4 One Piece Characters Nico Robin Can Beat (And 4 He Would Fight)

Nico Robin has a lot of untapped potential in the One piece series, particularly in his fighting style.

He definitely lacks dedicated fighting compared to other Straw Hats, but makes up for it with his creative Devil Fruit powers. Hana Hana no Mi allows him to duplicate body parts wherever he wants, so Robin has always had the element of surprise with his attacks.

However, her fruit’s main weakness is that she will also feel any damage to the replicated limbs. Her abilities do not make her invincible by any means.

Win or lose, Robin will always be a dangerous fighter in One piece.

One piece Characters Nico Robin would win against

4) We

Nami has mastered the ability to manipulate weather attacks. Her Clima-Tact Sorcery is a versatile weapon used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Nami can also rely on Zeus for powerful lightning attacks from him.

However, none of that matters as Robin could easily capture Nami right away. He could use his various clutching techniques to sprout arms from anywhere.

Nami doesn’t have the reaction time to dodge it, as it can be done instantly. All Robin has to do is disarm Nami’s weapon and the battle is over.

3) Miss Double Finger

At first glance, Hana Hana no Mi should be a terrible matchup against Toge Toge no Mi. Miss Doublefinger has the ability to grow spiky spikes anywhere on her body.

Robin could easily get stabbed if she’s not careful with her attacks, but she has a trick up her sleeve. Since the One Piece timeskip, Robin has mastered Fishman Karate with the Revolutionaries.

Miss Doublefinger isn’t very durable, so Robin could try to knock her out with a surprise palm attack. The latter can also sprout gigantic limbs, giving him more attack power and distance.

2) koala

From what little is seen of her, Koala is quite skilled with Fishman Karate. He was able to defeat several men in the Dressrosa arc alone. Koala is also a very agile fighter who can hit opponents when they least expect it.

That said, Robin has a lot more range with her attacks. Koala can try to dodge them, but he can’t predict every move. Robin can attack from anywhere and at any time with her Hana Hana no Mi. The Revolutionary would likely be overwhelmed by a direct encounter.

1) Bartholomew

The Straw Hat zealot is exceptionally powerful for a novice pirate. During the Dressrosa tournament, Bartolomeo was the winner of Block B thanks to his Bari Bari no Mi. His defensive nature can withstand the most powerful attacks, such as Elizabello II’s King Punch.

However, Bartolomeo can only place a single barrier at any given time. Since Robin can sprout limbs on any surface, he can easily bypass the barrier. she is a very dirty fighter in One pieceso that Robin can bring him to his knees with his infamous Grab technique.

One Piece Characters Nico Robin Would Lose

4) Frankie

Before One piece timeskip, Nico Robin could easily mistreat Franky by playing dirty. However, the latter spent two years studying Vegapunk’s futuristic designs, so his BF-37 form is now much tougher.

Robin doesn’t really use Haki, so it will be a challenge for her to bypass Franky’s durability. Her focus is very limited in this fight.

He may be relatively slow, but his Radical Beams cause massive explosions. It also reaches breakneck speeds and can destroy multiple pacifists, as seen in One Piece Movie: Z. A single hit from this attack would likely incapacitate Robin.

3) Rob Lucci

Two years after the events of Enies Lobby, Robin has become a much better combatant. His fighting style is complemented by his skillful use of Fishman Karate. He could throw multiple punches with power and precision. However, he is still not enough against Rob Lucci.

He was already the strongest member of CP9. He is now a member of CP0, the most powerful organization under Cipher Pol. Lucci has definitely grown since the One piece timeskip, so he wasn’t slacking off like Buggy and Arlong.

Robin may have mastered the basics of Fishman Karate, however Lucci is far more adept with her Rokushiki. That doesn’t even get to the massive resistance of him through Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard. Robin won’t get over a bloodthirsty Lucci, especially in his Zoan state.

2) Crocodile

Unfortunately, Robin’s lack of Haki experience puts her at a significant disadvantage against Logia users. Ella’s former boss from Ella’s Baroque Works has completely mastered the Suna Suna no Mi, which allows her to turn into sand.

Crocodile reflexively dodged Doflamingo’s attacks at Marineford. There’s no way Robin will catch him off guard. Without the use of water or Armament Haki, she cannot touch him.

Meanwhile, the One piece the villain has several long-range attacks at his disposal. Desert Great Sword can easily cut her in half, as seen when the attack hit Akainu at Marineford despite her enhanced reaction time.

1) Kuzan (Aokiji)

This seems pretty obvious, given that Kuzan is among the strongest Marines in the world. One piece Serie. He can turn into a frozen human with Hie Hie no Mi, which gives him control over the battlefield.

However, that is not why Robin would lose this matchup. The reality is that she would probably suffer from mental trauma. Several years ago, she barely survived Buster Call on Ohara. Her friend Jaguar D. Saul saved her life, but not before sacrificing herself against Kuzan.

The former admiral is one of the few characters who can strike fear into Robin. Note that he is rarely alarmed at One piece Serie.

Even if he had the strength to fight Kuzan, he wouldn’t be in the right frame of mind. Regardless of his power level, Robin has already lost half the battle here.

Note: This article reflects the personal views of the writer.