10 Animes Where The Characters Never Change Clothes

Costumes are one of the most iconic parts of anime character design. The right uniform or armor can turn any character into an icon overnight, especially when they introduce a new look just in time for a pivotal moment.

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However, this is not the case in this anime, where everyone rarely, if ever, changes their clothes. This isn’t a bad thing, as some of these characters have an understandable reason for their limited wardrobes, or it’s part of the story.

10 Black Lagoon: everyone dresses up as action movie characters

The Lagoon Company hangs out at the Black Lagoon

Black LagoonThe cast of could best be summed up as a collection of archetypes from all walks of action fiction, and they make sure viewers know it. Whether it’s former salaryman Rock or his war veteran boss Dutch, everyone in Roanapur looks like something out of a different action movie and never bothered to change clothes afterward.

Notably, only Revy, Roberta, and Balalaika had major changes the only time, and these were during pivotal moments. For example, Revy temporarily wore winter clothing during her and Rock’s life-changing trip to Japan. Meanwhile, Roberta and Balalaika (as well as Hotel Moscow) ditched their signature outfits for tactical gear during Roberta’s blood trail.

9 Cowboy Bebop: Only Faye Valentine changed clothes more than once

The Bebop Crew lines up at Cowboy Bebop

Bebop’s team has very distinct outfits and styles that are instantly iconic, but rarely change due to the simple fact that they are too broke to have more than one set of clothes and one spacesuit. Spike or Jet aren’t saying it word for word, but given everyone’s money problems, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume this.

The only one who occasionally changed clothes was Faye, and she usually only did so when she was chasing a bounty or if she was in a flashback. After finishing the job, Faye returned to wearing her characteristic yellow ensemble. The same applies to cowboy bebopThe few recurring characters of Vicious and Julia, who were rarely seen without their dark suits.

8 Inuyasha — Kagome Higurashi and her friends rarely change clothes

Kagome hangs out with friends in Inuyasha

When Kagome first fell into the Pit of the Bone Eater and landed in a feudal Japan where fantasy and magic were real, she did so while still wearing her school uniform. However, from then on, this was all Kagome wore whenever he went on an adventure with Inuyasha and the rest of his group. This lack of variety applies to everyone in anime as well.

The number of times Kagome wore something other than her uniform could be counted on the fingers of one hand, while everyone else was rarely seen outside of their default outfits. Kagome changed her clothes in the sequel. Yashahime: half demon princess, but it was only on Kikyo’s kimono. Meanwhile, everyone else kept the same outfit of Inuyasha.

7 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Joestar Bloodline and others had little need for variety

Bruno leads the gang in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind

In addition to cool Stands and fights, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure he is famous among anime fans for his impeccable fashion sense. Early (especially in ghost blood and Battle tendency), the Joestars and everyone else were constantly changing clothes. This stopped at stardust crusaders and everything after, but this was not a bad thing.

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The Stardust Crusaders, Josuke and his friends, Giorno’s gang, Jolyne’s gang, and all of their allies and enemies had distinct outfits that they kept from the beginning to the end of their respective seasons. Jotaro, now a recurring Joestar, got a new outfit per season, but was never seen wearing anything else during his last appearance.

6 Honda-San skull-faced bookseller: bookstore staff are rarely seen outside of work

Honda endures another day at Skull Face San Honda Library

Skull-Face Honda-San Bookcase it takes place primarily in a bookstore, and as such, Honda and his co-workers are hardly ever seen wearing anything other than their uniforms. The only one who actually changes clothes is Honda himself, but his casual attire still shares the same blue and white color code as his bookstore uniform.

Since everyone in the bookstore wears the same standard uniform, the only real way to tell them apart is through their different headdresses or facial designs. As stated in the title, Honda is basically a talking skeleton. His co-workers include Kamibukuro (who wears a paper bag on his head), Pest Mask (who wears a plague mask), and more.

5 Cells at work! — The cells are inseparable from their uniforms

Red blood cells review their map in Cells at Work

Since the characters of Cells at work! everyone lives and works inside a human body, it is not an exaggeration to say that they were literally born to and in their jobs. With that in mind, their outfits were basically assigned at birth, with little variety. The red blood cells wore red clothes, the white blood cells had white overalls, and so on.

While the red blood cells and white blood cells from the main anime were shown wearing preschool uniforms in their youth, they still followed the same color coordination they would wear as adults. The moment they began to work on the body, all the cells adhered to the same outfit, whether they were working or on a break.

4 Drifters – Drifters looked the same in Death & Resurrection

Shimazu leads his fellow samurai in Drifters

After dying in combat, the historical legends who would be referred to as “Drifters” and “Ends” found themselves in a fantasy world where they were forced to fight again. Given how abrupt and fast things went for them, the Drifters didn’t have time to change out of the clothes they died in. That said, it’s not like they care.

This limited fashion sense applied not only to the Drifters and Ends, but also to the Octobrists who are in charge of the anime version of Purgatory. Regardless of the situation, the Octobrists always wore pristine white attire. The only ones who changed after death were the ends, who were reborn with supernatural powers.

3 Dr. Stone — The survivors have no choice but to wear a set of clothes

Senku hangs out with the villagers in Doctor Stone.

dr stone it may have opened in present-day Japan, but its history really began almost three thousand years later. After a mysterious phenomenon petrified the human race, the few survivors emerged from their stony state into a world that has since been reclaimed by nature. Due to the amount of time that passed, their clothes rotted away and they resurfaced naked.

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As such, everyone from Senku to the residents of Ishigami Village made new clothes, and this was all they had. The only time they changed their clothes was during the winter, but even their cold clothes looked like their original ones. However, the upcoming third season will change things up by having Senku and company dress up as pirates for their naval voyage.

two Steins;Gate – Everyone got stuck in a time loop

After self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe accidentally turns his microwave oven into a time machine, he finds himself reliving the same days over and over again. Because he was trapped in this seemingly endless loop, he rarely saw the people in his life wearing anything that was different from what he last saw them.

The only ones who changed their clothes during the time turns were Akiha and Ruka, since they were fashionable to begin with. That said, the only time jugs; doorThe cast of ‘s changed clothes was in the gloomy spin-off Steins;Gate 0. In this dark timeline, Okabe and everyone gave up, their more fatalistic mindset reflected in their less vibrant outfits.

1 Gintama: The creators of the show were too lazy to invent new outfits

The Odd Jobbers enjoy the scenery in Gintama

Given its sitcom nature, everyone in gintama he donned an extravagant costume at least once. But when the skit ended, everyone from the Odd Jobbers to the Shinsengumi reverted to their default outfit for the rest of the episode and, in some cases, the season. There is no big reason for this, as the creators of the anime just didn’t feel like coming up with new costumes.

During a “Ginpachi-Sensei” segment, Gintoki responded to a fan letter about the cast’s lack of variety in costumes. In-universe, Gintoki has four sets of the same outfit, and it could be inferred that this applies to everyone else as well. Actually, Gintoki said that the animators found it too tiring to create new outfits, so they didn’t even bother.

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