10 Anime Characters Kirby Can Beat

The owner’s pet kirby series, Kirby has a small size and an adorable appearance. However, he can eat almost anything before copying his abilities. This ranges from eating large amounts of food to chomping down on tough enemies.

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Many anime characters are vulnerable to Kirby as the puffball can eat them all. Some have more limited abilities than Kirby, such as Cure Whip and the heroine of Mr. love: queen’s choice. Some lack battle experience compared to Kirby, such as Raul Chaser and Kohana Aigasaki. No matter what tactics they employ while fighting him, Kirby will always win.

10 Azusa could be eaten by Kirby (I’ve been killing slimes)

Azusa spreads her hands

Kirby is very durable despite his small size and can copy or eat some of Azusa’s powerful magic spells. Kirby could also eat Azusa, spit her out, and copy her powers. Although Azusa could create spells to counter Kirby’s abilities if she had enough time to prepare, she would fight to defeat him if Kirby ate her in passing. Azusa might have a better advantage if her friends help her, but she won’t defeat Kirby alone, despite her being the strongest character in the game. I’ve been killing slimes.

9 Aoba Seragaki’s junk powers wouldn’t work well in Kirby (DRAMATIC MURDER)

Dramatic murder of Aoba Seragaki

Aoba Seragaki can use Scrap’s power to enter people’s minds. She uses this power to help her friends and love interests in the visual novel and anime adaptations. DRMAtical Murder. However, these powers are useless in fighting Kirby. Kirby wouldn’t waste time eating Aoba, copying his powers and then using them on him if necessary. It is better for Aoba to befriend and work with Kirby than to fight him. Aoba could beat Kirby if he has help, but he won’t win the fight alone.

8 Raul Chaser has less combat experience than Kirby (I couldn’t become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job)

Raul Chaser I couldn't become a hero, so I reluctantly decided to get a job

Raul Chaser is a former hero who starts working at a shop after the Demon King was defeated. He has some refined swordsmanship skills and often comes up with creative solutions to problems. Raul was even able to restore Fino, who almost became the next Demon King, back to normal.

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As impressive as these feats are, Raul’s abilities wouldn’t stop Kirby from eating him. Kirby could outflank Raul by copying the machines used in the store where Raul works. If those new abilities were used on Raul, he would have no idea how to counter them. Rather than engage Kirby in combat, he would be wiser for Raul to befriend Kirby and train him as a new employee.

7 Bell Cranel has nothing to counter Kirby’s attacks (Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon!?)

Bell Cranel starts out as a weak fighter, but gets stronger over time. Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon!? Bell’s training makes him an agile fighter, but speed can only take him so far. After sneaking up on him, Kirby would duplicate Bell’s abilities and use them to his advantage. By combining his own powers with his enemy’s, Kirby would amass a greater amount of abilities than Bell. Despite the daunting reality of the fight, Bell would not give Kirby an easy victory. He may be a determined fighter, but in the end he will lose to Kirby.

6 Kirby could easily eat Karin Hanazono (Kamichama Karin)

Karin Hanazono is a girl who can transform into a goddess using her ring. But even as a goddess, she can’t hold her own against Kirby. If Kirby were to manage to eat Karin while he is in her goddess form, he would replicate insane powers for himself. Despite having a goddess transformation, Karin’s other abilities are surprisingly limited. By comparison, Kirby’s copy abilities give him a wider range of attacks to work with. Kirby might have a harder time defeating Karin if she hits him first or if he enlists the help of her friends. But Kirby will surely win if he fights her on her own.

5 Kohana Aigasaki has no powers to defend herself (Magic-Kyun! Renaissance)

Kohana Aigasaki from Kyun magic! Renaissance you can use your flower arrangements to inspire and encourage others. She helps all of her love interests in this way and is usually successful. However, Kohana has no abilities that can help her in a fight. Kirby, meanwhile, has many abilities that serve her well and would ensure her victory over Kohana.

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If Kirby struggled to get close enough to Kohana, he could eat her flower arrangements. Kohana is also at risk of falling into a coma if she abuses her powers. Kirby has almost unlimited stamina in contrast. Although Kirby would defeat her in battle, Kohana’s kind personality makes it more likely that Kirby and her will become friends rather than enemies.

4 The heroine would predict her defeat at the hands of Kirby (Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice)

Heroine of Mr. Love Queen's Choice

The heroine of the romantic anime. Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice you can use precognition. If she activated those powers to see her future, Kirby would eat her. While her precognitive abilities may reveal Kirby’s next attack, they wouldn’t do much to physically prevent Kirby from eating her. Kirby and the Forgotten Land and other games demonstrate Kirby’s ability to eat things like cars, vending machines, and other inanimate objects. With those unique abilities under his belt, Kirby would quickly defeat the heroine.

3 Yuuki has no abilities to stop Kirby from eating him (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

Princess Yuuki Connect!  Re: dive

Yuuki’s abilities often focus on supporting his allies. This includes giving Pecorine, Kokkoro, and Karyl increased strength and durability. Yuuki grew as a fighter during his two seasons of Princess connect! Re: dive. At the end of the second season, he becomes an excellent swordsman who can hold his own in battle.

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While Yuuki’s determination helps him get through difficult events that threaten his life, he has no abilities that prevent Kirby from eating him. He also has limited abilities compared to Kirby, who, unlike Yuuki, can add anyone else’s abilities to his own. His wider access to more of his abilities would cement Kirby’s victory over Yuuki.

two Kogarashi Fuyuzora would fight Fighting Kirby (Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs)

Kogarashi Fuyuzora, Yuuna at Haunted Hot Springs

Kogarashi has a special ability that allows him to exorcise his enemies by hitting them. But, even then, those abilities wouldn’t make him untouchable. If Kirby swallowed it, Kogarashi might try to punch Kirby out, not realizing that Kirby was absorbing and extracting force from each punch. After spitting on Kogarashi, Kirby is able to defeat him with Kogarashi’s own special blows. Although ghosts and demons fear Kogarashi, Kirby’s abilities would overwhelm him. Weaker than his roommates and love interests, Kogarashi is better off working with Kirby than fighting him.

1 Cure Whip would be mistaken for Kirby’s next meal (Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode)

Cure Whip, Pretty Cure

With a motif based on rabbits and cupcakes, Cure Whip looks like food from a distance. Kirby could mistake her for her next meal and eat her without realizing that she is a living thing. Cure Whip is a cute foe, but even she is vulnerable to being eaten alive by Kirby. Kirby could eat her, copy all of her abilities as a Pretty Cure, and then completely defeat her. Kirby might have more trouble if Cure Whip enlists the help of her fellow Pretty Cures, but he will easily beat her on her own.

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