10 Anime That Aren’t As Good As Their Opening

Many anime openings are catchy and fun for viewers to watch. They also provide information about their respective main stories. Some openings may foreshadow future events, while others introduce the main characters. Many also include amazing theme songs and visuals that keep viewers entertained. However, some openings can be misleading. Some openings don’t show important plot details. Examples include diabolical lovers and mix s

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Other anime openings are misleading about certain aspects of their respective series. This includes Hinako’s note, Kiyo in Kyoto, and SIGN! The openings are fun to watch, but they get funnier and more engaging than their actual episodes.

10 Hinako Note’s opening is misleading

Hinako’s Notes opening implies that the girls will perform many plays. However, the actual episodes only feature them performing plays twice. One performance is in the school drama club. The second performance occurs in the Christmas-themed episode. This takes place in the cafe where Hinako and the others work. The rest of the episodes have the girls sharing typical scenes of life. It includes the girls coming together and helping each other with their problems. Viewers hope so Hinako’s Note has another season, there is an emphasis on preparing more performances.

9 Girlfriend, Girlfriend’s Opening is the least confusing part of the series

Naoya, Nagisa and Saki gather around the phone.

praise from viewers bride, bride Opening for having catchy images and theme music. It’s also the least confusing part of the entire series. Naoya, Saki, and Nagisa’s antics confused some viewers as they navigated their polyamorous relationship. Relying on constant misunderstandings for humor also makes the main story confusing. Fans are hoping that a second season will focus more on the main characters developing their relationship and that there will be fewer misunderstandings.

8 Blend S Opening Promises More Group Antics Than It Delivers

Blend S it appears to be primarily focused on the cast bonding with each other. The many group activities featured in the opening emphasize more ensemble scenes. However, the second half of the series focuses on Maika and Dino’s developing relationship. The rest of the co-workers receive less attention in comparison.

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this annoys some Blend S viewers as they expected to see more antics of everyday life. Maika’s slanted eyes usually make her seem more sadistic than she intends. Some episodes use Maika’s eyes well for humor, but other episodes forget to use this aspect.

7 The opening of Kiyo In Kyoto is faster than the actual episodes

Kiyo In Kyoto Sumire Pork Cutlet Sandwiches

Kiyo in Kyoto it is a slow-paced anime, but its opening is more upbeat than the actual episodes. The opening has Kiyo going places, while Sumire walks more calmly. It also has cheerful and lively background music. The actual episodes have slower music and pace in the main story. However, the opening highlights the different lifestyles of both girls well. Kiyo works as a cook for the maiko house and prepares delicious dishes. Meanwhile, Sumire continues training and eventually works as a maiko.

6 This art club has a problem! It has a funnier opening than its episodes

this art club has a problem

This art club has a problem! it has a fun and engaging opening sequence. It shows all the characters in a peculiar light and highlights their different personalities. The humor of the actual episodes is more unpredictable. This is because it depends on the characters involved and the pace of the main story. The main story is also slow, which prevents the characters from developing until the second half of the series. The opening also does not show that the main heroine is in love with the main hero, but the episodes hint that they have a developing relationship.

5 The opening of CUE! she is more attractive than most of her episodes

SIGN!  voice acting cast

WOW! The first season is 26 episodes long, but its opening is more engaging than most episodes. WOW! The opening is upbeat and makes it seem like all the girls will get the same attention. Instead, the girl groups take rotating turns to be in the spotlight based on the events of the main story that are featured in each episode.

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Due to this format, the stories of some groups are neglected in favor of others. Some SIGN! fans argue that there are many characters, so it makes sense that each group takes turns in the spotlight while others ask for more balance.

4 The opening of Lucky Star is one of its most memorable aspects

Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, and Tsukasa in their New Year's kimono

lucky star it has an engaging and energetic opening, but bears little relation to the actual episodes. The episodes themselves are confusing to many fans. However, the episodes are just as fun as the opening even if they don’t have a clear story to work with. The opening shows the characters getting along and going through wild antics, but does little else to highlight anything else the group does together. Some lucky star viewers were surprised to see that the content of the episodes was very different from what the opening implies.

3 The opening of the battle game in 5 seconds is the least confusing part of the series

Yūri Amagake Battle Game in 5 Seconds

Battle game in 5 seconds it has a raunchy and hardcore opening with metal music. It also introduces each of the main characters and emphasizes Mion manipulating them in the shadows. However, the opening contrasts with the content of each episode. Mion still controls everyone and manipulates events behind the scenes, but the rest of the characters are much more active.

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These characters are active in the main story through Mion, forcing them to fight each other. However, the opening does not highlight Akira Shiroyanagi as the main character of Battle game in 5 seconds. He has more prominence than anyone else, giving little development to the other characters.

two Himouto! Umaru-Chan’s opening makes viewers think that Umaru is the main character

Umaru-chan sleeping over breakfast at Himouto!  Umaru-chan

Himouto! by Umaru-chan The opening makes viewers expect the main character to be Umaru Doma, but the main story follows Taihei Doma, her older brother. Taihei caters to Umaru’s selfish whims when he is home, such as buying him all the food and things he wants or doing all the housework for her. Some viewers found Himouto! Umaru-chan less amused after sympathizing with Taihei. Taihei often deals with her sister’s antics while she gets away with her selfish behavior.

1 Diabolik Lovers opening is extremely funny out of context

Yui Komori looking worried in Diabolik Lovers

diabolical lovers’ The opening has an avant-garde tone in its opening music. It features the main heroine and all of the love interests, but does not reflect that all of the vampire love interests harass or harm the heroine, Yui. the opening of diabolical lovers It also doesn’t show Yui trying to research her past origins, something she spends a lot of time doing throughout the series. Some viewers who were unaware of the content of the episodes mistook it for a supernatural romance anime, but the actual episodes have the characters harming and scaring the heroine.

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