10 anime endings that solve nothing

Many anime have satisfying endings, no matter what crazy adventures the characters and their stories go through. However, some anime end on an ambiguous note or have endings that barely resolve anything.

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In some anime endings, the heroine or hero never chooses between their multiple love interests, such as Kiss him, not me! and Kyun magic! Renaissance. Other endings barely touch on major plot points, such as Yakitate!! Japan, pharmacy in another world, and Komi can’t communicate. It can be frustrating for some fans to see an anime they enjoy ending on a subpar note.

10 Kiss him, not me! Has the heroine indefinitely delayed choosing a love interest?

Kiss him, not me! the heroine, Kae, goes on individual dates with each love interest in the final episode after they all confess their love for her. She promises to make a decision, but inevitably ends up delaying it. The reason for this delay is that one of her favorite anime characters could be resurrected in the upcoming second season. Even though Kiss him, not me! The anime adaptation had Kae never ending up with anyone, the manga resolves this by choosing Asuma Mutsumi. They both end up getting married and having a child together.

9 Monster Girl Doctor Ends With No Choice Of Romantic Interests

Saphentite Neikes and Glenn Litbeit, Monster Girl Doctor

doctor monster girl implies that Glenn and Sapphee, who met as children, are falling in love with each other. Sapphee becomes jealous of Glenn working with other monster girls and Glenn often discourages others from having an affair with him due to his position, but they both have clear admiration for each other. monster doctor girl The anime adaptation left it ambiguous if they ended up together. However, the manga resolves this by having Glenn marry not only Sapphee, but also Arahnia and Tisalia.

8 Yakitate!! Japan leaves its final arc without the big bad guys returning to normal

yakitate japan azuma kazuma holding bread

Yakitate !!Japan has many arcs related to baking tournaments, but the final arc, Yakitate!! 9 (Yakitate!! 25 in the manga adaptation), is disappointing to some fans. The end of this arc is also the end of the series. Although it ends with Azuma saving Pantasia from being controlled by Yuuichi Kirisaki, Yuuichi himself never returns to normal forever.

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There is hope that Yuiichi will come to his senses after eating Azuma’s bread in the ending, but going back to his evil messes it up. The manga meanwhile resolves this by having another arc that focuses on the main cast, turning Yuuichi back to normal and saving the rest of the world in the process.

7 Kyun magic! Renaissance makes the heroine end up with no one

Cast of Magic Kyun Renaissance

Kyun magic! Renaissance has Kohana, the heroine, acquiring many potential love interests after helping them with personal problems. After Kohana goes into a coma from abusing her powers, all of her love interests band together and save her life. Despite this grand gesture, Kohana never chooses anyone to fall in love with. The end of Kyun magic! Renaissance it plays out like a normal end of the school year as if nothing had happened. This ending disappointed some viewers, while others were happy that Kohana survived the coma and still gets along with everyone.

6 Rent-A-Girlfriend does not resolve any romantic tension

the end of rent a girlfriend it shows that Chizuru and Kazuya are developing feelings together, but neither take any initiative to move beyond their rental relationship. Instead, the ending focuses on them dealing with Mami interfering in their lives and Kazuya rejecting Ruka’s advances so he can help Chizuru out of a sticky situation. Although Chizuru and Kazuya clear up the misunderstandings between them, they still need to tell each other that they have romantic feelings for each other. They also need to stop the rental boyfriend and girlfriend relationship before they can have a real date.

5 Monster Musume ends with the main character not getting married yet

Monster Girls Musume

Marrying one of the monster girls is possible in Monster Musume. All of the love interests of the main character begin to fight for his affections. However, the anime adaptation ends with Kurusu not marrying anyone, instead choosing to date all of them as potential marriage partners.

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Although it helps bring peace to their shared home, it doesn’t solve the real problem of the marriage. All Kurusu did was delay her decision until much later after hanging out with all of them. Some Monster Musume Viewers hope that Kurusu will just marry all of them, as she is happy to take care of them and spend time with them.

4 Komi can’t communicate Komi is still trying to get 100 friends?

komi looking over her shoulder komi can't communicate

On komi Cannot Communicate, one of Komi’s goals is to have 100 friends. Season 1 is only 12 episodes long and Komi is nowhere near completing her desired quota of it so far. Komi and Tadano also begin to have romantic feelings for each other. However, the upcoming second season of Komi can’t communicate could help increase the number of friends Komi has. The season 2 trailer also backs this up by introducing new characters, who could help her reach her goal. Some fans are hoping that the second season will also expand on Komi and Tadano’s deepening relationship.

3 Drugstore In Another World ends with no real resolution to any plot point

Pharmacy in another world

pharmacy in another world it ends without addressing hardly any aspect of the main story. The only thing it addresses is how Reiji ends up in the fantasy world.

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Reiji wishes to make his hard and monotonous life easier and ends up in a new world. After discovering that he has perfect medicine and potion skills, he starts running a pharmacy. This leads to the current events of the series. This is the only aspect of the main story that pharmacy in another world addresses. It does nothing to further the development of another person’s character or the main story.

two Blend S ends with Maika and Dino not ending up together yet

On mix S, Maika and Dino develop romantic feelings for each other, but they don’t end up together in the end. Previous episodes foreshadow that they will reunite, so not doing so in the finale disappoints some fans. Instead, the last episode features Maika declaring her (platonic) love for her to all of her co-workers at Café Stile. Some viewers are glad that Blend S it has a happy ending, but others wish there was more depth and substance. Others wish for Maika and Dino to reunite and for the other characters to have more time to shine in an upcoming season.

1 Interviews with Monster Girls has a generic ending with low resolution

Sakie and Tetsuo, interviews with Monster Girls

Monster Girl Interviews features monster girls as students and a fellow teacher at school. Some insight into their lifestyles and how they adjust to living among humans is given, but the ending gives little resolution to the big character arcs. It also doesn’t resolve whether Tetsuo and Sakie will ever date. The previous episodes imply that they have some romantic feelings for each other. Fans are waiting for a second season of Monster Girl Interviews so you can figure out anything that didn’t follow the end of the first season.

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