10 anime cliffhangers that never get resolved

When an anime ends on a cliffhanger, the story is supposed to continue in an epic way in the near future. Unfortunately for these animes, the promised sequel to the series or movie never came to fruition.

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While some of the stories for these anime have been completed elsewhere, such as their original manga or a reboot, their animated versions are still pending. It may have been years since these cliffhangers ended, but the pain is still fresh.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

10 Blade Of The Immortal (2008) ended just as the war was about to break out

Rin asks Manji to train her in Blade Of The Immortal

On Immortal Sword, Rin Asano and Manji found themselves caught up in the brewing war between the shogunate and the rebel Itto-Ryu faction. As Manji trained Rin in combat, he was shown to the Itto-Ryu members and their government-sanctioned counterparts, Mugai-Ryu, preparing for the coming showdown.

While this seemed like the perfect introduction to a second course, Immortal Sword it ended then and there. This was possibly due to the fact that the anime aired in 2008, but Hiroaki Samura only finished the manga for it in 2012. Rin and Manji’s story was given justice with the 2019 reboot, but it took nearly a decade.

9 Coppelion ended with the girls still exploring Tokyo

Ibara and her friends stay behind at Coppelion

Despite being famous for traversing full arcs, Coppelion he felt incomplete even with his fast pace. For example, the titular Coppelions (namely Ibara, Taeko, and Aoi) began the anime by entering a post-apocalyptic Tokyo to rescue survivors, and ended up scouring the nuclear wasteland in search of life.

To be fair, the trio made some progress. Not only did they find groups of survivors, but the dark truths behind their status as super-powered, radiation-proof Coppelions were revealed. Having said that, Coppelion it ends with a title card saying that Ibara and her friends continued their field trip in Tokyo and it feels like nothing of value has been accomplished.

8 Corpse Princess ended with Makina Hoshimura renewing her fight against Hokuto

Makina Corpse Princess

After seemingly defeating the Shikabane leader Hokuto, and reaffirming her humanity despite being an undead “Corpse Princess”, Makina faced her undead role once again in the latest episode of her anime. This time, Makina was sure of her humanity, her determination to defeat Shikabane and finally rest in peace.

All this happened in the final moments of corpse princess last episode, and just concluded with Makina punching Hokuto in the face to remind her how it feels to be mortal. What didn’t help was that the following OVA was an interquel about the backstories of Isaki and his Corpse Princess (Minai Ruo), not a sequel or epilogue.

7 Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo ended with the final fight suddenly being canned


Since it’s a parody of Fist of the North Star and just about anything in pop culture, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo ending on a hilarious cliffhanger seemed par for the course. Unfortunately, this was the real problem in Episode 76. Just as Bo-Bobo and his allies bravely charged into Hydrate’s forces, Dengakuman suddenly announced that this was the end.

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The characters’ shock at this sudden announcement was genuine, as even the animators were caught off guard in real life. Apparently, Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo it was canceled due to a combination of financial problems from the producers and incessant complaints from the moral watchdogs. Meanwhile, the manga lasted much longer until its end in 2005.

6 Baccano! Ended up setting the next decades of adventures

Claire confesses her love to Chane in Baccano

Baccano! it ended perfectly, with its last three episodes being an epilogue to the Flying Pussyfoot incident and the Gandor family’s gang war. However, they also laid the groundwork for future storylines, such as the recovery of Ladd Russo, Ronny’s revelation as the demon aboard the Advenna Avis, Dallas Genoard’s escape from the riverbed, and more.

Although incredibly popular abroad, Baccano! bombed in Japan. If the anime were to be a success as the creators hoped, it would have adapted the light novel arcs set in 1933 and beyond. While not confirmed, it is widely believed that the anime’s low ratings are what led to its last three episodes being sold as bonus DVD exclusives instead of being televised.

5 The flowers of evil ended up making fun of the dark future of the cast

Kasuga and Saeki from Flowers of Evil.

Time the flowers of Evil ended on a surprisingly bittersweet note, its latest episode promising that things were going to get a whole lot worse. Just before Takao and Sawa promised to leave their hometown with no way out together, a montage of things to come appeared. The cliffhangers included glimpses of the summer festival and Takao’s assault at the hands of Nanako.

Those who read the manga know that these are some of the darkest moments in history, but the surreal anime never managed to bring them to life due to its cancellation. the flowers of Evil It may have been praised by critics, but it still suffered from low ratings, leaving the animated fates of Takao, Sawa, and Nanako forever unresolved.

4 D.Gray-Man ended up promising more battles than ever came

Allen Walker by D. Grayman.

the gray man fell victim to many external complications such as mangaka Katsura Hoshino’s poor health, too much filler content, and its disappointing sequel series D.Gray-Man Hallow, It was the final nail in his coffin. Despite adapting a manga still in progress with almost 300 chapters, Sanctify it only lasted 13 episodes and ended on a subpar note.

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In the ending, Yu Kanda returned to the ranks of the Exorcists and Allen Walker reaffirmed his true identity even after unlocking his full power as Nea The 14th. Although separated, the characters rediscovered their determination and were ready for the dangers that lay ahead. Sanctify was canceled due to low ratings, leaving everyone’s fight for the future pending.

3 Tokko ended just as the world was about to end

sakura tokko

On by tokko In the last episode, Ranmaru narrowly saved the world from the apocalypse when he seemingly banished the demon Taishi back to his place of origin. Unfortunately, this was not the end as the anime closed with the opening of another demonic portal, Taishi’s cackling was heard in the credits, and Sakura woke up from her coma.

This may have been hyping an apocalyptic rematch, but the anime’s abrupt ending ensured that Ranmaru’s fight was left indefinitely unfinished. Worse yet, the sequel. tokko zero it was a legacy manga with no connection to the original cast. On by tokko defense, this was an unfortunately common trend for anime adaptations since the early 2000s.

two Hellsing: The Dawn ended with an abandoned prequel

hellsing the dawn

When the last three ultimate hell The OVAs were released on video, each came with a bonus episode for the prequel series, Hellsing: The Dawn. Set near the end of World War II, dawn followed younger versions of Alucard and Walter C. Dornez during their mission to hunt down Millennium in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Before closing causing a fight between Alucard and the Captain, dawn it also promised to show the beginnings of Walter’s betrayal and his alliance with El Mayor. Unfortunately, the prequel (which was called “A Supplementary of Infernal” on the DVDs) will never be concluded because mangaka Kouta Hirano hasn’t updated the manga since 2009.

1 Stars Align ended just as everyone hit rock bottom

maki ready to kill

What did Stars line up a unique sports anime was how his chosen sport, soft tennis, was basically a background event. The anime was more interested in the complicated personal lives of each player and ended with everyone at their lowest points. For example, Toma’s parents just got divorced and Maki was ready to kill her abusive father.

Unfortunately, the original 24-episode Stars line up it was canceled before it reached its midpoint. Because of this, the creators had to end the series in a hurry before anyone could achieve a sense of closure. Director Kazuki Akane promised to properly finish the story if given the chance, but this becomes more unlikely with each passing day.

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