10 Defensive Jutsus In Naruto, Ranked

naruto features a wide variety of chakra-based abilities known as jutsu. Many fans have a list of favorite attacks that they would like to perform themselves. However, what if you’re looking at an incoming jutsu?

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. If a ninja completely shuts down his opponent’s attack, he can drain the enemy of chakra and confidence from him.

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Ranking of the 10 most formidable defensive jutsus in naruto

10) Eight Trigrams Palms: Revolving Heaven

*Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven* dismissing all the nonsense around me.

this secret naruto The taijutsu technique was traditionally inherited only by the head of the main family of the Hyūga clan. It was designed to compensate for the Byakugan’s blind spot.

The moment before a Hyūga is hit, they emit chakra throughout their body. Spinning while doing this allows them to knock back anything within range, forming a protective shield while they remain spinning. The only way to counter the Eight Trigrams technique is to prevent the user from spinning.

Despite the exclusive use of this technique in narutoNeji was able to learn and use the move only through observation.

9) Wood Toss

Hashirama used Wood Release (Image via Pierrot)Triple Rashōmon (Image via Pierrot)Pain using Shinra Tensei (Image via Pierrot)Izanagi and Izanami (Image via Pierrot)Sasuke's Perfect Susano'o (Image via Pierrot)Minato using the Flying Raijin Jutsu to dodge the Raikage (Image via Pierrot)

Gaara’s Sand Shield moves autonomously, meaning he doesn’t have to make any effort to think about defense. The shield even reacts to threats the Kazekage is unaware of.

It was speculated that Gaara’s tailed beast Shukaku was the one that controlled the sand defense. However, it was revealed naruto that it is the eternal power of Gaara’s late mother’s love that protects him.

Sand is very difficult to penetrate. However, if an attack goes through the wall and threatens Gaara, the sand can form a layer over her skin to provide additional protection.

2) Truth Seeking Balls

Truth Seeking Balls are flexible chakra orbs. Users can modify the shape and characteristics of each orb in multiple ways.

Only those who have awakened Six Paths Senjutsu or have entered the Tenseigan Chakra mode can wield this jutsu. When orbs are infused with a specific Yin-Yang Release, they gain a property that nullifies any ninjutsu they come into contact with.

This powerful technique can be used both offensively and defensively. Due to the malleable nature of truth-seeking balls, they can be flexed into a fully protective jutsu nullification shield. You don’t want to try to get through that shield with brute force. Orbs can be used to instantly turn anything they touch into dust.

Naruto, Obito and Madara are some of the few characters that can use this technique.

1) Kamui

I’m having one of those days. I just want to do like Tobi and disappear from all kinds of responsibilities.

The best defensive technique is simply to be untouchable. Kamui is a Mangeyko Sharingan technique first used in naruto by Obito and then by Kakashi. The eye jutsu allows the user to transport a target through space and time to another dimension.

Obito used this technique multiple times to make it seem like the attacks went through his body. This jutsu is extremely difficult for naruto characters to find out because the chakra of targets entering Kamui’s dimension is undetectable and untraceable.

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