Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Makes Iconic Villain Dio Even Scarier

Instagram cosplayer Rainydaysensei portrays Dio Brando from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in his own gender-reversed version of terrifying grandeur.

It is not an understatement to say that jojo’s bizarre adventure is responsible for creating one of the most iconic villains in all of manga and anime. The Vampire It gave he is such an important part of the series that his presence can be felt throughout the pages of the manga long after his death in Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. Of course, this is not surprising, considering that his name literally means “God”. A new gender-swapped cosplay found online depicts Dio in an even scarier way.

Dio Brando grew up in the harshest conditions, which led him to seek riches and absolute power. He becomes a vampire but is defeated by his adoptive brother, Jonathan Joestar. This defeat was short-lived, as Dio’s will kept him alive and after Jonathan’s death, he attached his head to Jonathan’s body. Dio then went on to acquire a Stand, a metaphysical being that allows him to stop time for a few seconds. Ultimately, he is defeated by Jonathan’s great-great-grandson, Jotaro, in an impressive battle in Egypt.


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Dio wanted nothing more than to be a god, but a new cosplay found on Instagram turns him into a goddess. User rainydaysensei creates a gender-swapped version of the character, capturing every aspect of Dio’s design perfectly. Her extravagant green and gold outfit makes her stand out and stand out, just as Dio would have wanted. However, Dio’s maniacal smile disappeared, but it’s not really necessary. The fact that he beckons the viewer forward as he tilts his head back is enough to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. Rainydaysensei has cosplayed a large number of other JJBA characters such as Jolyne Kujo, Caesar Zeppeli, and Kars.

As with many cosplays, this one is full of little details that are true to the character and add to the immersion. The scar on his neck is faint but present, but blending into the blurred background is a left turn sign with “6-12”. Casual viewers may miss this as part of the backstory, but true JJBA fans will note that it’s the same signal Dio tried to chop off Jotaro’s head with. These details may be small, but they are what can make a good cosplay become a great cosplay.

Rainydaysensei recreated the iconic villain in all his greatness in his portrayal, in something that surely Dio himself would admire. He may have been defeated in the manga, but the shadow of him still hangs over the following parts, often serving as the driving force of the plot. It’s good that this is just wonderful. jojo’s bizarre adventure cosplay, and not the real one It gave.

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Source: Rainydaysensei

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