The ending of the wolf rain, explained

When wolf rain issued in Cartoon Network Adult Swim block in 2004, it was a hit with anime fans. The series follows four wolves in human form and a Moonflower Maiden as they journey to the ends of the Earth to find Paradise before the world ends. Many who grew up watching it remember it fondly and talk about how it changed them as people, and for good reason. The series had strong themes of hope, friendship, and desire; many consider this anime a work of art. However, as good as this series was, many fans were left stumped by how it ended.

the end to wolf rain seems to be left largely to interpretation. None of the final destinations of the main characters are clear and the final scene doesn’t seem to line up with anything that happened before. Even fans who have watched the anime multiple times are not sure what to make of its ending. While the ending may be confusing at first, there is meaning to be found in it, but it requires a good understanding of everything leading up to it.

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Kiba from Wolf's Rain

For starters, here’s what happens in the anime’s 30th and final episode, “WOLF’S RAIN.” In the quest for Paradise, most of the characters were tragically killed off, leaving only a handful of the main cast. At a lake that represents the entrance to Paradise, only Kiba, the leader of the pack, and Cheza, the Flower Maiden, were left to prevent Darcia, a human who had taken the form of a wolf, from entering Paradise. However, Paradise rejected the impostor wolf and reduced it to just his left eye, the only part of him that was truly a wolf. Unfortunately, Cheza also met her fate and Kiba, dying from his injuries, sank into the lake. While this was happening, the world was transformed into one full of Lunar Flowers, although Darcia’s eye contaminated one of them.

The last scene of the series took place in a rainy modern city, not unlike the one featured in the anime’s opening. He also had a human Kiba walking alongside human versions of the rest of his pack. However, unlike the opening, Cheza did not appear; instead, a single Moonflower was seen blooming in an alleyway. With this, Kiba started running and the anime ended. It’s not necessarily easy or happy, but it’s an ending nonetheless.

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The ending of Wolf’s Rain is somewhat vague, but that is how it has been interpreted. In the first place, everyone died, including Kiba. He may have glimpsed Paradise before the end, but in fact he succumbed and passed away. This is sad, but it’s okay because everyone is reincarnated.

Speaking of reincarnation, the world is also reborn. The beautiful scenery may be the Paradise that the wolves were looking for. It is a purified world free from sin. He may not have Kiba in his friends like he expected, but at least it’s a new start.

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Unfortunately, the new world does not remain pure for long. Darcia’s eye polluting the flower represents the reintroduction of evil into the world. Thus, when the wolves are reborn in the world, it is again a dark and gloomy place, as represented by the rainy city. It is almost as if nothing has changed and history is doomed to repeat itself.

However, there is a definite difference between this new world and the old. In the old world, the Moonflower was virtually extinct, which was why Cheza, an artificial Moonflower, needed to be made in the first place. The new world, however, still has Lunar Flowers growing naturally, so Kiba and his friends can find it and reach Paradise for real.

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As for why Kiba was running, it’s still a bit vague. It is possible that while he was reborn in the new world, the reincarnation of him retained his memories of the old world. If that’s the case, then it’s possible that seeing his old pack again gives her hope that things can change. Therefore, he is running towards a new future, one in which he and his friends can finally reach Paradise.

These are the most accepted interpretations of the ending. They make a lot of sense and tie in so well with the show’s themes of hope and friendship. This still leaves the ending ambiguous, but at least it gives fans a chance to believe that everything will eventually work out for their favorite wolf pack.

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