10 Best High School Anime Perfect For New Viewers

The world of Japanese anime is huge and diverse, with anime seemingly covering every literary genre and subgenre a new fan could ask for. In this world of animation, there is something for everyone, and that includes anime-exclusive “genres” such as isekai and scene-of-life series set in high schools.

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Many beloved anime series take place in a high school, making high school anime a rich “genre” for new anime fans to explore. A handful of high school anime series are ideal for new anime fans, with solid humor, funny characters, and easy-to-digest storylines and themes. These high school series stick to the formula, so new fans can get a feel for how high school anime works before moving on to more experimental titles.

10 Komi can’t communicate he’s lovely and healthy

komi can't communicate

Komi can’t communicate is a recent high school anime series based on author Tomohito Oda’s original manga series of the same name. It tells the story of beautiful dandere student Shoko Komi, who has always struggled with communication. This year, however, she is determined to make 100 friends no matter what.

All of this takes place at Itan High School, an ordinary school with extraordinary students, from aspiring ninja Shinobino to party girl Najimi Osana and yandere Ren Yamai. At least Shoko has her best friend Hitohito Tadano to help her navigate these waters.

9 Nisekoi is a high school romeo and juliet

Nisekoi often overlooked, but this charming high school anime series has a lot to offer fans of high school stories, romantic comedies, or even modern remakes of anime. Romeo and Juliet. This anime is about Raku Ichijio and the fierce tsundere Chitoge Kirisaki, who belong to rival crime families.

Raku and Chitoge are pressured into a relationship to help their feuding families reconcile, and although Raku and Chitoge don’t like this, they learn to get along in their fake relationship and get along better at school. But it won’t be easy when more girls enter the scene and form an entire harem centered around Raku.

8 Azumanga Daioh is simple but fun

Azumanga DaiohThe original manga series is in a four-panel format. That, combined with the humorous manga characters, made it remarkably similar to a Western comic strip like garfield. Therefore, the original manga is a great starting point for new manga fans, and something similar can be said about the anime as well.

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Any western fan looking to get into high school anime (or anime in general) can start with Azumanga Daioh, which is full of funny and relatable characters, the adventures of everyday life and much more, all taking place in or near a high school. Anyone can see what Azumanga Daioh has to offer.

7 Horimiya is sweet and funny


Horimiya should appeal to any fan of Komi can’t communicate or Azumanga Daioh, and new anime fans will find plenty to like about this high school adventure. The theme of the series is that there is always more to a person than first impressions suggest, and that is a strong and universal theme for any television show.

HorimiyaThe lovable cast of wholesome characters and whimsical storytelling should appeal to anyone looking to explore the world of high school anime or rom-coms in general. Along the way, a new viewer will surely find a Horimiya character they can relate to on a deep level, one way or another.

6 Todora! Pulls in the heart fibers

In the eyes of many anime fans, Todora! it’s just better Nisekoi as they share a basic premise, although both high school anime series are worth watching. Todora! it stars the kind boy Ryuji Takasu and the petite but tough tsundere Taiga Aisaka, who begin the story in love with each other’s best friend.

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Before long, however, Ryuji and Taiga realize that they are actually more interested in each other than their friends, and a tense but sweet romance soon blossoms during the spring of their high school career. . Fans may be surprised to see how far Ryuji and Taiga will go near the end of the series.

5 A silent voice explores bullying and forgiveness

a silent voice is a beloved anime film based on the seven-volume manga series of the same name. It features reformed bully Shoya Ishida, who tormented his deaf classmate Shoko Nishimiya in sixth grade. Now in his senior year of high school, Shoya is determined to make amends for what he has done.

Interestingly, Shoko finds it easier to forgive Shoya than it is for Shoya to forgive himself. This dramatic, tense and sweet animated feature is an honest look at how bullying can affect a child’s education and self-image. Some fans may find this deeply compelling.

4 We never learn it’s about studying and challenging yourself

Wide shot showing Nariyuki standing behind Fumino, Rizu, and Uruka from We Never Learn

we never learn is a high school comedy anime series with a relatively tame harem component. The protagonist is the kind and studious Nariyuki Yuiga, a boy who finds himself teaching a bunch of girls who want his help to study his worst subjects.

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These girls are determined to master their worst fields of study and challenge themselves to earn a college degree to match, and Nariyuki is happy to help them complete this challenge during the prime of their high school days. And, unsurprisingly, these girls soon compete to win Nariyuki’s heart as well.

3 The Quintessential Quintuplets is about five sisters studying

the quintessential early quintuplets

The quintessential quintuplets has a premise similar to we never learnalthough it seems to be more popular in general. Quintuplets tells the story of the humble but intelligent Futaro Uesugi and his mission to tutor the five Nakano sisters, who all get poor grades. And they may not even want his help at all.

Slowly but surely, Futaro gains the trust and respect of these five identical sisters and gets to know them better. But time is running out: the Nakano sisters must get good grades on their exams at school soon, or his father will beat up Futaro and punish him for failing. Time to go to the books.

two Maid-sama! is ideal for fans of strong female leads

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Sports Day

Maid-sama! is a respected shojo manga/anime franchise starring the tough but kind heroine Misaki Ayuzawa, who always has a lot on her plate. Misaki is the student council president of Seika High School and she takes that responsibility very seriously. She also works at a maid cafe to support her impoverished family.

Misaki may seem too strong at first, but fans will soon see her softer side as she would do anything for a friend or her family. High school is tough for any young girl, but it’s even tougher with rowdy students and “perverted alien” Takumi Usui in the mix.

1 Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun is hysterical

monthly girls nozaki kun

Girls’ Monthly Nozaki-kun is similar to Azumanga Daioh, with both anime series based on four-panel humorous manga series that take place in high school. Any one of them is perfect for a new anime fan. Nozaki-kun tells the story of the lovely Chiyo Sakura and her manga artist classmate, Umetaro Nozaki.

Nozaki politely rebuffed Chiyo when she confessed her feelings to him, but that is not the end of their adventure together. Now, Chiyo is Nozaki’s passionate manga assistant, and they both find ways to use the high school antics around them as inspiration for new manga chapters. There is no inspiration like real life.

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