5 Anime Villains Stronger Than Batman (And 5 Weaker)

The Legendary of DC Comics bat Man The series is about the Caped Crusader who keeps Gotham City safe from crime, and Batman is no ordinary vigilante. Bruce Wayne trained for years in the martial arts and even has legitimate ninja skills. He also has all sorts of gadgets, vehicles, and non-lethal weapons to give him the edge over his many enemies.

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Batman is strong enough to take on any of his enemies one-on-one, from Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy to Joker and Riddler. But even he might not be strong enough to take on the most powerful villains from other comic series or, for that matter, from the world of Japanese animation. Batman is stronger than many of anime’s coolest villains, but certainly not all of them.

10 STRONGER THAN BATMAN: Akaza can regenerate his flesh (Demon Slayer)

Akaza raises his fist

low level daemons in Murderer of demons they have several advantages over ordinary humans, including their long lifespans and their ability to regenerate their flesh. Despite that, Batman is more powerful than most common demons, especially if he can prepare himself ahead of time. But the Upper Moons are different.

Akaza is Upper Moon 3, and can even overpower the mighty Hashira with his devastating melee abilities and Destructive Death technique. He also has many years of experience to back him up, and can regenerate flesh from him with amazing speed. Batman can’t match that.

9 WEAKER THAN BATMAN: Wrath is fast but has limited options (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The gap between Batman and the eyepatch-wearing Wrath can be quite narrow at times, but Batman has several key advantages over this saber-wielding homunculus. Wrath nearly rivals Batman himself in close combat thanks to his elite swordsmanship and his ability to see anything with the Ultimate Eye. He can even cut bullets.

That’s impressive, but Wrath lacks the sheer stamina of Batman, and his bare-handed skills can’t match Batman’s. Plus, Batman can use his gear to fly, capture enemies, and more! He can use the element of surprise much better than Wrath.

8 STRONGER THAN BATMAN: Deep Sea King is a water monster (One-Punch Man)

The Dark Knight could dispatch a wide variety of low to mid level villains in One Punch Man, and he would definitely be an A-rank hero in the Hero Association, but even he has his limits. Batman has never faced the likes of the Deep Sea King. At least not in the movies.

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The Deep Sea King has overwhelming stamina and strength as a hand-to-hand combatant, and not even the Prisoner Puri Puri and the cyborg Genos could defeat him, so it’s unlikely Batman could. And if he rains, the King becomes even stronger and more monstrous than ever.

7 WEAKER THAN BATMAN: Kenny Ackerman is Batman-Lite

kenny ackerman wielding a gun on levi

Captain Levi Ackerman’s uncle, Kenny, was a whole new kind of threat to Eren and the others in attack on titan Season 3. Kenny is not a Titan Shifter, but he can use ODM gear and firearms with incredible skill, and he can easily maneuver around town while wreaking havoc. It seems that no one can touch it.

Batman would not be impressed. He can do everything Kenny Ackerman does and much more, like using his cape to fly through the air. Batman has gear that Kenny couldn’t even dream of. Batman is also a better martial artist than anyone in attack on titanKenny included.

6 STRONGER THAN BATMAN: Kars is the ultimate life form (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Batman would have no trouble taking down a wide variety of Stand users if he took them by surprise, even the explosive Yoshikage Kira. But the four Pillar Men are a different story. Batman, lacking the power of Hamon/ripple, would be powerless against them.

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Batman cannot match the superhuman strength, stamina, and speed of the mighty Kars, nor can he use Kars’ techniques, such as the Light Blade. And when Kars became the ultimate life form and took flight, he became stronger than any member of the bat family.

5 WEAKER THAN BATMAN: Magne can’t match Batman’s martial arts prowess (My Hero Academia)

The terrifying League of Villains features a variety of villains, any of whom could earn a place in Batman’s rogues gallery, like the shapeshifting Himiko Toga or the brawny Muscular. Then there’s Magne, a beefy villain with a magnetic Quirk that can be used in unexpected ways.

Magne can “polarize” men and women and attract them across great distances, or cause two people of the same sex to drift apart while repelling each other. But while Magne has an impressive Quirk and remarkable martial arts skills, none of this comes close to what Batman can do.

4 STRONGER THAN BATMAN: Neferpitou is a monster (Hunter X Hunter)

Despite his goofy appearance and sometimes goofy behavior, the chimera ant known as Neferpitou is a true powerhouse and could overwhelm just about any character on the battlefield. bat Man comics, heroes and villains alike. Neferpitou has incredible strength, speed, and reflexes far beyond what a trained human warrior could handle.

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Neferpitou narrowly outclasses Batman in hand-to-hand combat, and this chimera ant also has superhuman senses that not even the Caped Crusader can compete with, especially when Nen is involved. Nothing can escape the detection of Neferpitou’s eyes or ears.

3 WEAKER THAN BATMAN: Combustion Man is a one-trick Pony (Avatar: The Last Airbender)


The mysterious Firebender nicknamed Combustion Man is a muscular guy with an eye tattooed on his forehead, from which he can project powerful blasts at will. Zuko sent him to eliminate Team Avatar, and he fiercely fought Gaang until he was defeated at the Western Air Temple.

Even Batman can’t do explosions like that, but he doesn’t have to. Batman outclasses Combustion Man when it comes to melee attacks, stealth, and agility, and Batman can make his own explosions with bat-shaped grenades. He is much more flexible than Combustion Man.

two STRONGER THAN BATMAN: Tatara is a lethal demon (Tokyo Ghoul)

great with fire

Tatara is a cold and aloof anime villain who belongs to the Aogiri Tree demon gang as one of its highest-ranking members. Tatara is a brutal and ruthless demon who seems to have no regard for anyone’s life except his brother’s, and will go on a rampage if anyone mentions Tatara’s deceased brother.

In battle, Tatara cannot match Batman’s martial arts skills, but he more than makes up for it with his macabre strength and vitality, in addition to his kagune. He can also use a kakuja to cover his body in ghoulish armor and incinerate his enemies with deadly blasts of flame. Batman can’t be compared to what.

1 WEAKER THAN BATMAN: Roberta is not quite at the level of Batman (Black Lagoon)

Roberta confronts her brand

The seemingly innocent maiden Roberta is actually an experienced soldier and mercenary, and she always carries her weapons with her. She impressed and terrified Rock and Revy’s crew in Roanapur with her fierce combat skills, such as her Terminator-like tenacity, her prowess in martial arts, and her various firearms.

Roberta could do some serious damage to Gotham, but if Batman is on the case, this combat maid’s days are numbered. She could fight, but Batman would eventually overwhelm her with her superior combat skills and her ninja stealth. Anything Roberta can do, Batman can do better.

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