The 10 Best Anime Beastgirls, Ranked

Many fans are familiar with the different types of humanoid girls with animal features that roam the anime world, sometimes referred to as kemonomimi or demi-humans. They can be seen in both the old and new anime. Many of these beast girls come in a variety of forms, from bunnies and cat girls to reptile girls.

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In addition to looking different from normal humans, anime beastgirls possess enhanced senses and traits. However, not all beastgirl characters are valued for these abilities alone, others have proven to be good support characters and dedicated workers. Plus, many of them display an exuberant amount of cuteness that could win over any heart.

10 Merle has cat-thieving tendencies (Escaflowne’s vision)

Merle looking out a window in The Vision of Escaflowne

The pink-haired kitten from the nostalgic series Escaflowne’s Vision He may have some nasty moments, but his loyalty to his childhood friend Van is endearing. At times, she comes across as mean and cheeky for not being able to hold her tongue, especially when it comes to Hitomi.

Merle’s mistrust and jealousy of Hitomi often leads her to steal random items from her. But other times she is quite playful and affectionate, especially when it comes to Van. Throughout the entire series, Merle faithfully remains by Van’s side through good times and bad.

9 Aisha is over the top sometimes (outlaw star)

Aisha Clan-Clan hissing in Outlaw Star

Hailing from the noble house of the Ctarl-Ctarl empire, the catgirl Aisha Clan-Clan from the series outlaw star she has an exuberant personality that can be hard to deal with at times, especially when she starts saying that others are inferior to her.

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What he lacks in modesty, he makes up for in strength and battle skills. Her agility and her overpowered sense add to her fighting power, making her a worthy opponent. These powers are magnified by the moonlight, but this also sends her body’s metabolism into hyperdrive, causing her to almost pass out from her due to her extreme hunger.

8 Black Rabbit is the best host in the game (problem kids come from another world, don’t they?)

Black Rabbit smiling with arms outstretched in Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, isn't he?

The Little Garden aristocrat known as the Black Rabbit is also an arbiter of the Gift Games in Problem kids come from another world, don’t they? His gift, called Judge Master, allows him to access Little Garden’s core network to prevent rigging and cheating.

She usually maintains a cheerful and energetic disposition, but can sometimes be easily flustered by troublesome children when teased. Her selfless dedication to her friends and her community is admirable, even if she is abused at times. Her enhanced speed and strength also make her a good fighter.

7 Holo could pull the skin over anyone’s eyes (Spice & Wolf)

Holo, the apple-loving wolf girl from spice and wolf she can come off as overconfident at times and a bit cocky, which is because she was called Holo the Wisewolf for many centuries. This can make Lawrence nervous at times, especially when he talks to her like a child.

Lawrence is hesitant to accept Holo’s proposal to be a business partner, but agrees after seeing her unique negotiation skills and her ability to easily read people. As Holo’s affection for Lawrence grows, so does his desire to protect him, even at the risk of his own life.

6 Koto’s dedication is questionable (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Koto organizing the Dark Tournament in Yu Yu Hakusho

Koto, the Dark Tournament commentator who is also a referee, believes in staying dedicated to her work on the series. Yuyu Hakusho. Even if it means constantly avoiding being caught in the crossfire of tournament fighters.

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Also, his knowledge of the entire tournament rule book is quite useful when a fighter does something questionable and prevents him from being biased. However, her dedication may be due more to her sadistic desire to see as much bloodshed and pain as possible, but even she has been shown to have her limits when she attempts to end a match early when she thinks it is. that a fighter has gone too far.

5 Yuzu works hard for money (Konohana Katan)

Yuzu in Konohana Katan

The mostly quiet hot spring inn of Konohana Katan he can get a little rowdy with the energetic and clumsy fox girl Yuzu, but not too much. Yuzu starts working at the inn with no experience and little knowledge of city life.

However, she proves to be a hard worker who learns to adapt quickly. She likes to shower others with her kindness and warmth. Despite her naivety at times, there have been times when she has given unexpected sage advice to those in dire need.

4 Cyan is the cutest rock star (Show by Rock!)

in the series rock show!, Cyan Hijirikawa was originally a normal human high school girl who was too shy to fulfill her dream. Things take a turn when she gets sucked into a rhythm video game in which she finds herself sporting catlike features and a cute outfit to boot.

Despite her meek personality, she shows early on how willing she is to get into a fight to protect others and bring out her incredible musical abilities. After playing with the group Plasmagica, he begins to expose himself more and gains more confidence.

3 Liza is a resourceful survivor (Death March to A Parallel World Rhapsody)

The very dedicated reptile girl Liza from Death March to A Parallel World Rhapsody he is Sato’s right-hand man, who became his master after he killed his bully. Before being with Sato, Liza was shown to be strong and caring as she used her own body to protect the demi-human children, Tama and Pochi, from the rocks being thrown at them.

Liza is quick to teach Sato clever things like the value of monster cores, the importance of cooking certain foods, and planning ahead. She also becomes almost as powerful as Sato as her spear fighting skills improve.

two Kaede’s tactical skills are solid (how a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom)

Kaede Foxia smiling with her head bowed in How a Realistic Hero Rebuilds the Kingdom

The caring and often wise fox girl Kaede Foxia from the series How a royalist hero rebuilt the kingdom she becomes second-in-command of the Forbidden Army after the king, Kazuya, is impressed with her understanding of the kingdom’s politics and her ability to anticipate certain outcomes before they happen.

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His tactical knowledge proves immensely useful during covert missions and when preparing for battles. She also does well training troops with a steady hand, but she’s not afraid to be a little harsh on them at times. She also possesses earth magic that has proven useful on the battlefield, especially for making walls and pit traps.

1 Raphtalia is the sword of the shield hero (The rising of the shield hero)

Raphtalia with Naofumi in The Rising of the Shield Hero

The growth of the mixed tanuki-raccoon character, Raphtalia, in the anime series The rising of the shield hero, it is impressive and admirable. She suffered a great deal of trauma at a young age and had been traded through various slave traders until Naofumi brought her in. She was sickly and weak, but through Naofumi’s training and care she becomes much stronger overall.

She becomes a skilled warrior with a strong will, increased assertiveness, and the desire to protect Naofumi at all costs. Raphtalia becomes an important guiding light in Naofumi’s life, not only in battle as her sword, but for being the first to show her that she was not alone.

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