10 Best Anime Chefs, Ranked

Many anime fans have been talking recently about the rumors of an upcoming anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon, a manga whose characters descend into a dungeon to find increasingly rare monsters to kill and cook. As viewers wait to see if there really will be a new cooking anime to fill the void. Food Wars! left when it ended in 2020, your hunger can be sated by looking back at some of the best chefs in anime.

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Whether they are professional chefs, like Soma Yukihira in Food Wars! or just extremely accomplished casual cooks, like Brock in Pokemon, their food is delicious enough to delight even the pickiest of eaters.

10 Menchi (Hunter X Hunter)

Menchi wields three long knives in Hunter x Hunter.

Every Hunter, by definition, must always be on the lookout for something, whether it be precious jewelry, historical artifacts, or even people. Menchi is a gourmet hunter, who dedicates her life to finding the rarest and most exquisite ingredients in the world, to the point of risking her life just for a perfect taste.

In the episode “A x Surprising x Challenge”, as examiners for the Hunter exam, Menchi and her partner, Buhara, order the participants to do what they do: risk death to retrieve a rare egg and then cook it. satisfaction. Although she is not seen cooking herself on screen, her qualifications speak for themselves.

9 Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

A smiling Rin Okumura holds a box on one shoulder and lets Ukobach ride on the other in Blue Exorcist.

Aside from being a powerful exorcist with one of the best swords in anime, Rin Okumura is a phenomenal cook. His adoptive father taught him when he was a child, and while he may slack off in other areas, he takes cooking 100 percent seriously. Every step of every recipe is completed to a technically perfect level.

However, Rin’s cooking is just something she likes to do in her spare time. Exorcism is his full-time career, and unlike the rest of Rin, there’s nothing superpowered or supernatural about his food. But he delights his friends when he shares it with them, and that’s more than enough for him.


8 Brock (Pokémon)

Brock from Pokemon holding a frying pan above his head

Though Brock ended up as the main trio’s team cook mainly because he’s the only one of them who knows how to do it. cooking, that doesn’t diminish her talents in the least. She got a crash course in culinary arts by cooking for her nine younger siblings when her parents abandoned them.

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A prominent example of his abilities is found in the episode “Leave It to Brocko!” when, as part of his efforts to retrieve Team Rocket’s stolen Pokémon, he cooks the villains a meal to distract them. The three of them find it so tasty that they don’t notice when Brock successfully rescues Nuzleaf and Bonsly. In addition to human food, Brock can also make top-tier Pokémon food.

7 Kazuma Azuma (Yakitate!! Japan)

Kazuma in Yakitate!  Japan stretching a roll of bread dough

Unlike other countries, Japan does not have a distinctive type of bread, and this is something that the prodigious baker Kazuma simply cannot accept. He dedicates his entire career to creating a bread perfect and unique enough to represent his entire nation on the world stage, in one of the best food related anime.

With the passion of any shounen fighter, Kazuma battles his way through various world baking tournaments and never gives up on his goal of creating the perfect thing. His various bread recipes have the power to physically transform people, turn back time and alter the future, and even send those who eat them straight to heaven.

6 Agni (black butler)

Close-up of Agni in Black Butler

While Sebastian and Claude are technically perfect chefs, their impeccable skills stem from demonic nature that allows them to do everything perfectly. For a chef with talent, a lifetime of training, and an intense love for the food he cooks, look no further than Agni, who is known as “the hand of God” for the way his touch can make a meal is perfect.

In the episode “Your Supremely Talented Butler”, he and Sebastian have a kitchen duel in which the contestants must try to make the perfect curry. Agni proves to be a formidable opponent even for an ancient demon, with the audience at the curry festival in awe of his ability.

5 Kirio Hikifune (bleach)

Kirio Hikifune in his skinny and fat forms in Bleach, carrying his giant spoon.

A member of Squad Zero, Hikifune’s culinary skill is unmatched, making her a useful ally, a fearsome enemy, and one of the characters. Bleach fans can look forward to in the Thousand-Year Blood War movie. The food he cooks can greatly increase a soul’s physical and spiritual power, and Ichigo and Renji declare that it is the best they have ever eaten.

Even better, unlike the swords wielded by many of his compatriots, Hikifune’s zanpakuto takes the form of a gigantic spoon. This spoon can produce tree-like constructs that devour any Reishi they can find. All of Hikifune’s abilities really support her creed that “to control food is to control life”, and she cooks her food in the service of flourishing life.

4 Komatsu (Toriko)

Toriko and Komatsu celebrating in Toriko

One of the anime characters who could beat All Might, the eponymous Toriko is a Gourmet Hunter, who travels and uses his extremely keen senses to track down the world’s finest ingredients. Naturally, he is good friends with Five Star Chef Komatsu, who can turn those ingredients into truly gourmet meals.

Komatsu’s cooking skills steadily increase as he travels with Toriko, becoming bold enough to brave even more fearsome creatures for ingredients. He is capable of greatly improving existing recipes, such as Century Soup and Medicinal Mochi, increasing his (and Toriko’s) power immensely.

3 Soma Yukihira (Food Wars!)

Soma wears a white headband in Food Wars.

The top student of the elite and intensely competitive Tootsuki Academy has a definite place among the best chefs in the world. With a family dining background and fiercely proud of it, Soma clashes with his schoolmates and learns from them in his quest to become his father’s successor.

Just a taste of their Fragrance Free Fried Rice, one of the wildest dishes ever cooked in Food Wars! not only does it cause an explosive reaction in an entire arena, but it satisfies Mana Nakiri’s God Tongue. Mana’s condition of only being able to tolerate impeccable food made her unable to eat anything for years.

two Antonio Trussardi (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Antonio Trussardi smiling with his food in the background in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

When people enter Trattoria Trussardi to eat, they leave not only with a full stomach but with their whole body purified. Trussardi’s Stand, Pearl Jam, imbues his food with the power to cure any ailment in the eater’s body. As long as he knows what’s wrong and has the right ingredients (for example, rare diseases require rare ingredients), Tonio can make a meal to fix it.

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In the episode “Let’s Go Eat Some Italian Food”, Josuke and Okuyasu investigate his restaurant thinking he’s up to no good. But they soon discover that Tonio is the real deal, and the proud chef proves it by cooking them their signature meals. Okuyasu howls with delight at both the delicious taste and his own newly restored health.

1 Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece)

one piece sanji

Introduced by mindlessly beating Fullbody for daring to waste food in front of him, the Straw Hat Pirates’ team chef values ​​good food more than anything else. He was raised by the cooks of the floating restaurant, Baratie, and his dream is to find the All Blue, an area of ​​the sea full of rare fish waiting to be caught and cooked into seafood delicacies.

In the Whole Cake Island arc, Sanji proves that he can literally cook any dish imaginable. When Big Mom is distraught that she never tried Streusen’s wedding cake, Sanji must bake a replacement based solely on his high expectations of its quality, not the actual taste of the cake. Using his superhuman sense of smell, Sanji is able to choose all the secret ingredients and replicate the cake, which is delicious enough to knock Big Mom down and finally calm her anger.

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