10 Strongest Fuinjutsu Users In Naruto, Ranked

naruto has introduced a variety of techniques and characters over the course of the show and fans have always tried to create a ranking system. Sealing techniques are important in the series, as they have played a significant role in the defeat of some of the characters and the sealing of Tailed Beasts in the series.

While not everyone is well versed in sealing techniques, there are some who excel in this field. Take a look at some of the best Fuinjutsu users in the naruto Serie.

Ranking of Fuinjutsu users in narutofrom Sai to Tobirama, and more

10) Say

Sai using the sealing technique in the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)Gaara using the sealing technique in the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)Tobirama from the Naruto series (image via Pierrot)

Minato is another exceptionally strong character who is capable of performing some of the most advanced jutsu in the series. While he was not a sealing specialist, Kushina taught him some of the techniques known to the Uzumaki clan members.

He was able to seal Kurama into Naruto using the Eight Trigrams Seal and later he was also able to use the Reaper Death Seal. This showed his prowess in Fuinjutsu.

6) Jiraiya

Jiraiya has a lot of knowledge about Fuenjutsu and showed it on a few occasions during the course of the show. Once he showed his sealing abilities that was when Jiraiya had to seal Amaterasu.

Itachin tried to attack and Jiraiya was quick enough that he was able to seal off the black flames that could have dealt heavy damage to his targets.

5) Kushina

Kushina: Mother of Naruto Abilities: Huge chakra reserve and control. Adamantine Sealing Chains Favorite Moment: Sacrificing himself to save Naruto

Kushina was a member of the Uzumaki clan, which meant that she was aware of certain sealing techniques that others were not aware of. The Uzumaki clan specialized in sealing techniques and were also the ones who taught Minato how to perform certain techniques of Fuenjutsu.

One of the sealing techniques that Kushina used was the Adamantine Sealing Chains that she used to bind the Nine-Tailed Beast.

4) Orochimaru

Orochimaru's curse mark on Sasuke (image via Pierrot)

Hiruzen was extremely strong and he also knew most of the forbidden techniques. He was well versed in sealing techniques as he was able to seal the Edo Tensei versions of Tobirama and Hashirama when Orochimaru decided to invade Konohagakure.

He used either the Reaper Death Seal or the Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal their souls. At that age, he almost succeeded in sealing Orochimaru as well, who undid the seal Hiruzen had cast. Prime Hiruzen would have been much stronger and could have managed to fully perform the seal.

2) Myth

Mito sealed Kurama within her (image via Pierrot)

Hashirama is probably one of the strongest Fuinjutsu users due to his Sage Art: Gate of the Great God. This technique was used by him in the naruto series when he was in Sage Mode. The Giant Torii Gates fell and immobilized the target.

The Gates not only bind the target physically, but also nullify their will to oppose this technique, making them docile. Hashirama was able to use this to bind the Ten-Tailed Beast and his Jinchuriki together.

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