10 Anime Characters Who Are Like Commissioner Gordon

The bat Man The comic book franchise has been going strong for more than 80 years, and while several bat Man and other DC titles have experimented heavily with the formula, the key characters remain largely the same, including Bruce Wayne himself and his police ally, Commissioner James Gordon. Gordon shares Batman’s passion for justice and defending the innocent from crime.

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Commissioner James Gordon is defined not only by his work as a police officer, but also by his commitment to justice and tolerance towards the actions of Batman’s vigilantes despite being a uniformed officer who follows the rules. In fact, James Gordon’s character should remember fans of similar characters in other comic series, TV shows, and even Japanese animation, each of whom have a thing or two in common with him.

10 Soichiro Yagami is like Gordon’s twin (Death Note)

soichiro yagami

Many main characters in the thriller anime series Death Note correspond to major bat Man characters, with Super Detective L as Batman himself and Watari as L’s own Alfred Pennyworth. The head of the NPA, Soichiro Yagami, is L’s personal commissioner Gordon.

Soichiro has a similar job and attitude to Gordon and they even dress similarly, right down to the glasses and mustache. Soichiro might bend the rules a bit for L’s sake, but overall he’s a cop who follows the rules and doesn’t condone vigilantes or illegal activities for any reason.

9 Naomasa Tsukauchi is a hero-loving policeman (My Hero Academia)

Naomasa mha

Naomasa Tsukauchi is a skilled police officer in the world of my hero academia. While he is not a caped superhero, he does have great respect for established pro heroes, such as the invincible All Might, Hawks, Ryukyu, and others. When it comes to the League of Villains, the police always need a hero’s help.

Naomasa understands this and, like Commissioner Gordon, has no qualms about enlisting the help of the caped crusaders who fight evil on their own terms. Still, Naomasa doesn’t like chaos and he doesn’t always believe in fighting fire with fire; he expects the heroes to show some restraint during his work.

8 King Gazel Dwargo is Rimuru Tempest’s advisor (I was reincarnated as a slime that time)

dwarf gazelle that time i got reincarnated as a slime

Some anime characters resemble Commissioner Gordon not because they are police officers, but simply because they fulfill a more or less similar role in the protagonist’s story. Any law-oriented character who can support and advise the protagonist can be in the same league as Commissioner Gordon and that includes That time I reincarnated as a slime King Gazel Dwargo.

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Like Gordon, Gazel Dwargo is rule oriented and thinks everything through. He doesn’t like reckless or foolish actions, but he advises and supports the isekai hero Rimuru Tempest. Gazel and Rimuru certainly have a similar dynamic to Gordon and Batman.

7 Homura Mitokado advises Naruto and Tsunade (Naruto)


If the Hidden Leaf Village in naruto can be considered Gotham City, then Tsunade the Hokage is the mayor, the reckless Naruto is more or less like Batman, and the elderly Homura Mitokado is Commissioner James Gordon. He and his partner Koharu are advisers and dislike reckless risk takers.

All of that makes Homura reasonably similar to Gordon, a play-by-play strategist who has the best interests of the village in mind, but usually doesn’t fight himself. He appreciates what Naruto Uzumaki can do, but can only tolerate so much wild antics from Naruto or, for that matter, Tsunade. Koharu feels the same way.

6 Kisuke Urahara has helped Ichigo more than once (Bleach)

kisuke uruhara bleach

Kisuke Urahara is a major character in Bleach and he is to Ichigo Kurosaki what Gazel Dwargo is to Rimuru Tempest. Kisuke is more of a rogue than Commissioner Gordon and isn’t part of any police force, but he is much smarter and more cautious than his goofy antics suggest.

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Kisuke, as Gordon, is perfectly happy to advise and support the main character, and has excellent investigative and deduction skills to match. He can also open portals to other worlds to allow Ichigo to launch his adventures.

5 Queen Mirellia Melromarc supports Naofumi however she can (Hero of The Rising Of The Shield)

Queen Mirellia in Rising of the Shield Hero

The rising of the shield hero Queen Mirellia Melromarc is the true ruler of the kingdom of Melromarc and sympathizes much more with the Hero of the Shield, Naofumi Iwatani, than her husband or eldest daughter. Mirellia, as Commissioner Gordon, is an intelligent and well-educated person who guides the protagonist from the sidelines.

Mirellia is capable of fighting and leading armies, but is more comfortable with medieval politics and court intrigue, as well as gathering intelligence with her spies. She was the one who exposed the truth of King Melromarc and Princess Malty’s plan and stripped them of their ranks.

4 Lin Beifong is Commissioner Gordon of Republic City (The Legend of Korra)

Lin Beifong, Police Chief Legend of Korra

Until the legend of korra Lin Beifong joined Korra’s team in later story arcs, Lin being the perfect Commissioner Gordon for the sprawling Republic City. Like Gordon, Lin is a no-nonsense cop who values ​​justice, order, and peace, and has little patience for reckless vigilantes, though he has learned to get along with Korra.

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Unlike Gordon, however, Lin has supernatural gifts as a high-ranking police officer. She is a Metalbender, just like her famous mother Toph and her half-sister Suyin, and that gives her an advantage over Gordon.

3 Kaguya Ubuyashiki leads the singing voice (Demon Slayer)

Kagaya Ubuyashiki

Kaguya Ubuyashiki commands the entire Demon Slayer Corps, including the nine elite Hashira. In the general history of Murderer of demonsHowever, Tanjiro stars as a semi-independent demon slayer with his own Robin, his sister Nezuko, though he respects Kaguya’s authority.

Kaguya’s job is not to fight, but rather to gather information and form plans to defeat Muzan’s hordes and is sometimes very helpful to Tanjiro. They have more or less a Batman and Gordon dynamic.

two Euripides Ritzler Steers A Tight Ship (Love Of Kill)

euripedes at night

love to kill Euripides Ritzler is not exactly a police commissioner, as batman Gordon, but plays a role similar to the heroine Chateau Dankworth and even has a similar style of dress as Gordon. Euripides only differs from Gordon by being the head of a bounty hunting company.

Other than that, Euripides is quite similar to James Gordon. He is a smart and cunning guy who can easily track down his enemies and give Chateau the perfect information for a job, all without putting himself in danger.

one Wataru Chikushi is Shuta’s (Tokyo 24th Ward) police friend.

chikushi district tokyo

In the cyberpunk anime series Tokyo 24th Ward, the Tokyo Island district is plagued by controversy based on the use of all-seeing surveillance systems such as Hazard Cast and the high-tech KANAE system. The protagonist Shuta Aoi is an aspiring hero who is not sure which side to take. He wants to help everyone, but it is not clear how he should proceed.

Fortunately, Shuta has a police friend, Wataru Chikushi, who sometimes gives him inside information or tips, and that has helped Shuta and his friends more than once. Wataru does not have a high rank in the SARG organization, but still counts as Shuta’s Commissioner Gordon.

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