10 Anime Characters Who Were Ruined By The Sequel

Anime has grown significantly since its introduction to the West. Anime is no longer limited to brief windows on late-night cable, and is instead a highlight of mainstream streaming services. Many anime these days are quite popular, so it makes sense that a fast track to creating sequels has developed.

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Sequels come in many forms, including further adaptations of the manga or the creation of an entirely new spin-off show. These sequels tend to be loved by fans who want their favorite franchises to continue, but occasionally even a great series can stumble and make a mess of its character along the way.

10 The Promised Neverland: Norman Lived (and ruined the show)

Norman the Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland It was a unique addition to the shonen jump lineup and made a huge splash in anime fandom during its 2019 adaptation. Fans were eagerly awaiting the follow-up to its stellar first season and were met with nothing but disappointment at the end of the second season.

One of the biggest mysteries of the first season was the fate of Norman. The second season finally revealed that Norman had lived and become the leader of a group of demon hunters. While fans were thrilled to see Norman back, they couldn’t help but be disappointed with the season as a whole and Norman’s trajectory.

9 Boruto: Naruto became a horrible father

Naruto in Boruto

boruto is a controversial topic in the anime sphere. As the sequel series to a beloved shonen franchise, boruto I had a lot to accomplish. The anime is considered by many fans to be an overall flop, particularly for the way it treats some of the characters. narutoThe characters of the legacy.

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Specifically, fans are complaining about the fact that Naruto ended up being an absentee father. After growing up without parents, fans felt it was out of character for Naruto to be anything but the most present and active father.

8 Sword Art Online: Asuna turned into a damsel

sword art online asuna

sword art online It may not be the most critically acclaimed anime out there, but it has a massive hold on the market for new anime fans. The original season of sword art online brought in a huge wave of new isekai, redefining many modern anime trends.

One of the best elements of that original season was the character of Asuna, which was felt by many to be a breath of fresh air in the realm of female anime characters. This became disappointing for fans when future seasons of sword art online walked out and they felt Asuna turn into a damsel in distress.

7 Tokyo Ghoul: re: Ken Kaneki stopped making sense

tokyo ghoul re kaneki

terror in tokyo is one of the most popular modern anime franchises. But despite its popularity, it has one of the worst anime adaptations of any manga according to many fans. Tokyo Ghoul 😀 it is considered blasphemous by many terror in tokyo fans and is largely ignored due to his many problems.

Mainly, the season suffers from intense pacing issues, which makes many character choices feel unmotivated and not set up properly. Characters like Ken Kaneki, who were once fan favorites, become mindless puppets of their former selves.

6 One-Punch Man: Saitama lost his appeal in the second season

one punch man saitama

One Punch Man it is a unique property as it was adapted from a webcomic to a manga, then from a manga to an anime. While the original webcomic of One Punch Man has its fan base, the story really took off after its manga adaptation. Most anime fans appreciate One Punch Man for its stellar images above all.

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This becomes apparent in the franchise’s second season, when the animation quality dropped drastically, leaving many fans disappointed. Saitama’s character is wonderful, but for these fans, he just isn’t the same without that awesome animation to complement his actions.

5 Boruto: Sasuke got incredibly nervous

Sasuke in Boruto

Time boruto has managed to establish its own fan base after years of release, many fans of the original naruto The series has not yet accepted the new sequel. boruto is constantly under fire for its treatment of older fan-favorite characters.

One of the biggest disparities comes in the form of Sasuke Uchiha, who many fans believe was nerfed to fit the boruto history. At the end of the original series, Sasuke was one of the most powerful ninjas to ever live, making it hard for fans to believe that he would ever lose to anyone in the world. boruto anime

4 Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Sesshomaru turned out to be a creep

Inuyasha Sesshoumaru

inuyasha is considered a classic among older anime fans. Having premiered in the early 2000s, inuyasha it was the first anime of many viewers. These fans were abuzz with anticipation for the sequel series coming out in 2020.

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Unfortunately for many, Yashahime: half demon princess ended up confirming some worrying details about Sesshomaru’s character. With the revelation that he had married the young woman he had basically raised during the events of inuyashamany felt that this sequel series turned their favorite character into a troublesome figure.

3 Berserk 2016: Bad CGI Made a Great Character Unbearable

berserk 2016 guts

crazed is one of the most influential and critically acclaimed manga in the world. It has transcended the medium and tapped into demographics that would not normally be exposed to anime and manga, creating fans of different types all over the world.

the characters of crazed they are some of the most complicated and thematically rich in all of fiction. Unfortunately, the beauty of these characters tends to get lost in crazedIt has many adaptations. Fans find it hard to focus on the complexity of Guts when the CG animation is so terrible.

two Pokémon: Sun & Moon Neglected Ash & Misty’s History

pokemon sun and moon misty

the Pokemon The anime has had a complex relationship between Ash and his possible love interests. Due to Pokemon Being a children’s show, it seems like he never wants to get too immersed in romance. But every season at least hints at the possibility of Ash’s classmates falling for him.

The biggest example of this would be Ash’s first partner, Misty. While Misty has returned numerous times, this element of her dynamic has never been revisited. Many fans feel that Misty’s characterization is hollow when this aspect is ignored.

1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters got rid of Yami Yugi’s edge

Yami Yugi Season 0

Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most iconic anime and card games of all time, but many fans don’t know about it Yu-Gi-Oh!The dark past from before the invention of Duel Monsters. The original Yu-Gi-Oh! The series followed the same characters in a much darker setting where Yami Yugi battled opponents in more than just card games.

When Yami Yugi won a match, he forced his opponents to endure psychological torture in the form of penalty games. All of this was rewritten with the invention of Duel Monsters, leaving Yami Yugi a much lighter figure than viewers had first seen.

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