10 Magical Girl Anime Critics Truly Loved

Magical girl is an anime genre that focuses on young girls who are given magical powers. With their new magical powers, these young women fight crime with a magical alter ego that they transform into. The magical girl genre was first introduced in 1962 with anime. Himitsu No Akko-Chan.

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Since then, the magical girl genre has produced so many iconic anime series that they have become cult classics in the anime community. Not every magical girl anime can be a hit series, but thanks to critics’ reviews, fans of the genre can find out which series is truly a hit.

10 Shin Shirayuki-Hime Densetsu Prétear is the Cinderella story of the Magical Girl genre.

Main cast of Shin Shirayuki-Hime Densetsu Prétear

Starting the list with a score of 7.17/10 is the magical girl anime. Shin Shirayuki-Hime Densetsu Pretear. In this anime series, Himeno Awayuki finds herself as the new stepdaughter of a rich woman and is an outcast.

She then meets the Leafe Knights, who ask Himeno to become a magical princess named Prétear and help them protect the world. This anime scores highly because it combines the basics of the magical girl genre with some dark elements that draw viewers in.

9 Ojamajo Doremi tells the story of the unluckiest girl in the world

Main cast of Ojamajo Doremi

With a score of 7.25/10 it is the series ojamajo doremi. This anime tells the story of Harukaze Doremi, who is the unluckiest girl in the world. After an accident with a witch, Doremi becomes a witch’s apprentice, and she turns out to be horrible at it too.

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Now Doremi and her friends must study to become good witches and pass the witch exams. ojamajo doremi It perfectly creates strong bonds with the characters and makes fans look forward to their adventures, earning this series its highest score.

8 Sugo Chara! Features a girl who wants a new personality

Shugo Chara!  main cast

Get a score of 7.40/10 is the anime series Sugo Chara! In this series, a shy elementary school student named Amu Hinamori wishes one night that she could have a new personality.

The next morning, he wakes up with three eggs under his pillow that become his guardians. Amu joins a group of other magical girls at her school with guardians to seal away the characters that corrupt her dreams. The relatable content of wanting to change one’s personality has won Sugo Chara! your score.

7 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha causes an injured ferret to bestow a magical jewel on a girl

Main cast of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Winning a score of 7.42/10 is the series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. This magical girl series follows the story of elementary school student Nanoha Takamachi, who finds an injured ferret.

This ferret gives Nanoha a mission to collect jewel seeds that are scattered across the Earth. Nanoha then receives a red jewel that allows her to transform and use magic to fight monsters. This series has amazing plot twists and character development that earned it high marks.

6 Kamichama Karin uses Greek mythology to tell the story of a magical girl

Main cast of Kamichama Karin

With a score of 7.52/10 it is the magical girl series kamichama karin. This anime series tells the story of Karin Hanazono, a young woman who lost everything, including her cat and her parents.

However, all is not lost, as her dead mother left her a ring that allows her to transform into a goddess. Along with a boy who has divine magic, she fights to protect her mother’s ring from her. kamichama karin has scored highly thanks to its original use of Greek mythology never before seen in the magical girl genre.

5 Sailor Moon is a pioneer of the modern magical girl genre.


Getting a score of 7.7o/10 is the hit anime of the 90’s sailor moon. In this anime, Usagi Tsukino is just your average crybaby high school student with extremely clumsy tendencies. However, one day Usagi saves a cat named Luna, who tells Usagi that she is destined to become Sailor Moon.

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Given a special brooch that allows her to transform, Usagi must now protect the land from evil monsters. Being a pioneer of the modern magical girl genre has earned her sailor moon a high score with critics.

4 Full Moon Wo Sagashite presents the sad story of a sick girl with a dream

Full Moon Wo Sagashite Main Cast

Getting a score of 7.94/10 is anime. Full Moon Wo Sagashite. In this magical girl series, a twelve-year-old girl named Mitsuki Koyama dreams of becoming a singer, but is diagnosed with throat cancer.

In order for her dreams to come true, she makes a deal with a shinigami that if she agrees to die peacefully in a year, they will help her make her dreams come true. Full Moon Wo Sagashite has earned a high score due to its inspiring story.

3 Princess Tutu stars a duck that can transform into a beautiful ballerina

Princess Tutu Main Cast

Taking the third place seat with a score of 8.12/10 is princess tutu. This series features a duck named Ahiru Arima who was turned into a human by a man named Drosselmeyer. She was given a magical egg pendant that turns her into the magical princess Tutu.

When transformed, Ahiru can dance beautifully to heal the turmoil in people’s hearts. Thanks to its unique storytelling of fairy tales, princess tutu It has received a high score from critics.

two Cardcaptor Sakura shows the realistic lifestyle of being a magical girl

card captor sakura

In second place with a score of 8.15/10 is the series card captor sakura. This magical girl anime stars elementary school student Sakura Kinomoto, who one day discovers a book called the clown. Looking at the book, a sudden gust of wind causes all of the Clow cards to fly around the city and awaken the seal known as Keroberos.

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This creature tells Sakura that she must become a magical girl to collect all the cards. card captor sakuraThe highest score for is due to her realistic take on being a magical girl.

1 Puella Magi Madoka Magica shows the dark side of being a magical girl

Puella Magi Madoka Magica main cast

Coming in first with a score of 8.36/10 is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. This series follows the story of Madoka Kaname, a normal high school girl until one day a cat-like creature named Kyubey offers to grant her any wish if she becomes a magical girl and fights witches.

What makes this series the highest rated magical girl anime is how different it is compared to other anime in the genre. Despite its cutesy animation style, the contents of the series are quite dark compared to other magical girl series.

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