10 Anime Characters Yuta Okkotsu From Jujutsu Kaisen Would Be Friends With

As the protagonist of jujutsu kaisen prequel, Yuta Okkotsu set the stage for the rest of the series. His return to the series was inevitable and fans welcomed Yuta’s return with open arms.

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Growing up disconnected from his peers due to being chased by Rika, Yuta’s goal in the prequel was to feel confident enough to say that he deserves to be alive. However, he was always a kind person. Yuta used to be easily intimidated by others, but he has learned to make meaningful connections. He would easily make friends with many types of characters in anime if he had the chance.

10 Yuta would be a good influence on Takemichi Hanagaki

Takemichi is known as the crying hero

Although viewers are divided in their opinion of Takemichi Hanagaki from tokyo avengers, he and Yuta have similar personalities. While Takemichi is undoubtedly more emotionally expressive, he has undergone impressive character growth throughout the series.

Initially, he lost his way in life and lacked self-esteem. Eventually, Takemichi gained something resembling a backbone and discarded cowardice from him. Since Yuta has become more outgoing in the later chapters of the manga, there is no doubt that he and Takemichi would be friends. Since Yuta was never as cowardly as Takemichi, he would be a good influence on the crying hero.

9 Yuta and Mikasa would make a pretty intimidating team.

Given Yuta’s immeasurable cursed energy and Mikasa’s impressive fighting skills, they would make an exceptional duo. All Cursed Spirits and nearby Titans should fear these two.

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When he first appeared, Yuta was afraid of his own shadow. However, in later chapters, he became a fighter with a lot of conviction to back him up. Yuta has also become capable of putting on the facade of a stoic and ruthless killer when he needs it. Given these qualities, Mikasa and Yuta would make a pretty intimidating team for whoever their opponent is. Also, they would respect the strengths and abilities of others. Yuta’s warmer personality would also balance out Mikasa’s rather deadpan demeanor.

8 Yuta might bring Kenma out of his shell a bit.

Kenma on a train in Haikyuu!

Since Yuta grew up quite shy, he would be able to empathize with Kenma from Haikyuu!. While training abroad, Yuta became quite outgoing and is much more sociable than he was during Jujutsu Kaisen 0. Even before gaining more confidence, Yuta was always an inherently friendly person.

Since Kenma is a bit deadpan and very reserved, Yuta might be able to get him to open up a bit. Since Yuta is not as outgoing as Shoyo, he would not catch Kenma off guard or overwhelm him. Yuta and Kenma would surely become good friends.

7 Yuta and Izuku would respect each other

Although their backgrounds are different, Izuku from my hero academia surely he would become friends with Yuta. After knowing each other’s background and all the trials the other faced, there’s no doubt that the two would have a lot of respect for each other.

Izuku rose up and beat all the odds against him after gaining a quirk, despite being told he would never be a hero. On the other hand, Yuta learned how to exorcise the curse that haunted him for years after months of continuous training. Although they didn’t come from exactly the same circumstances, they would understand what the other went through. No doubt Yuta and Izuku would become good friends and keep in touch after meeting.

6 Yuta would get along with Izumi Miyamura.

Horimiya Miyamura cut her hair

Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya has a similar personality to Yuta. They would have a lot in common and would empathize with each other due to their pasts of bullying and loneliness. Despite her shyness, Izumi has a laid-back attitude and a good sense of humor.

After training in Africa, Yuta came out of his shell a bit, and even Satoru was surprised to see him crack jokes like an average teenager. Although Izumi would know next to nothing about the cursed energy, he and Yuta would be very good friends due to how their personalities complement each other.

5 Yuta and Tanjiro would make a strong duo if they teamed up

Yuta would certainly make friends with demon slayer Tanjirou Kamado. Since they’re both fighting some iteration of supernatural monsters, they’d make a pretty good team. Between Yuta’s impressive abilities with cursed energy and Tanjiro’s Flame Breathing, all the demons and cursed spirits facing them would not stand a chance.

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Also, their personalities would synergize well. They are equally persistent and would respect the amount of intense training each endured to build their strength. Since Yuta and Tanjiro are super friendly, they would hit it off instantly.

4 Yuta and Tetsuya would become good friends

Despite Tetsuya’s lack of presence in kuroko’s basketball, has proven to be a loyal friend and a reliable teammate. He and Yuta would be on the same wavelength. Since Yuta is naturally friendly, he would get along with Tetsuya despite her deadpan attitude.

Tetsuya might remind Yuta a bit of Toge Inumaki. Yuta might find Tetsuya’s calm demeanor and tendency to disappear an unpleasant moment at first, but would surely warm up to his personality. Without a doubt, Yuta would support Seirin to win every championship tournament.

3 Yuta and Ken Kaneki actually have a lot in common.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

At least at the beginning of terror in tokyoYuta would have been very good friends with Kaneki. Before the torture occurred, Kaneki’s personality was quite similar to Yuta’s at the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen 0. They were both shy and chose to isolate themselves so as not to hurt others. They were both targets of bullying, so they were pretty much alone.

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They are also affected by the supernatural: Yuta with Rika and Kaneki being half ghoul. Both of them were also determined to become stronger. Yuta trained under Maki, while Kaneki tirelessly studied martial arts. Ultimately, they both wanted to protect those closest to them. The two of them would understand each other and be able to empathize with each other, and would no doubt become good friends.

two Yuta and Giorno have an unshakable determination

Yuta and Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind they both have unwavering determination. Despite the odds stacked against them, they have always persevered. Yuta grew up only because Rika afflicted him, while Giorno grew up in an abusive home.

They would be able to empathize with each other’s backgrounds, and both would respect each other’s ultimate goal. While Yuta wants to become a sorcerer strong enough to keep others out of harm’s way, Giorno’s goal of becoming a gang star stems from his desire to stop the spread of drugs and ultimately help. To the general public. The two would agree on various moral and philosophical issues and become close friends.

1 Atsushi and Yuta are on the same wavelength

Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs smiling

Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs he actually has a lot in common with Yuta, and they would certainly see a lot of themselves in each other. Due to his ability to turn into a tiger, Atsushi was misunderstood and ostracized at his orphanage until he was kicked out. Atsushi didn’t even know that he was turning into a tiger when he came that night, so he was paralyzed by his overwhelming guilt and didn’t know how to deal with his own ability.

It’s a very similar situation to what Yuta faced since Rika chased after him. For a time, he even preferred to isolate himself so as not to hurt anyone. Just as Yuta assured Yuji that Sukuna’s actions were not his fault, these two would assure each other that the actions of their supernatural afflictions do not define them. Fortunately, they both grew stronger and learned to harness these supernatural forces to their advantage. They would understand each other on a deeper level due to their similar backgrounds.

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