X-Men Psylocke cosplay brings classic costume to life

The X-Men’s Psylocke comes to life in a stunning cosplay from cosplayer Hendoart showcasing the look and powers of the ’90s hero.

One of the X Men most badass mutants shine in a new Psylocke cosplay from @hendoart that shows the heroine in action in her classic costume. In the colorful cosplay, the cosplayer brings Psylocke’s Jim Lee-designed costume to life as she has a sword drawn. The cosplay adopts the design of the 90’s and shows one of the most important heroes of the X-Men lineup during the extremely popular era.

Psylocke remains a favorite among X-Men readers despite her complicated history in the comics. Captain Britain’s sister, Betsy Braddock, joined the X-Men in X Men #213, where the telepathic mutant served as an important member of the team. However, during Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s run in the X Men, Psylocke’s body was changed to that of a ninja known as Kwannon, as the hero remained inside her body for years. Braddock gave up her Psylocke persona after she was killed and brought back to life in her original body. Braddock would go on to become Marvel’s new Captain Britain, while Kwannon would go on to fight as Psylocke. With his powers, Braddock was able to create a psionic knife and had other psionic-related abilities.


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On his Instagram account, @Hendoart shared his thoughts on the X-Men hero. The costume takes on Psylocke’s most iconic look, as the cosplay features the heroine’s colorful outfit with a red sash tied around her waist. No Psylocke costume would be complete without the arm and leg bands and the long purple gloves and leggings. With her purple hair making the outfit even bolder, @Hendoart strikes a pose of her as he reaches for the sword behind her.

Psylocke has undergone several costume changes over the years. Her original appearance has long been criticized for being too edgy and quite similar to Marvel’s original Elektra outfit. Even actress Olivia Munn, who played Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse he noted how awkward and impractical it was to use. However, despite his lack of practicality, the look remained a fan favorite, as it was the hero’s costume during his most notable histories with the X-Men. So while the outfit may be a bit dated now, it’s still a key part of Psylocke’s formative characterization.

Overall, whether you love or hate the original costume that inspired the cosplay, @Hedonart does a stellar job of bringing the iconic psylocke brought to life. His cosplay is comical and feels like something out of the pages of the 90’s. X Men adventure

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Source: Hendoart – Instagram

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