Wolverine and Hulk cosplay brings Marvel’s rivalry to life in life size

Wolverine and Hulk have one of the biggest rivalries in comics and in a new cosplay, both heroes are brought to life looking amazing.

Few heroes are as punishing and powerful as the Helmet and Wolverine, and in new cosplays, both heroes are ready for action in life-size ensembles showcasing one of Marvel Comics’ greatest rivalries. Cosplayer @hummin_h2 and @therealweaponx created looks that show off the sheer size and strength of the Hulk and Wolverine respectfully, echoing their first battle in the comics that saw Logan’s introduction.

The Hulk is one of the original and most iconic heroes of Marvel Comics, debuting in The Incredible Hulk #1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1962. The Jade Giant would come into conflict with Wolverine in the first appearance of the popular mutants in The incredible Hulk #181 by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita Sr., where the two first wrestled. The pair have clashed with each other over the years, as the Hulk’s raw rage and strength and Wolverine’s claws, aggressive nature, and healing factor make them formidable opponents. In the new cosplays, both heroes have costumes that capture each hero’s appearance and size impressively.


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In a new image posted to Instagram by cosplayer @hummin_h2 featuring @therealweaponx, Wolverine and Hulk pose as the two Marvel heroes come to life. The life-size Hulk is spectacular as the cosplay is huge as he towers over Wolverine as he has a menacing look on his face. Meanwhile, it looks like Wolverine took a beating in the fight, as he sports battle-damaged armor as the Jade Giant looms over him. Still, Wolverine isn’t ready to give up, as his claws are out and ready for the second round despite taking a beating, evident by the wear on his mask.

@humman_h2 has brought some larger than life Marvel Comics characters to life before, as his cosplays often focus on larger heroes and villains. For example, he has done incredible cosplays with X-Men’s Sentinel, while bringing the impossible body of the Juggernaut to life in a look that has to be seen to be believed. No character is seemingly too big for the talented cosplayer to tackle. And with the Hulk towering over Wolverine, he continues that trend with the life-size costume.

The Hulk and Wolverine will be forever bonded thanks to Logan’s first appearance and their numerous subsequent fights. The excellent cosplays of Glutton and the Helmet it shows why the pair’s violent rivalry is considered by many to be one of the best in Marvel Comics.

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Source: @hummin_H2

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