Bloody Guts figure will cost Berserk fans an arm and a leg

Prime1Studio is opening pre-orders for its latest premium figure, which sees Berserk’s Guts donning the dangerous and bloody Berserker armor.

A new statue represents crazedGuts in his iconic Berserker armor, but true to the nature of the armor, anyone who wants this figure will have to pay a heavy price.

Prime 1 Studio has opened pre-orders for a new figure of crazedGuts’s tortured hero. The figure features the Black Swordsman with his signature massive sword as he sits on a pile of his fallen enemies. The warrior is depicted within the infamous Berserker armor, which provokes blind rage in the wearer but gives them the strength to slay demons and gods. The figure comes with two sets of heads, the first of which features the armor’s distinctive full helmet, while the other exposes part of Guts’ face, which is depicted with a vicious growl as he gives in to Guts’s pent-up fury. he. The statue also comes with two sets of arms, so fans can choose to display Guts as he sadistically plunges his gigantic sword into the pile of enemies below him, or in a more relaxed state, with the sword slung over his shoulder. When the sword is placed in the final pose, the figure stands an impressive 95 cm/35 inches tall.

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The huge and highly detailed one will set fans back $1,299 USD. As Prime 1 Studio is even more expensive Neon Genesis Evangelion Figure, the Guts statue is being produced in extremely limited numbers, with only 750 having been produced. Interested parties can secure the figure now with a down payment of $129.90 USD. The figure is expected to ship sometime between November 2023 and January 2021.

crazed was created by artist and writer Kentaro Miura in 1989 and tells the story of Guts, a taciturn mercenary known for his strength and fighting prowess, and Griffith, a charismatic and noble military leader who is initially heralded as a potential savior. of the series. ‘brutal, dark fantasy world. The series has received widespread critical acclaim and is regarded as one of the most influential manga series of all time, cited as a direct inspiration for other manga, including Hajime Isayama’s. attack on titanand countless video games, such as Final Fantasy and Dark souls.

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The series came to a sudden end in 2021 following Miura’s unexpected death at age 54 due to aortic dissection. The last chapter Miura worked on was published posthumously in September. Publisher Hakusensha has not ruled out the possibility of the series continuing with a new author, but the issue remains contentious among fans and no official announcements have been made regarding the future of the series since the release of the last chapter.

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