10 Anime Characters Fans Want To See More Of

The characters that get the most attention tend to rank at the top of popularity polls. However, there are also characters who don’t get as much screen time as the main characters, but get a surprisingly significant amount of love from fans.

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The stories and personalities of these minor characters contribute to the plot and overall narrative in ways that the other characters do not. There are also characters that fade out sooner than expected or don’t play a larger role despite their important roles. Unfortunately, their lack of screen time doesn’t satisfy fans who wish they would show up more often.

10 The mysterious character of Illumi Zoldyck captivates fans (Hunter x hunter)

illuminated in hunter x hunter he establishes an intimidating presence as soon as he removes his disguise during the final stage of the Hunter exam. He is one of the first characters to show off Ren to the audience, and when viewers see him wearing it for the first time, they immediately know that Illumi is someone other characters should be afraid of.

The dynamic between Illumi and his brother, Killua, also adds an interesting element to the show and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to see how their relationship develops throughout the story. Also, her lack of emotion makes him quite mysterious and captivating at the same time.

9 Akira Sendoh’s personality and basketball skills are unique (Slam Dunk)

Akira Sendoh Slam Dunk

Akira, the ace of the Ryonan High School basketball team, has a distinct personality that diversifies the cast of dunk. Unlike most of the other characters, Akira is not irritated when he first encounters the chaos that Sakuragi brings wherever he goes during the fight between Ryonan and Shohoku High School.

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Akira actually expresses his excitement at Sakuragi’s potential despite being on different teams. In addition, he also possesses a unique playstyle, as he uses his intelligence to outwit opponents and mixes his moves to keep them on their toes.

8 Dracule Mihawk displays his overwhelming power (one piece)

Introduction of Dracule in One piece it shows his genius by highlighting the immense power gap between him and the other characters. During the Baratie arc, he cuts Dong Krieg’s ship in half with ease. Because Mihawk holds the title of the best swordsman in the world, Roronoa Zolo challenges him to a duel, but fails completely despite his prowess as a swordsman.

However, Mihawk spares him, as Zolo’s determination and courage impresses him. The first impression of him falls into neither the hero nor the villain category and thus makes him an intriguing character for fans to be curious about.

7 Shisui Uchiha’s story has a quick and unfortunate end (naruto)

Danzō attacks Shisui

Despite playing a prominent role in the story of the fall of the Uchiha clan, Shisui is rarely mentioned in narutomanga His screen time in the anime is also not at all significant as he mostly appears in filler episodes. However, fans admire him for his aspirations for peace in the shinobi world and for serving as a mentor to another popular character, Itachi Uchiha.

He shows that he has great potential as a shinobi with Kotoamatsukami, a genjutsu that can control the minds of others, and his skill with the Body Flicker technique. Danzo’s plans to eliminate the Uchiha lead to Shisui’s downfall, leaving fans unsatisfied and eager to see more of him on screen.

6 Genos is everyone’s favorite disciple (one-punch man)

Genos in the middle of the battle with Saitama

Genos’ fierce appearance masks the humorous side that fans love in One Punch Man. He decides to become Saitama’s disciple even though Saitama expresses no enthusiasm for having a disciple. Also, he writes down everything Saitama says and studies his teacher’s behavior in detail.

In other words, Genos goes beyond Saitama to the most extreme extent, adding humor to his character. He studies and trains as hard as possible to be one of the best heroes in the world, and fans enjoy watching his journey to achieve his goals.

5 Minato Namikaze never sees his son grow up (naruto)

Minato The Fourth Hokage In Naruto Anime

Minato is known for his ability to use the Flying Thunder God technique, which allows him to outrun faster characters in naruto. However, he doesn’t show off this cool ability as much as viewers would like, as he lacks screen time. Outside of his fight with Obito and his involvement in the Fourth Great Ninja War, he doesn’t get much attention.

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Sacrificing himself against Kurama shortly after Naruto’s birth, he is absent throughout Naruto’s childhood. Also, although Orochimaru resurrects him in his Edo Tensei form during the war, he bids Naruto farewell as soon as the war ends.

4 Kurapika’s unique backstory is intriguing (hunter x hunter)

Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter

As the last survivor of the Kurta clan, Kurapika brings a unique backstory to hunter x hunter. Unlike the other main characters, he lost all of his family because the Phantom Troupe went after them. He not only has a unique backstory, but also a special ability given to him by his eyes. Whenever he experiences extreme emotions, his eyes turn scarlet and his Nen’s strength and abilities become dramatically stronger.

Additionally, his bond with Leorio over the course of the first season brings significant development to his character. This development makes him a likeable character as he learns to work with others, while helping Leorio retrieve his badge during the Hunter exam.

3 Speed-o’-Sound Sonic always embarrasses himself

sonic smiling

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic doesn’t fit the image of the typical villain in One Punch Man. Instead of instilling fear in Saitama, he constantly embarrasses himself. He claims to be Saitama’s arch-rival, but Saitama couldn’t care less. Because speed is the source of his pride, he feels the need to prove that he can surpass Saitama.

Saitama effortlessly reacts to his speed and knocks him out in one punch, driving him insane. However, the stark contrast between his persistent efforts and Saitama’s apathetic nature adds a humorous element to the story.

two Usopp incorporates humor into the fight scenes (one piece)

The liar and sniper of Luffy’s crew never fails to surprise fans with what they least expect during One piece fights. In doing so, Usopp plays a crucial role in adding a comedic element to the fight scenes. Usually anime fights have a palpable sense of danger and seriousness.

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What fans love about Usopp is that he lightens the gravity of the situation with his ridiculous tactics that somehow work in the end. His fight with Luffy over the Merry Go in the Water Seven arc is a good example. Usopp attacks with rotten eggs, thus reducing the intensity of the situation by incorporating humor.

1 Rukawa is a fierce competitor (slam dunk)

Rukawa bends over while playing basketball.

Rukawa Kaede plays the role of rival to Slam Dunk’The main character of Sakuragi Hanamichi. Rukawa’s cool and calm personality represents the antithesis of Sakuragi’s impulsive and loud personality. As the ace of the Shohoku High School basketball team, he sets the bar high for Sakuragi from the start.

He doesn’t back down when Sakuragi gets angry and loses control of himself. For example, once during practice, after Sakuragi deliberately throws a basketball at him, Rukawa throws it back at him. All in all, he is everything the viewers want in the main character’s rival.

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