Why is Green Lantern vs Gurren Lagann the fan debate that will never die?

With higher dimensional levels and attack power, Gurren Lagann’s Simon proves more than a match for Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Since then Gurren Lagann over the top mechas burst onto the scene in 2007, fans of Green Lantern he began to engage the two in heated debates. With Gurren Lagann’s willpower-driven spiral energy and Green Lantern’s willpower-based constructs, the two seem like a match made in heaven. More specifically, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Gurren Lagann protagonist Simon the Digger have some attributes in common that cause fans to constantly compare them.

Both Kyle and Simon lived fairly uneventful lives until they came into contact with a device of unknown origin, which quickly gave them the ability to perform incredible feats. Both the Green Lantern Ring and Lagann are powered by will power and give the user the ability to materialize constructs out of thin air. Additionally, both characters have struggled immensely with their own perceived flaws and insecurities, which has proven detrimental to the source of their power. Furthermore, both characters have ascended to near-godlike levels of power through their travels, able to affect the very fabric of reality with a mere thought.


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The debate between Gurren Lagann and Green Lantern has been going on for so long, but what would be the outcome if they really did fight? With the power of the White Lantern Ring, Kyle Rayner can access and extrapolate the power of each emotion on the emotional light spectrum. Through the power of these emotions, he is able to perform interstellar flight many times the speed of light, travel through dimensions, warp reality to his whim, and access the powers of all the other Lantern Corps, who also they include the ability to create constructs of himself and regeneration. The Guardians of Oa even confirmed that Kyle possessed the power to destroy the multiverse, a space containing infinite universes. Despite this power set, Gurren Lagann’s abilities are somehow even crazier.

Facing Green Lantern’s reality warping and regeneration ability would be a problem for most fighters, but Simon has shown levels of power that are almost incomprehensible. In the final battle against the Anti-Spiral, Simon combines each robot piloted by the supporting cast into Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a being that dwarfs the size of the pocket universe in which he was raised. Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann not only sits on top of a galaxy to fight, but it has been confirmed that he harbors an entire 3D universe within his own body, as well as exists within an 11 dimensional universe just to fight the Earth. Anti-Spiral. If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, STTGL’s final attack was measured to be roughly 80.57 trillion times heavier than our own universe. This absurd size coupled with Simon’s ability to manipulate reality, alter probability, and escape a labyrinth made of infinite dimensions puts him in a whole different league.

The battle between these two gets a bit more confusing when considering things like the Life Equation, which Kyle doesn’t normally have access to. Overall though, Kyle should win if he is given access to the Life Equation, as it could be argued that the Life Equation and the Source Wall step into the realm of infinite dimensions. Unfortunately though, Kyle again does not have access to the Life Equation and should not be considered part of his standard gear. In almost all cases, Gurren Lagann Simon the Digger should win this battle against Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

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