My Hero Academia Cosplay Proves Lady Nagant Is MHA’s Best New Hero

Lady Nagant is one of the most beloved characters in My Hero Academia, and this Stardust cosplay is the perfect tribute to her tragic story.

Kaina Tsutsumi (hero’s name) mrs nagant) is one of the most recent characters to make his debut in the hit manga my hero academia, and immediately left a huge impression on fans. The cosplayer Stardust ( on Instagram) gave a perfect interpretation of Lady Nagant, accompanying her with a very personal and sincere message.

Lady Nagant is one of the main antagonists in the Tartarus Escapees Arc. She was hired by the villainous All for One to track down and capture Izuku Midoriya (Deku) during the time he was on his lonely quest to capture all the escapees from Tartarus prison. Kaina is, in fact, a former professional hero. As a highly talented young woman, she was hired by the Hero Public Safety Commission to secretly get rid of troublesome villains and heroes who were abusing her power. The Commission took advantage of her (Rifle of her) quirk and her unparalleled sniper skills, but also of young Kaina’s optimism and sense of justice. After many years of non-stop murder, Lady Nagant broke out and killed the Chairman of the Commission, ending up in Tartarus, where All for One found her.


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As a professional assassin with an incredibly dangerous quirk and many years of experience, Lady Nagant was one of the toughest opponents Deku ever faced, and he had to make good use of all the powers granted by his One for All quirk to defeat her. . The confrontation between the two is not just physical: Izuku manages to break through Kaina’s disillusionment with hero society, which she sees as based on lies and hypocrisy. However, just as she is about to switch to the heroes’ side, Lady Nagant is killed by an explosion, as All For One had placed a self-destruct Quirk within her in case she failed her mission or tried to kill her. turn against him. Despite her short tenure in the manga, Kaina’s tragic backstory managed to leave a lasting impression on fans, as evidenced by Stardut’s amazing cosplay.

In addition to the great attention to detail in the costume, this cosplay managed to perfectly reproduce Lady Nagant’s quirk that allows her entire arm to be turned into a sniper rifle. The building in the back of the photo is also a good reference to the location of Lady Nagant and Deku’s fight. What leaves the strongest impression, however, is the message Stardust leaves behind. She praises Lady Nagant and cites her as another strong female character that Kohei Horikoshi created for her manga. The best cosplays are always the result of some sort of connection between the cosplayer and the character portrayed, and this is obviously the case.

To Stardust, as well as many other fans, my hero academia means much more than just manga or anime as they find solace and hope in this form of entertainment.

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