10 Anime Villains Who Provided Comic Relief

Villains in anime are there to strike fear into the hearts of viewers. They are dangerous, powerful, and will often go to great lengths to get in the way of the heroes and ensure that they cannot complete their lofty goal. The villains usually take themselves very seriously, and it usually makes the confrontation scenes that much more tense.

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However, some villains provide audiences with more than just fear because they can also be some of the funniest characters on the show, intentionally or not. There are times when the villains just have that natural charisma and comedic timing that draws viewers in, while other times the absurdity of the characters can be quite funny.

10 Hisoka Morrow, hunter x hunter

Hisoka making a face, Hunter X Hunter

While Hisoka’s clown-like appearance may convince most who haven’t seen hunter x hunter that he’s a humorous character, he’s usually anything but. As one of Gon Freeccs’ earliest realizations of how horrible the world can be, Hisoka is a terrifying opponent who isn’t afraid to spill blood.

Fortunately, he also seems to have a dry, twisted sense of humor. She comes out the most when she’s with Illumi Zoldyck, whom Hisoka really enjoys teasing, but she also comes out unexpectedly in scenes like her nude shower on Greed Island. Hisoka never takes himself that seriously, despite what earlier scenes of him might suggest.

9 Mahito, Jujutsu Kaisen

Mahito smiling on pink background, Jujutsu Kaisen

As one of the most despised villains of jujutsu kaisenIt seems strange to say that Mahito offers viewers anything but dread, especially after the brutal and unexpected way he murdered Junpei in front of the protagonist, Itadori.

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But Mahito is weird. It’s weird, creepy, and disturbing to the point where it becomes weirdly funny. Despite his disregard for human life, he has the maturity of a young child and is prone to childlike behavior that becomes even funnier when surrounded by such serious scenes.

8 Teruki Hanazawa, Mob Psycho 100

Teruki with his tall wig, Mob Psycho 100

Although Teruki takes himself very seriously, it is difficult for any Mob Psycho 100 fans to do the same. Despite being friends with Mob now, Teruki was originally introduced to the series as a villain, being the shadowy leader of Black Vinegar Middle School.

Not only was Teruki’s overestimation of his abilities hilarious in its own right, the subsequent telekinesis nudity, wearing of ridiculous wigs, and his general demeanor all had a part in making him a brilliant piece of comic relief.

7 Greed, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood_ Greed

Greed was one of Father’s Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood but when the public sees it, it has essentially turned its back on its creator, hoping to break through. This path involves a lot of villainy and illegal behavior and ultimately culminates in Greed possessing Ling’s body.

However, all it does is create one of the best comedy duos in anime, coupled with Greed’s pre-existing habit of cracking jokes in the middle of battle and being generally sarcastic. Both Greed himself and his dynamic with Ling add a lot of fun moments to Fraternity which adds to the experience.

6 Shuu Tsukiyama, Tokyo Ghoul

Tsukiyama smells Kaneki's blood.

Tsukiyama was known as The Gourmet in terror in tokyo, which means he is a ghoul known for wanting to curate his food and make sure it is of the best quality and flavor. That’s not usually a problem, but unfortunately for humans, they’re the dish of the century when it comes to ghouls, and Tsukiyama is no exception.

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Tsukiyama is also one of the most outgoing and quirky characters in anime and has made some of his craziest scenes much funnier than they should be. Even the first hint of his strange behavior, when he smells Kaneki’s bloody napkin, makes some viewers laugh at his awkwardness.

5 team rocket pokemon

team rocket pokemon anime

Team Rocket causes a lot of unnecessary trouble for Ash and company in Pokemon, but thankfully it tends to always end in disaster, with Team Rocket’s infamous line being uttered whenever their plans go awry. It’s hard to see Jessie and James as true villains, but technically that’s what they are.

The pair excel at a wide range of comedy, including slapstick, dry humor, and sight gags. Sometimes viewers can find it hilarious when one of them gets a ridiculous injury, while other times a sarcastic comment from Jessie gets so many laughs. It’s no surprise that the pair have gained so much infamy on the series over the years, and they’re sorely missed when they’re not around.

4 Tohru Oikawa, Haikyuu!!

Oikawa making a stupid face at Kageyama, Haikyuu!!

Pretty boy Oikawa is the villain of the volleyball anime. Haikyuu!! much like a character could be a villain in a volleyball anime. He wastes no time in tormenting the leads Hinata and Kageyama, with him and Kageyama having a personal history that makes his comments that much more scathing.

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Despite his respected reputation in volleyball, Oikawa is a stuck-up nuisance prone to pettiness and childishness. She loves calling his beloved friend and teammate Iwaizumi “Iwa-chan” while at the same time being terrified of him, making some unbelievable faces and leaning into his tendency to overdramatize even the slightest awkwardness. If viewers need a good laugh, they can count on a hilarious complication from Oikawa on YouTube to give them just that.

3 Ryuk, death note

One of the best examples of a well-done embossed comic character in a very dark anime is Ryuk in Death Note, whose love of apples convinced a generation of young anime fans to like them too. Ryuk originally drops the Death Note because he’s bored, so it’s no surprise that his nonchalant attitude continues even after Light picks it up.

From nonchalantly asking Light if he wants to play video games (specifically mario-golf in the manga), to doing handstands and contorting his body when he can’t get apples, Ryuk is the much-needed joy in Death Note despite being the catalyst that triggered all the events.

two In, Dorehedoro

On Cradling Kikurage in Dorehedoro

Most of the characters in Dorehedoro get intimidating introductions that precede a bunch of goofy behavior that makes it hard to tell who the enemy is, and En follows this trend perfectly. Regarded as one of the strongest magic users in the world, En is feared in the kingdom of him.

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When he acquires Kikurage after turning his previous owner into mushrooms, En’s humorous side begins to shine through. She has an almost contagious love for the animal and tends to put her needs and wants above everything else, which results in some interesting scenes.

1 Crablante (and many others), One-Punch Man

Almost every One Punch Man the villain is hilarious in his own right, even Boros, who is incredibly dangerous to the average human but somewhat hilarious when he’s still killed by one of Saitama’s punches after his multiple monologues. However, Crablante, during his brief screen time, gets a lot of laughs for an important reason.

He’s a giant crab, yes, but he’s a giant crab because he was once a man who ate too much crab. It’s all so ridiculous, even in an anime full of the unbelievable, that it’s almost impossible not to laugh, even if Crablante’s only goal is to kill a boy (but only because the boy drew nipples on him with permanent marker, of course). .

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