10 Anime Characters Who Didn’t Have Their Happily Ever After

Some of the best and most popular anime franchises available right now are stories of hope and passion, stories of staring adversity in the face and not backing down. Protagonists like Tanjiro Kamado and Yuji Itadori show audiences that happy endings are worth fighting for, even if they’re not guaranteed.

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Especially in anime, happy endings can be few and far between. While viewers may spend the majority of a series cheering on a beloved character, sometimes hard work and determination just aren’t enough. Not all characters will be there for the hero celebration at the end and not all characters will live happily ever after.

10 Miki Makimura died alone (Devilman Crybaby)

While no one technically gets a happy ending in crying devil man, Miki Makimura deserved it more. Despite being the star athlete at her school, Ella Miki was always down to earth, polite and kind. She certainly didn’t deserve the grisly fate she met.

Before her death, Miki lost her little brother, her parents, and a whole list of friends who fought to keep her safe. She spent the actual death of her own, running for her life and calling out to Akira, who would never reach her in time. It’s the truly desperate moment in a sequence of sadness that pushes both Akira and the viewers over the edge.

9 Korosensei couldn’t see his students grow up (Assassination Classroom)

Image of a student and KoroSensei from Assassination Classroom

Korosensei, the strange yellow creature that blew a hole in the moon, requested to be allowed to teach Class 3-E for a year before destroying the Earth in assassination classroom. Beginning as the odd antagonist who insists his students spend their time trying to kill him, Korosensei becomes a mentor and friend.

Eventually, the students manage to kill Korosensei, knowing that it is what he wants. It is a tragic moment considering that she has had a significant impact on all of her lives. Korosensei cruelly took away all chances of happiness from her at every turn. She couldn’t even live a peaceful life with her students even after they found out the truth.

8 Mitty spent the end of her life suffering (Made In Abyss)

A moment that had a huge impact on anime viewers in 2017 was finding out the truth about Mitty and Nanachi’s strange appearances in Made in Abyss. Fans realized that the sentient creature Nanachi cared for was her best friend, a young girl horribly transformed during an immoral experiment.

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Before the experiments, Mitty and Nanachi dreamed of a life where they could be happy and free. Instead, Nanachi begged Reg to use her incinerator to put Mitty out of her misery, with her near-immortality keeping her in a state of constant suffering and regeneration. Reg complied and Mitty left the world with no arguments but with a lot of love in her heart.

7 Lisa Mishima was left alone once again (Terror in Resonance)

A quiet and meek girl who couldn’t find the meaning of her life, Lisa meets the young terrorists Nine and Twelve by sheer chance. Her views on her future and her carefree attitudes changed her whole life. Lisa and Twelve even begin to fall in love, something neither of them believed could happen.

Just when it looks like the trio is going to live a happy life and finally experience childhood, Twelve is shot and Nine succumbs to a brain aneurysm after a series of terrifying headaches. Lisa is devastated and although she manages to live, she is visibly traumatized and changed by losing her partner.

6 Sasha Braus was suddenly killed (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan Sasha eating a potato during training

The comic relief who had very few detractors, Sasha Braus brought a much-needed levity to a series that was brought down by heavy, serious themes. From her unmistakable love of potatoes to her relationship with fellow explorers Jean and Connie, Sasha made everyone smile.

Sasha was so loved that most massively hated the person who killed her. attack on titan fans for a long time, and some fans are even unwilling to let go of the grudge. To make matters worse, Sasha’s murder comes as a complete surprise and she didn’t get to say a meaningful goodbye to her loved ones.

5 Neji gave everything for his loved ones (Naruto Shippuden)

Neji Hyuga in Naruto

After struggling to find his place in the world for most of the original naruto series, Neji finds a friend in his cousin, Hinata, encouraged by Naruto. Together, Neji and Hinata bridge the gaps in her family and begin to form a powerful bond, one in which Neji sacrifices himself to save her during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

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Although Neji dies knowing that he understands his father and has died protecting two people he loves, that doesn’t mean he had a happy ending. Neji deserved his time in the sun and he deserved to live a quiet and peaceful life after all he had been through.

4 Greed didn’t get his own life (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

greed smiling

A greedy character who starts Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood As nothing more than an egotistical villain, Greed changes significantly after he begins sharing a body with Ling. Ling’s incredibly strong spirit breaks through, allowing the pair to form a kind of peaceful coexistence. This affects Greed’s personality and motivations.

Without Greed, Edward would not have defeated Father and Ling would have succumbed to his injuries. Greed leaves the world watching his friends cry over his death, friends he didn’t think he could make. While he is grateful for his time with them, viewers can’t help but feel disappointed that the homunculus didn’t get a chance to lead a normal life.

3 Kyojuro Rengoku left behind his brother (Demon Slayer)

Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira in Demon Slayer

Even though most of Regoku’s scenes are contained in the Mugen Train arc of Murderer of demons, quickly became a fan favorite for his fiery personality and passionate way of speaking. Almost as soon as he shows up, he becomes a mentor to Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu. Unfortunately, Demon Moon Akaza has taken them away just as quickly.

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Rengoku not only leaves behind the youths he felt responsible for, but also leaves behind his younger brother, Senjuro Rengoku. Kyojuro was the only person Senjuro had left, considering his father abused both of them and his mother was dead. Separating siblings forever seems like a cruel fate.

two Junpei Yoshino was used by the villain (Jujutsu Kaisen)

All Junpei ever wanted was a friend, someone who understood and cared for him, who didn’t look at him like a monster. Itadori met Junpei during an investigation into a cursed energy crime, and the two became friends very quickly.

However, Itadori’s friendship could not save Junpei. Mahito showed up during their reconciliation to kill Junpei and ruin any happiness the two boys had. Junpei’s death deeply affects Itadori and the typically positive outlook on him and sets the desperate tone that lingers. jujutsu kaisenreminding viewers that even the innocent don’t get a second chance.

1 Kishou Arima was ashamed of his existence (Tokyo Ghoul)

Arima looks over the city in Tokyo Ghoul

When viewers first see Arima in terror in tokyo, is clearly a man of great stature and tactical prowess. As the agent responsible for taking down Kaneki and overseeing his time as Sasaki Haise, viewers learn that Arima is more than just the CCG reaper: he is a one-eyed demon who led a difficult and violent life.

On his deathbed, as he succumbed to the injuries he received on Kaneki’s hand, Arima regretted all his mistakes in life. He hated being used as a weapon and that his main motive had always been to kill, though he passed with a smile when he said that Kaneki was something he could leave behind.

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