dragon Age. In North America, the color edition began publication with a month delay in the March 2011 issue of Yen Press’s online magazine Yen Plus and lasted until July 2011. They would later be published in the form of two omnibuses hardcover, which were released between November 2011 and December 2013.

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high school of the dead characters

Readers have three main options available to them if they want to read the manga, and each depends on their preference. First off, it’s still possible to pick up all seven volumes of tankōbon, though you’ll likely have to shop around, as most online sellers only have certain volumes in stock. Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, AbeBooks and Rightstuf are possible options for browsing, where volumes range in price from $4.60 to $14.99 (not including shipping). Sadly, there hasn’t been a box release, so if you’re looking to get the whole set in one go, you’ll probably have to keep an eye on sites like eBay to do so.

However, for those who are interested in not waiting to buy the entire series, then the Highschool of the Dead: Full Color Edition is probably your best bet. These can be picked up at most of the aforementioned stores and will cost between $45 and $60 per copy (of which there are two).

Lastly, if you prefer to read manga digitally, you can quickly pick up each individual volume to read via Kindle or Comixology on Amazon for just under $10. However, these digital editions can also be found cheaper on Apple iBooks and Rakuten. Kobo for $6.99.

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Where to watch Highschool of the Dead anime

High School of the Dead - Saeko

An anime adaptation of the series aired in Japan in September 2010. Sentai Filmworks would license it for simulcast on Anime Network for North American release. The show received an English dub through Section23 Films and was produced by Seraphim Digital on Blu-Ray and DVD in June 2011.

high school of death can be viewed online by purchasing a Hulu ($6.99 per month), Apple TV+ ($4.99 per month), or Funimation ($5.99 per month) subscription. The show can also be viewed by downloading the series on iTunes ($35.88).

If you prefer to have a physical copy of the program, you can purchase it as a DVD or Blu-ray. Amazon sells both editions for roughly $14.99, while eBay and other outlets (including CEX) offer a variety of second-hand copies for slightly cheaper prices.

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