10 Anime Heroes Who Were Ruined Because Of Their Backstories

There are many ways for a backstory to ruin a character. Backstories can reveal characters as unsavory people who spoil in the minds of fans and other characters alike. He can also tear them to pieces by emotionally traumatizing or destroying the character, leaving them a shell of their former selves, or even a villain.

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Whether the character was ruined in the sense that he was no longer powerful, that he was no longer a hero, or that he was ruined for fans, the backstories of these characters were so harsh and illuminating that fans see them differently. different now that they know the truth. .

10 Gaara’s backstory destroyed him as a person in Naruto

nervous gaara from naruto

Gaara’s backstory made him into the monster many of the Hidden Sand villagers believed him to be. His father sealed a demon inside him and killed his mother in the process, keeping him away from everyone and using him as a weapon. When that didn’t work, he tried to kill Gaara for the person Gaara trusted the most.

This destroyed Gaara. He was unable to function in society and became a murderer who antagonized both the villagers in his hometown and people all over the world. Fortunately, he was able to overcome this with the help of Naruto Uzumaki, but he was almost lost forever.

9 In Black Butler, Ciel Phantomhive’s backstory was convoluted

ciel no eyepatch black butler

Ciel Phantomhive had a complicated backstory that didn’t impress all fans, ruining his character experience for many of them. First of all, Ciel was a boy trying to take on a big role by summoning a demon, which seemed strange (although not too strange for the anime).

However, what drew fans in was the reveal that Ciel had an older twin. This brother was the older twin and the true heir to the Phantomhive estate. This plot point was not only confusing, but also felt a bit unbelievable, like many other events in the anime.

8 Dororo’s Hyakkimaru was physically undone by his backstory

Hyakkimaru stabs his brother during a fight

Hyakkimaru’s backstory not only ruined him emotionally but also destroyed his body. Thanks to a deal his father, Lord Daigo, made with a demon, Hyakkimaru was stripped of parts of his body, including his eyes, limbs, and even his skin. Hyakkimaru barely escaped death, and thanks to Jukai, he was able to learn how to fight.

However, Hyakkimaru was left traumatized by this experience. In his quest for revenge against his father and the rest of his family, he immersed himself in an anti-hero/villain category at various points throughout. Dororo.

7 Lucy’s Backstory Was Too Much For Elfen Lied Fans

Nyu looks at nature in Elfen Lied

The main character of Elfen lied, Lucy, was a Diclonius. As a result, she was repeatedly tortured, experimented on, and traumatized. There were many moments in Lucy’s backstory that were vile, shocking, and uncomfortable for many fans. He turned Lucy into someone capable of great violence.

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Lucy’s backstory also ruined both the character and the show for many fans, as there was so much violence, gore, and abuse (not just for Lucy) that the show often felt off-putting or like it was relying on these shocking moments. to take it

6 Neji’s backstory was his undoing in Naruto: Shippuden

Neji Hyuga stands in front of a house and looks outside.

Neji Hyuga was born into the wrong branch of the Hyuga clan, and as a result received a curse mark that guaranteed his status as a subservient member of the family. This, coupled with the death of his father instead of the head of the family after a huge scandal, left Neji a broken person.

There were a lot of frustrating things with Neji’s backstory. First, he turned Neji into a bad person who tried to kill his own cousin during the Chunin Exams. Furthermore, he made his character a product of the world’s corruption.

5 Saitama’s backstory is the big joke in One-Punch Man

Saitama with his arms crossed

Saitama’s backstory in One Punch Man it was hilarious and ridiculous, but every time other characters heard it, they were outraged. Saitama became a hero above all other heroes by doing simple things like performing a hundred sit-ups a day. When fans first learned of this, he was shocking at his subversion of shounen tropes.

It made Saitama look bad, but therein was the joke: a character could become the strongest hero with such a basic backstory and training regimen. He ruined Saitama for the other heroes, but he made it interesting for fans of the show.

4 King’s backstory proves he’s not a hero in One-Punch Man

King One-Punch Man Feature

King is a hero who has no superpowers. He was considered the best hero there was, and because of that, many villains give up before they start when facing King. However, King was a coward who took credit for Saitama’s exploits.

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Whether or not King intended to take credit for any of Saitama’s achievements, King’s backstory had the same effect as Saitama’s. It ruined it for those characters they knew and fans who hated King taking credit for Saitama, but it also made it fun and interesting.

3 Priestess and Goblin Slayer’s backstory felt unnecessary

Priestess of Goblin Slayer

the priestess of goblin slayer experienced a very traumatic event in the first episode of the series when his first group of adventurers was killed and sexually assaulted by goblins. This backstory made many anime viewers uncomfortable.

While some argue that the inclusion of this controversial moment in the character’s backstory was important to his motivations, others argue that similar motivation could have been achieved without this kind of exploitation. Goblin Slayer’s callousness towards the surviving priestess also made him seem less convincing to some.

two Tragedies wouldn’t have happened in Cowboy Bebop if past Spike had acted smarter.

Spike takes one last shot at Cowboy Bebop.

Spike Speigel caused Jet Black, Ein, Radical Edward, and Faye Valentine a lot of trouble for what was an insignificant reason. He had stolen his Syndicate partner’s girlfriend in the past, which was an incredibly terrible idea. Also, he tried to run away from his past, but regularly drew attention to himself.

Spike set all of his problems in motion, and while fans also blame Vicious, Spike had a lot to answer for. Come to think of it, Spike’s backstory makes him seem a little selfish, at least in regards to him dragging Bebop members into things.

1 Tohru Honda’s backstory felt like a convenient way to throw her into the Sohma house.

Tohru Honda is another character whose backstory was tragic but seemed too convenient or unbelievable to convince many fans. It was bad luck that Tohru was orphaned, but no one helped her find a place to live and she was forced to live in a tent.

On top of that, she conveniently met the Sohma family and was randomly invited to live with them. She accepted her offer despite the precariousness of being a young woman alone in a house of relative strangers.

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