10 anime characters with strong parents

No one can deny the fact that the anime industry has come a long way in recent years, and the main reason for this is that more and more people have come to realize that anime is a legitimate form of entertainment. Most anime tells decent stories with interesting characters, and like other forms of storytelling, anime often focuses on family relationships, including the relationship between a boy and her father.

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Much of the anime takes place in worlds where the characters possess some kind of unique ability or power, and most of those characters have parents who have access to similar abilities. There are several powerful anime parents, but not all of them have good relationships with their children. That said, certain parents stand out more than others.

10 Ichigo’s father is a former captain (Bleach)

Isshin appears as a reaper of souls

There are many great men in Bleach, including Isshin Kurosaki. He is the father of Ichigo, Karin, and Yuzu, who all possess a level of spiritual power. When fans first saw Isshin, he was nothing more than a comedic father, but as the series progressed, his true identity and power were revealed.

Isshin is a member of the Shiba Clan, a former noble house within Soul Society. He decided to become a Soul Reaper, eventually becoming the Captain of Squad 10. Only the strongest and most skilled Soul Reapers can become Captains.

9 Boruto’s father is one of the strongest ninjas in history (Boruto)

Naruto and Boruto spend time together

He may be young, but Boruto is already a smart and skilled shinobi, which is hardly surprising as he is the grandson of the 4th Hokage of the Leaf Village and the son of the 7th. Naruto had his own history and, when he became Hokage, he was one of the strongest ninjas in history.

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Naruto possesses immense chakra, and after befriending the Nine-Tails sealed within him, he became a perfect Jinchūriki who could also use Sage Mode. As Hokage, Naruto’s job is to defend the village, which is why he has been involved in several of borutoThe most unique fights.

8 Gon’s father is a triple star caliber hunter (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon and Ging's first real conversation

Gon is the main character of hunter x hunter, and has already shown to be quite strong despite being a novice hunter. She spent a good portion of the series looking for his father, Ging Freecss, and finally speaks with him at the top of the World Tree at the end of the series. 13the Hunter’s President Election Arc.

Ging Freecss is a double star ruin hunter, but he can achieve triple star status if he requests it. He is an emitter and has been praised numerous times for his mastery of Nen. Fewer than a dozen Triple-Star Hunters exist, meaning Ging is one of the strongest Hunters in the series.

7 Shoto’s father is the number 1 professional hero (My Hero Academia)

Shoto doesn't enjoy his father's hug

my hero academiaShoto Todoroki’s may have flaws, but he’s still itching to become a pro hero. He can generate ice from the right side of his body and shoot from the left. This ability is the reason why his father put him through grueling training when he was just a child.

His father, Enji, goes by the hero name Endeavour, and his Hellflame Quirk allows him to produce and control very intense flames that can incinerate a villain. He spent years as Japan’s No. 2 ranked hero, but became No. 1 upon All Might’s retirement.

6 Maka’s father was a powerful death scythe (Soul Eater)

Maka and Spirit Albam

Soul EaterMaka Albarn de Maka is a skilled two-star meister, and her partner is the scythe demon, Soul Eater. Maka and Soul fight powerful threats like witches, and her goal is to make him a more powerful Death Scythe than her father, Spirit Albarn.

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A Death Scythe is a weapon that has ascended to the point where it can be used by Death himself. His father accomplished this when he met Maka’s mother, his ex-wife. Maka and Spirit have a strained relationship because he cheated on his mother with several women.

5 Edward’s father is an old and powerful alchemist (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Edward Elric and his father Hohenheim

full metal alchemistEdward and Alphonse Elric were heartbroken when their mother died, but what made it all worse was the fact that their father was nowhere to be found. Van Hohenheim was a human Philosopher’s Stone and as such was effectively immortal.

He was thousands of years old, and one of the reasons he left his family was because he wanted to find a way to die alongside his wife when the time came. His knowledge of alchemy is greater than that of any other human, and he can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle while he ignores the law of equivalent exchange.

4 Ace’s father was the pirate king (One Piece)

Ace and his infamous father

Many consider One piece being the best anime of all time, which is understandable given the series’ focus on characters and emotional storytelling. One of the most important moments in the series came when Ace sacrificed himself to protect Luffy, his younger brother.

Ace and Luffy were half-brothers, as they had different fathers, both of whom were notorious criminals. Ace’s father was Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King. Roger’s strength was legendary, as he was able to collide with Whitebeard and laugh. His haki and swordsmanship were practically unmatched.

3 Inuyasha’s father was feared throughout feudal Japan (Inuyasha)

Inuyasha 7 His Father Toga

Inuyasha had a hard life because he was half demon, but humans and demons probably would have treated him better if they knew who his father was. His father was named Tōga, but in feudal Japan he was known as the Great Demon Dog who ruled the western lands.

Tōga possessed immense demonic energy and could transform into a huge dog-like creature with fangs and sharp claws. He wielded several demon swords, including one that could kill 100 demons at once. He was also the father of Sesshōmaru, who is Inuyasha’s powerful older brother.

two Meliodas’ father rules the demon clan (Seven Deadly Sins)

meliodas vs demon king

Seven deadly sinsMeliodas may look like a child, but he is actually a demon who has lived for thousands of years. He is arguably the strongest warrior in the Demon Clan, and was the prime candidate to replace his father as Demon King.

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The Demon King ruled the world of demons for countless millennia, and in terms of power, he was essentially a God. He can control the elements, but his true ability is called The Ruler, which allows him to reverse all magical attacks directed at him. Any attack meant to hurt the Demon King will strengthen him.

1 Gohan and Goten’s father may be the strongest mortal in universe 7 (Dragon Ball)

goku and his children

Dragon BallGohan and Goten are both half Saiyans and, in terms of strength, they are both capable of single-handedly destroying the Earth. Goku is his father and, although she has acted selfishly at times, she has saved his friends and the world several times.

Goku is a full-blooded Saiyan who came to Earth as a baby, and throughout the franchise, his power level has only increased. His martial arts skills are amazing and his Ki is especially strong. Goku can now use Ultra Instinct, a form that even the Gods of Destruction have a hard time mastering. This makes Goku one of the strongest beings in his universe.

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