Batman and Catwoman cosplay recreates cover art as king and queen of Gotham

Batman and Catwoman get an amazing recreation of the DC Comics cover courtesy of the talented cosplayers @FoggyKnight14 and @pixiedust0623

The King and Queen of Gotham strike an incredible pose together in a new cosplay recreation of a recent batman/catwoman comic cover. @FoggyKnight14 (Jake Fogg) and @pixiedust0623 sported their own DC Comics cosplays as they recreated the Jim Lee and Scott Williams cover for Batwoman/Catwoman #7. The look brings the striking image to life as both cosplayers rock their costumes while the image feels straight out of the comics.

batman/catwoman by Tom King, Clay Mann, Liam Sharp, Tomeu Morey and Clayton Cowles tells the story of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle’s relationship across three timelines. The story focused on Batman and Catwoman falling in love, their romance coming into conflict after the arrival of Phantasm, and the future in which they had a happy ending with their daughter, Helena. The latter features the passing of Bruce Wayne as Selina finally ends up taking down the Joker in her old age. DC Comics’ 12-issue Black Label series is still ongoing, but they’ve already had a great cosplay recreating the cover of issue seven by Jim Lee and Scott Williams.


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On his Twitter page, @FoggyKnight14 shared his cosplay recreation of @pixiedust0623 from the Jim Lee and Scott Williams cover of batman/catwoman #7 from DC Comics. The look remakes the striking image, with Batman and Catwoman in a lofty position as rain pours down amidst a thunderstorm. Cosplayers recreate the pose as @FoggyKnight14 wears a costume that resembles Ben Affleck’s suit from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was heavily inspired by Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. Meanwhile, @pixiedust0623 becomes Catwoman in a similar costume, complete with glasses and cat ears similar to those on the DC Comics cover. Just like Selina Kyle in the original image, she is also holding her phone.

The image was collected by @pixelens9, whose photo editing makes it look like the two cosplayers are high above Gotham City. It is a good edition that, at first glance, seems real. The cosplays, the poses, the choice of cover, and the photo editing make it a top-notch cover recreation worthy of a DC Comics cover.

Batman and Catwoman cosplays are fairly common, but both @FoggyKnight14 and @pixiedust0623 immediately stand out from the pact as they chose the perfect DC Comics cover to recreate. Jim Lee and Scott Williams’ cover for batman/catwoman it’s incredibly eye-catching and looks just as good in real life as the fabulous cosplays.

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Source: FoggyKnight14

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