Princess connect! Re:Dive brings back the Princess Gala for an East Asian treat!

Hello, gentlemen! As mentioned in the title above, we have a wide variety of updates to share with you all. A new character, a new story event to match, and the return of Princess Gala – prepare to stop, drop and roll, because this update is fire. Let’s jump, jump and jump and jump in!

Princess connect!  Re: dive

Put on your kimonos and put on those getas, as Princess Gala is doing an oriental revival, introducing none other than new character Kuka (Oedo)! While retaining much of the bulk and magic defense its original version is known for, this traditional outfit remixes its toolkit with additional support abilities that weaken enemies and increase magic damage output, giving as result in a character that can stack a ton of incoming magic. and help her allies deal a lot of outgoing magic damage.

The Princess Gala is more than just a chance for Kuka (Oedo) to shine: during the week-long campaign, you’ll also enjoy double the normal draw rates for 3★ characters, making your Jewels yield twice as much. the normal. when running raffles. Additionally, Christina, the sword-wielding, critical-hitting femme fatale, will also return for a limited time while the Princess Gala takes place. If you’re new to the world of Astraea, Princess Gala is the perfect time to fill out your roster and meet new friends. If you’re a seasoned veteran of the land, make the most of your Jewel and maybe pick up some characters you’re missing! It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Princess Gala with Kuka (Oedo) and Christina will be live for one week, from 4/5 23:00 UTC to 4/12 22:59 UTC. During the campaign, you will enjoy improved draw rates of 3★, and both Kuka (Oedo) and Christina can also be obtained through character points. While this is not the last chance you will have to obtain Kuka (Oedo), after this period of time the 3★ boost will return to normal and Christina will not be available. Mark your calendars!

While the Princess Gala may end after a week, Kuka (Oedo) hasn’t finished dancing yet! She will enjoy her own dedicated Focus Gacha of hers after Princess Gala is over, where many eyes will be directed towards her (trust us, she is interested in that). While your character’s points will reset after she finishes Gala Princess, Kuka (Oedo) will still be in the main Premium Gacha pool; however, this will be her best chance to get it before she finishes her solo performance. Keep it in mind!

The Kuka (Oedo) Focus Gacha runs for an additional 6 days, from 4/12 23:00 UTC to 4/28 22:59 UTC.

Finally, we have one last special login campaign for all of you: it’s the return of the Landosol Cup! Once a day during the 10-day campaign, you will be able to choose your favorite character from four randomly and cheer them on as they compete to see who is the fastest in all of Landosol. You will receive Jewels based on how well your chosen heroine does, from 250 Jewels for fourth place to 500 Jewels for first. It is free Jewel estate.

Landosol Cup #2 daily login bonus is valid for 10 days, from 2/4 13:00 UTC to 12/4 12:59 UTC.

You might be wondering why Kuka is donning such a unique outfit. Don’t worry, she’s just fitting into the culture of Oedo Town, the centerpiece of the new story event, Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai. Join Monika’s team of misfits and adventurers as Weissflügel collectively makes their way to a city at the intersection of Western and Eastern culture. But the vibes are slightly different from the last time Ninon was here…what’s with that? Also, why is Kuka flying at increasingly alarming speeds around the city?

This event features unique and exclusive boss battles, where you can test your skills on three different difficulties: Normal, Hard and Very Hard. Very Hard is set to be the hardest of the bunch, and can only be cleared once a day. If you crave an even bigger challenge, we’ve also prepared another special difficulty boss, with unique challenges and mechanics that will challenge you in new ways across three different modes. Of course, for every boss you beat, you’ll get various rewards for your troubles, like victory medals, gear, and more.

However, to fight the bosses, you will need to spend Boss Tickets. These Boss Tickets can be obtained by completing the stages of the event, as well as from login bonuses while the event is active. If you don’t successfully defeat a boss on your first attempt, don’t worry: you can retry as many times as needed, and non-lethal damage dealt to a boss carries over between attempts.

With Weissflügel, you know you’re going to have a rough time. To match that upbeat vibe, we’re also increasing the experience gain rates for completing event quests. During the event, completing event quests will award 1.5 times the normal experience points, in addition to the normal mana, items, and boss tickets these quests award. Beat stages to complete this unique story exclusive to the event.

The Gacha Victory Medal also makes its poetic return for the event! Completing event stages, event quests, and defeating the aforementioned bosses will earn you Victory Medals, which can be exchanged for a host of goodies. There are a predetermined series of reward lineups, each with a key reward: once you cast the current lineup’s key reward, you’ll have the opportunity to reset the rewards and advance to the next lineup, or postpone the reset to clear all possible rewards. These are the key rewards to look out for!

  • Alignment 1: Kuka’s Memory Fragment x 20
  • Line 2: Monika’s Memory Fragment x 25
  • Line 3: Kuka Memory Fragment x 30
  • Line 4: Monika’s Memory Fragment x 40

Just remember: once you’ve gone through all four starting lineups, you won’t be able to reset the active lineup until you’ve earned all possible rewards from the current active lineup. Good luck!

The Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai event will be available from 4/5 23:00 UTC to 4/16 22:59 UTC.

There’s no better way to celebrate the beginning of April than with a pink furniture set to decorate your guild house! With the arrival of April also comes the beauty of pink cherry blossoms. Now you can bring it back to your own guildhouse with this limited-time exclusive furniture set that includes new and old furniture. Whether you’re looking to stock up on traditional Japanese teahouse furniture or just want to show off your dazzle with a touch of pink, this set is right for you!

This limited-time furniture set will be available from 4/3 23:00 UTC, so get ready to turn your guildhouse into the perfect dessert garden lined with cherry blossoms. It will only be available until 5/13 22:59 UTC, so be sure to check your calendars before cherry blossom season ends. The complete list of the Beauties of Nature furniture set is as follows:

  • New furniture:
    • Limited time
      • spring kimono
      • stair drawers
      • Nature motif background
    • not limited
      • Quiet biotope of Nebbia
  • Return of furniture:
    • portable tea room
    • cherry blossom tree
    • Ceremonial Bell
    • sliding screen wall
    • tatami mats
    • indoor flashlight
    • Red Carpet Hardwood Floors
    • gold leaf screen
    • Lacquered table
    • Lacquered stool
    • Lacquered chair

With all the unique gear, we know knights can always use more princess heart shards. Once again, double drops will return to the Sanctum Survey. During the Sanctum Survey Double Drop Campaign, you will collect double the gear, mana, and most importantly Princess Heart Fragments by completing the Sanctum Survey.

The Sanctum Survey Double Drop campaign runs for six days, from 4/9 13:00 UTC to 4/14 12:59 UTC.

Lastly, the Normal Quest Double Drop campaign will return where you can collect double the amount of equipment, mana, and other items by completing Normal Quests during the campaign period.

The Normal Quest Double Drop campaign runs for six days, from 4/14 13:00 UTC to 4/19 12:59 UTC.

For ease of reading and accessibility, below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today. Thank you for all your support and we hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Diving!

See you in Astraea, Gentlemen!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Check in-game notifications at the start of events for full details.

  • Kuka (Oedo) and Christina Princess Gala (4/5 23:00 UTC to 4/12 22:59 UTC)
    • Improved rate for Kuka (Oedo) and Christina, also available to redeem through Character Exchange Points.
    • Doubled draw rates for 3★ characters at Kuka (Oedo) and Christina Princess Gala.
    • Christina and Muimi are limited units and will only be available during the Princess Gala Gacha period.
  • Kuka (Oedo) Focus Gacha (4/12 23:00 UTC to 4/18 22:59 UTC)
    • Increased rate of Kuka (Oedo) within Focus Gacha.
    • Kuka (Oedo) will also be available to redeem through character exchange points.
  • Landosol Cup Daily Login Bonus #2 (2/4 13:00 UTC to 12/4 12:59 UTC)
  • Story Event: Shogun Chronicles: The Whitewing Samurai (4/5 23:00 UTC to 4/16 22:59 UTC)
    • Event quests give 1.5x experience.
  • New furniture has been added to the Guildhouse Shop for a limited time (3/4 23:00 UTC until 13/5 22:59 UTC)
  • Sanctum Survey Double Delivery Campaign (4/9 13:00 UTC to 4/14 12:59 UTC)
  • Normal Double Mission Campaign (4/14 13:00 UTC to 4/19 12:59 UTC)