10 Anime With Too Many Fake Deaths

One of the most annoying tropes in anime is fake deaths. A fake death occurs when a character dies, or is believed by fans to have died, but somehow comes back to life. While this can be a happy time for fans to see their favorite character come back to life, it can also be quite annoying when overdone.

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Having too many fake deaths doesn’t make an anime bad. In fact, some of the most watched series feature more than a few fake deaths. However, there are many anime that abuse the use of fake deaths.

10 Ash comes back to life thanks to the tears of Pokémon

Pokémon Indigo League TV show

The Pokemon The series likes to play on the fake death cliché quite often with Team Rocket and Ash. Team Rocket are the recurring villains in the series who have somehow survived their hot air balloon being blown up by Pikachu’s lightning bolt more than a few times.

Ash himself has even been killed a few times in the Pokemon movies, but he always revives. The first time Ash dies, he is revived thanks to the tears of the Pokémon that mourned his death.

9 In Seven Deadly Sins, Helbram dies a total of three times.

Cast of The Seven Deadly Sins

Seven deadly sins is another series that is guilty of abusing the fake death trope quite often. One of the most extreme cases happens in the first season of the series. In this case, Helbram dies a total of three times, but is revived each time so he can continue fighting.

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Another time fans thought a character died was when Veronica stepped on a landmine. She should have been dead, but she was miraculously cured thanks to Elizabeth.

8 Senku is killed by Tsukasa but is revived due to a petrifying piece on Dr. Stone.

Dr Stone Senku

The main problem fans have with dr stone is the number of fake deaths the series likes to throw in for surprise value. One of the most shocking deaths in the series was when Senku was killed by Tsukasa, but came back to life with the piece of petrification that he had on his neck.

Petrification has the ability to revive the dead, which means the series can have its fair share of deaths with no real consequences.

7 Death doesn’t stop Dio Brando from chasing the Joestars in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo Joestar Family Tree

jojo’s bizarre adventure follows the story of the Joestar family, who have psychic strength and fight against the forces of evil. However, there is an evil force that the Joestar family is constantly fighting against and his name is Dio Brando.

Dio is an evil person at heart who has been killed by the Joestars over and over again only to come back to life. Although Dio is best known for receiving the fake death treatment, there are still other characters in the series who get this as well, including the Joestars.

6 In season 3 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The entire cast dies only to be brought back at the end

Yu Gi Oh GX cast

The Yu-Gi-Oh! The franchise has some of the worst cases of fake deaths in anime. During season 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh! GXthe entire cast dies only to be brought back at the end because they were said to be trapped in another dimension.

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Another example is when Kaiser Ryo, who died of a heart attack, was brought back without explanation. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are a large number of characters who somehow survive their death experiences.

5 Ichigo is saved from death by his hole in Bleach.

Ichigo and his friends in Bleach

Bleach it has its moments where fans are sure a character has died only for them to somehow survive. In one episode, Ichigo is beaten up pretty badly by Ulquirroa and was finished off with a hole in his torso.

However, his hollow took over his dying body to keep them both alive and protect Orihime. This isn’t the only fake death to occur in the series, as several characters seem to die only to somehow survive.

4 In Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts die at the end of the first season just to be okay in the next season.


Despite being a magical girl series, sailor moon surprisingly it features a lot of fake deaths. The biggest example of the fake death trope in the series was at the end of the first season when each of the Sailor Scouts meets their demise in a tragic way only for them to be completely fine in the next season.

This also happens once again during the final seasons. Throughout the series, various Sailor Guardians are killed and revived.

3 Nagato resurrects everyone who died during Pain’s attack on the village in Naruto.

cast of naruto

naruto is an anime that has been known to feature more than a few fake death moments. One of the biggest fake kill moments in the series was when Kakashi was one of the many victims resulting from Pain’s attack on the Leaf village.

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Kakashi’s head was pierced by a nail, which could have been one of the saddest deaths in the series. However, all was well when Nagato resurrected everyone who died during Pain’s attack. Many more moments like these happen throughout the series.

two The main criticism of One Piece is its number of fake deaths

one piece cast

Because One piece Being such a long series, they have accumulated a series of false deaths. One of the main criticisms One piece faces is the number of false deaths scattered within the series.

One fake death that was completely swept under the rug was when Zoro received several fatal slashes from Hawkeye Mihawk. Fans thought he was lost for sure. However, Zoro magically returned and survived these brutal injuries, hands down.

one Fairy Tail is known for its heavy use of fake deaths.

fairy tail cast

Fairy tale It is the anime that receives the most criticism and memes about false deaths in the series. Multiple characters in the series who were thought to be dead are magically brought back to life.

An example is the character of Lisana, who was killed and even had her body buried before returning to the series from another dimension. It was even revealed that the main character Natsu died a long time ago and was brought back to life by her brother Zeref.

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